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Navy Sailor Comes Back Home To Find Out Wife Has Been Hiding A Secret


One of the most difficult and challenging things for anybody to do is to serve in the U.S. Army. For months on end, those in the military have to abandon their family in order to accomplish their duties. Understandably so, it’s extremely hard on them to be away from their families for so long.

What’s more, the family also has to go through a trying ordeal, as the remaining partner has to take up the mantle and see about the family. Chris and Natasha Daugherty’s situation was no different. With Chris being deployed for months, not only did Natasha have to bear the weight of the entire family on her shoulders, but she also had to harbor a secret which was killing her inside.

Getting Deployed

Chris Daugherty wasn’t an ordinary man: he had the privilege to serve in the U.S. Army, a service which is highly respected by US-Americans. To fight for your country is one of the highest honors out there, and Chris was happy to be a part of it. That said, when he found out in January 2016 that he was going to be deployed, he wasn’t too thrilled.


He had a wife and family to think about. What’s more, he was going to be gone for five months. While he had already done stints with the military away from his family, this was the longest he was going to go. Understandably so, he was sad and also a bit nervous. As he began to make his journey across the ocean to the base he was going to be stationed at, the worst thoughts began to creep into his mind.

Oblivious To What Was Going On

Fear began to cripple poor Chris. He was aware of all the horror stories which happened to some unfortunate army soldiers who were stationed overseas. Those stories often ended in death. This possibility lingered on Chris’ mind. The thought of not being able to see his family again was frightening, but Chris had to fulfill his obligations with the army. With that, he journeyed with the USS Vinson in January 2016.


On board the vessel, he was the one in charge of deciphering signals and codes. His previous experience as a cryptologic technician was serving both him and those on board very well. Despite his ability to crack codes, there was something happening close to home which he just couldn’t figure out. Unfortunately, he never saw the signs for him to even think about it. Natasha was good at keeping him out of the know.

Handling Things All By Herself

With Chris gone for five months, Natasha had to take charge of the family until he came back. While this wasn’t the first time for this California spouse, to be away from her husband for another prolonged period was still a challenge. It didn’t take her long to start missing him and wishing that he were by her side yet again.


She really loved him, and the thought of him not being there with her, albeit for a few months, hurt her tremendously. However, she tried to brave the trying times for her and their three kids. To make matters worse, it was shortly after he left that Natasha began to experience some developments in her life. She had a lot to juggle in his absence.

Taming Her Kids

Having to take care of an entire family was no easy task, and to make matters worse, Natasha had three kids to mind!  It was extremely stressful for her to juggle everything, but she managed. Her kids noticed what she was going through, especially her eldest son. However, because he was the eldest, he was the most mature one. As a result, he was able to understand his mother’s situation.


It was also easy for her to make him not tell Chris anything. However, asking her four-year-old to do the same wasn’t a walk in the park. However, Natasha tried to keep up a front whenever she spoke with Chris. She didn’t want to let him know that she had a big secret which he couldn’t find out about until he came back.   

A Nervous Disposition

Natasha was never sure exactly what she should do. She had a burning secret which she wanted to spill to Chris, but for some reason, she couldn’t muster up the courage to do it. They had video calls, phone calls, and just about every type of communication that technology could have afforded them at that point.


However, she just couldn’t let him know her secret. She had a feeling that it would have affected him in a big way. As a result, she didn’t want to put any added stress on him, nor did she want to complicate an already difficult situation. Therefore, she decided to keep quiet about what she was keeping inside.

Feeling Pity

Natasha understood Chris’ ordeal more than most people did. She used to work as an IT systems technician with the Navy. Actually, it was through her job that she managed to meet Chris. They fell in love instantly and eventually got married in 2011. In total, they had three beautiful children and were content to be with each other.


But their relationship was more than just husband and wife: they developed a strong friendship and knew each other intimately. Because of her relationship with her husband, it was extremely difficult to keep her secret from him. However, she felt that it was best, so she fought against every urge and inclination which came over her and kept quiet.

Almost Let It Go

Natasha was beginning to lose patience. She was slowly letting those thoughts of spilling the beans get the best of her. She even went as far as to send him an email asking him to call her as soon as he could have possibly done. Almost immediately after, she regretted her decision.


She didn’t think that it was a good decision to tell him the secret through an email. What’s more, anytime she thought of him on the base, she figured that he already had so much on his plate to deal with. God knows the kind of trauma he was going through. It was probably best not to say anything. Natasha also had to battle with keeping her friends and family members tight-lipped, especially considering that to them, her secret was obvious.

