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New Zealand Man Spends Years Building Living Church Made Of Trees And It’s Truly Heavenly


Breathtaking look, amazing style, and amazing architecture are just a couple of things that define cathedrals. In fact, some of the cathedrals based in Europe are one of the best looking architecture pieces out of the whole World’s history. And one cathedral particularly has gained some amazing attention because it looks amazing! Today’s story is about the amazing architect that managed to construct this amazing cathedral!

An Amazing Architectural Marvel

The mainstream media were all over Barry Cox, a New Zealand resident, who decided to take on a project that seemed fun to him. He was raised in a nice family that taught him well, so he was dreaming that one day he might become the pope.

Image Source: Little Things

He got closer and closer to adulthood, and he decided on a new hobby – Gardening. But, what he did with his amazing project that we’re talking about today is mixing up both of his biggest loves, gardening and the church. As he grew into a professional architect he got an idea to build a cathedral out of trees and bushes – A Living Cathedral.

The Amazingly Designed Cathedral

Barry decided to sacrifice 4 years of his life into the making of this amazing wonder that spans over 3 archers of land. He managed to build one of New Zealand’s most amazing cathedrals. In fact, the thousands of visitors can verify how amazing this religious destination actually is.

Image Source: Goodfullness

The catch about this amazing wonder is the fact that Barry decided that he is only going to use trees, bushes, and other natural living plants in order to create the marvel. An even despite the fact that it is constructed out of trees that block out the sunlight, some sightings where sunrays make it through the leaves of the trees are practically breathtaking.

Stepping inside the cathedral, you feel as though you have made a discovery in the middle of nature. Barry constructed his religious destination entirely out of trees and other living plant’s. There is no shortage of that shines through its leaves.

The Labyrinth Garden

And where Barry made the Cathedral for all of the religious people who would like to spend some time with god, the labyrinth garden is a place perfect for photo shoots, weddings and meditation. He has built a beautiful maze out of bushes which leads to the middle where you will find a fountain.

Image Source: NY Post

No matter if you are a highly catholic person or you just simply want to be in nature and connect with it, if you are thinking Barry’s property then we’re thinking the same thing. Get out of your room and travel to a location unique in itself, a location you have never seen before. And, it doesn’t even matter why you are there, if you are there you have brought the right choice!


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