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One man gets far more than he bargained for during a taste-test challenge


It seems as though that today it’s all about the YouTube views, and that’s what Cory Williams has mastered, how to get as much YouTube Views as possible. Up until today, he has gathered around over Ten Million in YouTube views and we’re speaking only about some of his most watched videos on the platform. And despite the fact that he has been working on the platform for over a decade and surely knows every trick about YouTube, it’s his wife that got the idea for one of his most viral videos. Kristen, his wife, has challenged Cory to a taste-test challenge, and Cory will surely remember that moment forever because of what happened next.

Image Source: Cory’s YouTube Channel

 The Challenge

A lot of YouTubers will try and tell you the recipe for the perfect viral video. But, Kristen managed to do it without any of the ingredients. The only thing she used was her imagination and her sense of humor. The video starts off like any other taste-test challenge video – with Cory blindfolded waiting to get his jar of food in order to recognize the taste. And despite the fact that in most of these videos people are giving each other something that they don’t like the taste of, the one that Cory got was amazingly tasteful. But, in the video, you could see that there was something much more exciting happening as you can see Kristen pulling out some cue cards. She was trying to tell the viewers that there is something more than just the sweet honey-flavored ice-cream coming!

Tease the Audience Some More

As they moved on to the next jar, Kristen revealed to Cory that one of the following jars contained some amazing surprise. She was obviously happy and delighted while Cory was enjoying his second jar of food. And as Kristen placed the next jar in Cory’s hand, he found out what the surprise was.

Image Source: Cory’s YouTube Channel

Something Recognizable

As he tasted the last jar of food that was handed to him he knew what it was even as he smelled the delicious food. He was brought back to his childhood with one of his favorite foods – Banana baby food. Kristen asked him why he thinks she gave the jar to him, and he responded because she knew that he likes this food. But, that wasn’t the correct answer.

Why the Banana Baby Food was the Surprise?

Once Cory realized what’s happening he was shocked. He asked Kristen if she was pregnant and she said yes. After a brief moment of silence he started asking her if she is sure and at one point he even asked to see the pregnancy test, he was really lost for words, and you can never see him like that. But, the truth was that she was telling the truth. She was pregnant for sure, and they were a couple of months away from becoming parents.

Joy and Happiness

Once he realized that his wife wasn’t lying to him he was very happy. And the fact that he and his wife were married for only a couple of months makes things even better. He also stated that he was always feeling excitement at the thought of becoming a father, and now, he has finally experienced it!

Since he and his wife posted the video on YouTube they got more than six million views on the platform only, and even more on some other platforms. This is now one of Cory’s most viral videos, and I think that it became that simply because of the pure love, joy, and happiness you can see in it!


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