Chris Was In A Bind

On one end of the world, Natasha was dealing with her own personal struggles and also with trying to keep a huge secret from the love of her life. Then, close to North Korea, where Chris was stationed, things started to heat up a bit, and not in the safest way. It was at this time that North Korea started randomly testing missiles.


As a result, the world was in panic mode for a while, and so was the base where Chris was located. If the missile landed anywhere close to them, that would have been curtains for Chris. Because of what was going on, Chris’ mind was far away from whatever possible secret Natasha could have been keeping from him.

Holding Down The Fort

In Chris’ absence, Natasha had to really prove her worth and grab the bull by the horns. She had it hard. In order to take care of her family, she had to pick up two jobs. During this time, it was extremely difficult for her. Not only was she handling her family and negotiating with this secret which she was keeping, but she was also bogged down by work. At times, she felt as if the very fabric of her family was being destroyed.


She couldn’t spend as much time as she would have liked with her kids. Perhaps, anyone in her situation would have thrown in the towel. but not Natasha: she was resilient, and had to do it for her family. Besides, Chris was expected to return in a matter of a few weeks, so she could spill everything when he came back.


For almost five months, Natasha waited impatiently for her husband’s return. As each day passed, her spirits gradually rose. She knew that with the passing of time, soon she would be reunited with her husband. Therefore, as the time for his expected return approached, she was filled with excitement and relief. At last, she would be with Chris again.


So, you can imagine her disappointment when Chris told her in a phone call that he was ordered to stay an additional month because of North Korea’s sporadic missile-launching activities. When she found out, she was overcome with emotion. She wanted to tell him right then and there, but she held it back. All it meant was that she’d have to wait a little longer, and she was alright with that.

Fear Began Taking Over

While Natasha had promised herself to wait an additional month to spill her secret to Chris, she began to fear that something terrible would happen to him. With tensions between countries in light of North Korea’s missile activity, it was difficult for her not to think of the worst. Even Chris began to have thoughts that he wouldn’t make it.


He actually spoke to Natasha and said his goodbyes to her. She was devastated. She could lose her husband, and what’s worse, he would never know the truth. Still, she managed to fight against the temptations to tell him, and she kept her lips sealed.

Home Base

At last, things seemed to be looking great for Chris. He was nearing the end of his half-a-year deployment without any mishap. Before he knew it, he was en-route back to California, back home where his family was eagerly waiting for his arrival. Chris missed his family immensely and couldn’t wait to see them again. Although he was in constant contact with them and thought that he was abreast with the latest in their lives, he wasn’t in on one important thing.


When their three kids laid their eyes on their father, they couldn’t contain themselves. They were over the moon and overjoyed to see them as was he. However, the real emotional one was Natasha. Seeing him again was too much for her and she knew right then and there that she’d have to fess up. When he learned the news, he was stunned.

A Proper Welcome Ceremony

The fateful day was June 23rd, 2017: this was the day when Chris’s ship returned to California, allowing him to be reunited with his true loves. While he was happy to return home unscathed and alive, what would have brought him the most happiness would have been seeing his family again. It had been half-a-year, and for Chris, that was too long. In preparation for his arrival, Natasha decided to bring the kids to the port to meet their dad.


As he made his way out of the ship, he caught a glimpse of his family waiting eagerly for him to be in their arms yet again. He had barely made it down by the time his kids came sprinting frantically to meet him. He was so obsessed with seeing his kids again that he actually didn’t recognize that Natasha wasn’t being as forthcoming with her greeting as she should be. Even as he made his way to her, it didn’t hit him immediately. Then, he got it, and boy, was he shocked!

Letting It All Out

One of the highlights for Chris was seeing his beautiful three children once again. For months, he was bombarded by fears of losing his life and not being able to see his kids again. Now, he was finally reunited with them, and it was the best feeling ever. What’s more, his kids were also so happy to see him. The hugs and kisses between them were seemingly endless.


Having shown his kids the love they deserve, it was time to turn to his wife. Sporting a smile and a welcome poster, Natasha waited for him to approach her. As Chris extended his arms to hug his wife, she finally let go of the sign she was holding on to. When Chris fully saw his wife, he was stunned. Could that really be you? What happened?

