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Non-verbal girl with autism says first ever word – leaves mum in tears


Parents, you can argue that they are not improving as time passes by and that today’s parents are not as good as our parents used to be. But, there are a couple of milestones that each and every parent looks forward to no matter how strict and good of a parent they are.

Watching your kid making their first couple of steps, tumbling and falling after, seeing their first tooth pop up, and them saying their first words are simple things that make you feel a proud parent. And everybody enjoys these moments.

But, this isn’t the same as the parents of the children who are suffering from autism. And, to be honest with you, I don’t think that there is a specific period when these accomplishments are set for those kids.

This was the case for Briana Blankenship. She is the mother of a 5-year-old girl, Taylor. Taylor has been suffering from autism and has been battling with this since her birth.

Image Source: Facebook Page Love What Matters

Not too long after she was born, in the early stages of her life, Taylor was diagnosed with a rare type of autism known as “non-verbal” autism. This means exactly what it sounds like. The person suffering from this form of autism is not communicating with words. She would be able to understand parts of the English language, but she would never be able to come up with words to communicate with people.

Luckily, this has changed one day. When Taylor and her mother, Briana, were buying food at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Taylor spoke her first couple of words! Briana couldn’t believe this, she was happy, and she decided to share this story with the “Love What Matters” Facebook page.

She stated how she was parked in the McDonald’s parking and crying while the employees could see her. “They probably thought that I am crazy!” said Briana. This all happened after Briana heard her daughter say the word “MAMA!”

And, for the ones of you who cannot grasp the whole event. Briana’s daughter was suffering from nonverbal autism. This meant that she had never spoken, not a word, EVER!

Image Source: Facebook Page Love What Matters

As soon as she heard her daughter speak up, she stopped and took out her phone to record Taylor. Despite the fact that she knew that she might have held up the drive-thru line, she would never miss something like this! She was shocked by the event. She explained that she felt ecstatic and grateful at the moment!

This whole event was something magical for Briana because, as she puts it, something that she never thought could happen – happened. And the achievement part of this wasn’t the only great thing for Taylor. This meant that she could actually learn more words and be able to communicate with people!

Image Source: Facebook Page Love What Matters

Take a look at the video below and see the emotional moment of Taylor breaking the silence. Think about the joy and amazement that this moment brought to Briana. I surely loved the video, and it inevitably brought a smile on my face! What do you think of it? Did you like this story? Do you think that Taylor will learn how to communicate with people? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

She has NEVER said a word. EVER.

"I am ugly crying in the McDonald's parking lot and the employees probably think I'm crazy. In the drive thru I suddenly heard Taylor say 'MAMA.' For those of you that don't know. Taylor is 5 and is nonverbal autistic. She has NEVER said a word. EVER. As soon as she said it I grabbed my phone and started recording. I'm pretty sure I held up the drive thru line but there was no way I wasn't getting proof of this. I can't explain how unbelievably grateful and ecstatic I am right now."For our best love stories, subscribe to our free email newsletter: Briana Blankenship

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