Surprises In Store

When Chris took a good look at his wife, he was lost for words. Chris couldn’t believe it. He should have noticed that his wife was acting a bit suspiciously. She didn’t approach him with the fervor and excitement that their other kids had. Clearly, something was up. In the frenzy of seeing his kids, he didn’t have much time to process her behavior. But now that she dropped the sign, he saw what she had been hiding all this time.


Natasha was pregnant! Finally, she could tell him the secret she had been holding for months without ever having to actually say it. A huge burden was lifted off of her shoulders. At last, Chris knew her secret, and he was positively lost for words.


Chris was taken aback by Natasha’s shocking reveal. At first, he was in disbelief. He approached her and poked at her belly almost as if to make sure that his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. Then reality hit him: he was having another child! This was one of the best homecoming gifts he could have ever received.


He was so overwhelmed with emotion. He hugged his wife and kissed her. He let her know how much he loved her and how he was so happy that there was going to be another addition to their family. Their family was going to get a little bigger, but that was alright. Chris was ecstatic. Still, there was a lot more for him to find out.

Happiest Man Alive

There was also another factor which made this event all the more special for Chris. Not only had he returned home to meet his family, but he also went back on Father’s Day. Apart from seeing the joy on his kids’ faces when they laid eyes on him, the greatest gift he could have ever received was knowing that he was going to father yet another child. Yet again, he and Natasha were going to bring life into the world. It was the best feeling ever.


Now that the secret had finally been told, everyone could have taken a breather. What’s more, with Chris back, everyone was happy again. However, Chris didn’t know that there was more in store for him.

A Helping Hand

As a woman advances in her pregnancy, it’s pretty difficult for others not to realize. With the way the world is now, it’s a miracle that no one had given Chris a hint that his wife was pregnant. Natasha made sure to keep it a secret. When she couldn’t hide it from the public anymore, she had to let all her friends and family know that this was a major secret that she didn’t want Chris to know until he came back home.


She tried her utmost to keep it on the down-low, and boy was she successful! What’s more, the fact that he found out on Father’s Day was even more of an emotionally gratifying moment for him. She was happy that he was happy!

A Group Effort

All while guarding this secret, Natasha worked hard to support her kids. She worked two jobs, often time going for hours without seeing her kids. Thankfully, she was in constant communication with Chris and always let him know how their children were doing. Still, she had it pretty rough. Then, to add the emotional stress of being pregnant unbeknownst to her husband took a major toll on her.


She was physically and mentally exhausted. And, of course, there was the added pressure of keeping everyone quiet, including her chatty 4-year-old. Anyone could have let Chris know her secret, but thankfully, she was able to keep it hidden.

Playing The Game

During these last six months, Natasha went through so much emotionally. She also had to devise some ingenious ways of trying to cover up the fact that she was pregnant and beginning to show. When she sent him photos of the family, she would sit the toddler in her lap in order to cover her very pregnant belly.


She even sent him a picture of herself holding beer, something which would obviously dispute any claims that she was pregnant. She went to every length and breadth possible to hide her pregnancy. But now, he was with her, and she didn’t have to hide it anymore.

Confessing Her Own Surprise

While Chris himself was shocked, Natasha didn’t hide the fact that when she realized that she was pregnant, she herself was taken aback. It had only been a week since he had left when she began to realize that she might have been pregnant. A pregnancy test then confirmed her suspicions.


By that time, she was already eight weeks pregnant and had no idea. It was from that moment that she had to start the game of keeping secrets. In the end, it paid off and Chris was so happy to be a father. It was the best news that he could have ever come home to.

A Tough Call

During this entire time that she was pregnant, Natasha did want to let him know. However, she went against the inkling feelings and opted not to. There were, sadly, times when her emotions got the best of her and she wanted to spill it all to him. She wanted to let him know that she was carrying their fourth baby and that when he comes back, he’ll soon be a proud father of four.


But, she didn’t want to add another complicated matter to his already complicated life. That said, while she may not have let him know that she was pregnant, she did document each phase of her pregnancy so that when he came back, he could see how his baby was progressing.

There’s More

Natasha was a true hero. She had managed to conceal an entire pregnancy without him knowing. What’s more, she was able to orchestrate this entire plan while simultaneously working two jobs and taking care of the kids. She was in every sense of the word a supermom.


That said, there were more surprises in store for Chris. Natasha might have been happy that the pregnancy secret was out of the bag, but there was still more for Chris to find out.

The Big Unveiling

While you can’t keep the world from knowing that you’re pregnant, there are some secrets that pregnant mothers can definitely keep to themselves. Natasha decided to capitalize on that by having a special party when Chris came back. Why? She decided to tie in his homecoming with a gender reveal celebration!


She had invited her family and friends to the event, and everyone was super excited to find out whether Chris and Natasha were going to have a boy or a girl. Then, the couple burst a balloon which was filled with pink confetti. It was clear: they were going to be having a girl! That said, they were soon going to be pitted against several challenges.

Making The Most Out Of Life

Now that Chris was home, with less than two months till Natasha’s expected delivery, Chris did the best he could to make up for lost time. He also did his best to help his wife transition yet again into another delivery. He understood that it had been very hard on her these past few months when he wasn’t around, so he was trying to do his best now to be the best father that he could be.


They did it all together, including even a maternity shoot. The couple wanted to celebrate and document their achievement as parents. Still, while it may have seemed that everything was going their way, they soon encountered challenges which they could have never imagined.

Hidden Fears

Although both Chris and Natasha were happy to be reunited again after such a long period of time, there were always fears which bogged their minds ever-so-often. Chris, at the time, was an active-duty military, meaning that at any point in time, he could have received notice indicating that he was going to be deployed yet again.


Needless to say, with this possibility in mind, the couple was distressed. Now that Chris had come back home, the family was together again. Knowing that Chris could yet again be taken from their lives be it just for a few months wasn’t something that the couple wanted to happen. Still, Chris knew it was a possibility that he would just have to live with. He hoped to have at least been there for his daughter’s third birthday.

Waiting On His Fate

With Natasha getting close to her delivery date, Chris began to get anxious. He had not yet received information regarding his next deployment. When would he have to leave his family again? What’s more, Natasha hadn’t gone into labor yet. He was getting extremely nervous about the whole ordeal.


Then, he got some news which would change his life. He was informed that he wouldn’t have been deployed until the following year. This was good news for the family, as at least he would have been able to see the birth of his child. Still, knowing that he was going to be away from them yet again hurt the couple.

Bringing Home The Baby

Finally, the day had arrived: Natasha’s delivery date! Although it came a bit later than doctors had initially expected, Natasha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on September 2nd, 2017. They were so proud of themselves for having brought life into the world. They named the baby Anara Rose, and she was the latest member of their growing family. Natasha was extremely happy.


Apart from giving birth, she was also so pleased to know that her husband was there to see his baby. Sadly, while he was now the father of another child, he wasn’t able to be there for her forever. Now, the news of his deployment was beginning to settle in. For a while, he was going to be away from his newly-born daughter, and that hurt. What’s more, Natasha would be alone yet again. It was a tough reality for the couple.   

The Wait Is Over

With their new baby being born, the couple was elated. It had seemed like such a tumultuous year for the family, and Chris and Natasha each had their own challenges during that time. For six months, Chris was fearful of a missile from North Korea landing close to his base, killing him and destroying his family forever. Then, Natasha was battling with her own emotional difficulties, trying her hardest not to confess to her husband that she was pregnant.


The news of their story soon went viral. During that time, the couple got to reflect on all what they had been through. Looking back on her pregnancy reveal, Natasha wouldn’t have had it any other way. She felt that it afforded Chris that peace of mind while he was deployed overseas, and for that, she was happy.

Happiness All Around

Chris was also so happy with the surprise his wife had for him upon his return home. He felt as if she had done the right thing, and besides, he was just so happy to know that he was going to be a father yet again. What’s more, he’s happy to know that she didn’t tell him over the phone or in an email. For him, that would have made the reveal less significant.


Although the couple experienced loads of challenges leading up to the birth of Anara Rose, they felt that in the end, it was all worth the trouble. They had a beautiful baby girl and a wonderful family, and for them, that was all that mattered.

  Duty Calls Again

Although they were happy to be back together again as one family, they had to deal with the fact that Chris was going to be deployed yet again. But for now, they had to put those thoughts aside, as their lives were preoccupied with other things, namely, the media. News of their story was spreading quickly, and several media houses wanted to cover their incredible journey.


However, when all was said and done, Natasha still had to face the reality that for a while, she was going to have to handle things on her own yet again. It was a difficult pill for her to swallow, but she knew she had to be the best mother she could be for her children.

Returning Home Again

The time had come: the dreaded moment which weighed in the hearts of the Daugherty family. Just four months after Anara Rose came into the world, it was time for Chris to be deployed yet again. This time, he left in January 2018 for a four-month stint in the Western Pacific. Initially, he tried to be optimistic about his trip. At least he was going to be able to see some of the most beautiful parts of Vietnam and the Philippines.


Sadly, Chris couldn’t think about those things. His mind was constantly flooded with thoughts about his family and new-born baby. He couldn’t wait to be back home yet again to see them. It was a hard five months, but somehow, he managed to brave the storm.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

In April 2018, Chris was fatefully reunited with his beloved family. Just like the first time he came back, Chris was met with much love and affection from his family, especially his dear kids who were happy to be with their Dad again. This time around, Natasha had nothing to hide from him, so Chris couldn’t have been shocked!


Now that he was home yet again, he made the effort to spend as much family time as he could. Being away from his family for so long made him appreciate them even more, especially considering that he could have lost his life at any given juncture. He was happy to be with them and to build memories together again.

Different Families, Similar Situations

Even during Chris’ absence, because the story was so incredible, Natasha was still getting media houses coming at her left-right-and-center to get more coverage of her life. The world was fascinated by the story and how she was so thoughtful of her husband’s situation.


People praised her for not telling her husband that she was pregnant while he was deployed. They, like her, understood that he was battling with a difficult situation himself, so it was best not to tell him anything. However, Natasha and Chris weren’t alone. In the months following the birth of their baby, they learned that there was yet another family who had gone through something similar.

The Departure

Chris and Natasha weren’t alone. There was yet another couple who found themselves in a similar situation. Jon and Megan Keeney were a married couple who lived a fairly normal life. There was, however, the fact that Jon was in the army.


In 2012, he was sent to Afghanistan and worked with the 305th Military Police Unit. He decided to go on his own volition. There he was, in the Middle East, doing the best he could for his country. Then, he got some disturbing news which made him almost regret his decision to go.

Distressing News

Prior to leaving for Afghanistan, Jon was aware of the fact that Megan was pregnant. What’s more, while he was away on duty, he kept in regular contact with his wife who always gave him updates on how both she and the baby were doing. Everything seemed to be going well at first.


Then, Megan filled him in on some particularly distressing news. Apparently, their baby had been diagnosed with a heart defect. As a result of this defect, the baby’s body was having issues circulating its blood. While the baby hadn’t been born yet, this meant that Megan’s pregnancy was going to be quite a complex one where the baby’s life was now at risk.

Making His Way Home

With no way to tell how the baby was going to come out, Jon felt the need to return home. He wanted to be with his wife during this trying period. He understood that the pregnancy was going to be extremely complicated, so he wanted desperately to be there to support her. However, Jon also knew that he would have had to get time off of work to go see her.


Thankfully, he was excused for a period of time, granting him the opportunity to return to his wife’s side and comfort her during this trying ordeal. He was due to fly into West Virginia, but those plans came crashing down when it was announced that all flights were canceled.

Obstacles Along The Way

Recognizing that time was of the essence, Jon managed to find a way back to be with his wife. How did he manage? He happened to pull a few strings and got some connecting flights to get to the U.S, one of which involved a stop in Germany.


However, to his horror, when it was time to take his flight out of Germany, news came out saying that it was canceled. With his wife’s due date right around the corner, Jon got extremely anxious? Would he make it in time? This was an extremely risky pregnancy that could spell the loss of a baby. He had to be there with her to help her in this difficult period.

Making It Just In Time

Pressed for time, Jon didn’t believe that he could have made it through regular means. Thankfully, he had a few contacts who could assist him, namely by getting in touch with a couple of U.S. Senators who might be able to help him out. And that, they did! Jon managed to make it to the U.S. two days before Megan ended up going into labor.


Then, the day came: on June 7th, 2012, Megan brought a beautiful baby girl into the world. Unfortunately, the couple had to hold off on the celebrations for a while as they hadn’t overcome the worst hurdle yet. Almost immediately, the baby was sent to an emergency room for treatment.

All Is Well

Considering that the baby was suffering from heart problems, Jon and Megan had to hold their breath while doctors operated on her. As stressful as it was to be apart from each other, knowing that their newly-born baby girl was inches away from losing her life was unimaginably distressing.


Thankfully, the surgeons at the hospital were able to stabilize the baby, and soon, she was discharged. It was one of the scariest moments of their lives. But now, they had a lot to be thankful for. Jon and Megan had welcomed a new baby into their lives. They couldn’t have been happier.

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