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Online Shopping – Expectations Vs Reality


Let’s face it – we’ve all considered buying items off of the internet. Actually, some people even swear by this, foregoing the traditional virtues of window shopping or visiting physical stores in order to take advantage of the benefits of online shopping. Or do they?

While some people have managed to nab some really great deals from their online shopping endeavors, others live to regret their decisions, especially when the item looks nothing like what it’s supposed to. Looks can be deceiving, and the online realm really does paint a picture that you should always scrutinize with a fine-tooth comb.

If you’ve ever been a victim of an internet scam, fraud, or ‘a case of mistaken identity,’ as we jokingly like to call bad purchases, you’ll definitely be able to relate to this. Remember – while some of these photos are funny, not everyone thought so when they got their respective packages. Let’s get into it!

The Royal Robe Dethroned

Kicking things off is a comparison which pretty much sums up how badly wrong things can go when purchasing something online, especially clothes. As we know, fit is everything – for some reason, the models we see in the photos advertising clothes on the web always seem to make the outfit look perfect. That, and in some cases, some really good graphics. Sadly, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than ordering a beautiful-looking outfit online only to try it on and realize that you’ve missed the grade. Tragic? I think so …

Credits: MumsLounge

Almost, But Not Quite

Sometimes, the biggest fails happen when we come so close to achieving something but still don’t manage to nail it on the head. Such is the case with fashion – many people try to copy the looks and trends of various fashion icons, celebrities, or even social figures only to fall flat on their faces. Let’s get real, guys – whenever you’re trying to pull off a skimpy, seductive look, think twice. Otherwise, you might end up like some people – almost making it, but not quite!

Credits: FunRare

Not By A Long Shot

We don’t know about you, but when we see the photo below, the first song that comes to our mind is Frankie Valli’s hit song ‘My Eyes Adored You.’ Why? Because of the very funny hook ‘so close and yet so far,’ of course! Imagine ordering a white-based lace dress only to receive it and it’s green. This woman on the right clearly mustn’t have been happy about that.

Credits: ThoughtCo

Almost Like The Real Thing

Now, you don’t have to be an expert in all-things-shoes to know that what this customer got (on the right) is nothing like what is shown in the advertisement. Well, to say it looks nothing like the original wouldn’t be correct – at least they’re both the same color! Still, quite a far cry from what this customer was expecting. What’s more, by the way things look, he seemed to have paid quite a pretty penny for these ripoffs.

Credits: ColourfulRebel

Shades Of Pink

One of the biggest risks associated with buying clothes online is that the color you see in photos might not be what you actually get in person. Let’s remember that photos online are enhanced to look glam, oftentimes misrepresenting the original product. Would you consider the photo on the left to be ‘false advertising’ after seeing the one on the right? We definitely do!

Credits: IMGUR

Another One Bites The Dust

Continuing the pink series is yet another case where the product which the customer received would leave you severely underwhelmed when you see what it was supposed to look like.  So many things are wrong with these two pictures – what shade of pink are those dresses anywhere? Talk about false advertising – when purchasing online, always beware – photos are deceiving!

Credits: Twimg

True To Size

What you see is what you get. Sadly, for this woman, she had to learn this lesson the hard way. Unfortunately, by the looks of things, it would seem that she purchased a face mask that just couldn’t fit. Talk about true to size, right?

Credits: BoredPanda

A Colorful Dress Turned Colorless

How do you screw up a yellow, white, and light-blue dress? You make all the colors darker than they’re supposed to be and sell it to an unsuspecting customer, of course! Can you imagine this woman’s shock when she got her package and opened it to see how bright the colors were? Talk about dull –  definitely not what she was expecting.

Credits: ra2ej

Forest Green Gone Wrong

When buying clothes online which are in a shade of green, most people expect that there may be some sort of a discrepancy between how the actual product looks versus how the outfit appears online in photos. Still, for green to change completely to a version of blue is not what anyone would expect. The moral of the story – when you go green, hope for the best but expect the worse.

Credits: TechGeek365

Lady In Red

At times, the danger with buying clothes online isn’t really how the outfit is going to look, rather, how it’s going to look on you. Online shops and vendors have a way of marketing their clothes by getting great models to show off their beauty. While that may be a good marketing strategy, when the average Joe wears it, the outfit doesn’t quite flatter that person’s figure in the same way that it did the model.  Beware – you can’t wear everything!

Credits: TopFunnyMoments

Christmas Tree’s Got No Spirit

Christmas time is supposed to be a joyous time where the spirit of love and happiness fills everyone’s heart and is reflected in your decorations. For that reason, having a nice Christmas tree to compliment the gay atmosphere is important. The worst thing that can happen to you at Christmas time is ordering a tree that looks so disappointing when you actually receive it. Talk about dampening the Christmas cheer.

Credits: Drollfeed

Shower Curtains, Anyone?

By now, you should know that online shopping can bring you quite a bit of disappointment. Still, something about the photo below just evokes an incredible feeling of empathy for the poor woman who ended up with this disaster of a dress. If we didn’t know better, we would assume that she had ordered a shower curtain or bedsheet only to decide at the last minute to change it into a dress. We think it’s safe to say that she wasn’t happy when she opened her package.

Credits: MumsLounge

Almost Like The Real Thing

Looks like someone had big plans of being sexy, huh? Well, based on the picture below, it would seem as if that was merely a distant fantasy that never became a reality. This woman must have been shocked when she tried on this dress – we wonder, did she think that she looked like the real thing, or was it too much of a long shot?

Credits: LifestyleVogue

 What Could Possibly Go Wrong

A lot, that’s what. Ok, we get it, the fit isn’t the same – those kinds of differences do happen when purchasing things online. After all, not everyone has the same body type, right? That, we can understand – but the drastic change in color between the advertised product and what this woman actually got? They’re not even remotely close. Well, we’re sure that this lady learned how to shop online the hard way.

Credits: Reddit

The Road To Epic Fails

When it comes to clothes, The biggest fails don’t happen when people don’t get what they order online. For us, they happen when the item looks exactly as described, but the person copying the look fails miserably. Now, let’s take a look at the photo below. The dress just like it is displayed in the advertisement. Did she nail the look? We’ll leave that to you to decide. Just remember – whatever your decision, we didn’t say it, you did!

Credits: BoredPanda

A Striking Similarity

As an online shopper, you live to see the day that what you receive is a spitting image of what you order. When you don’t, it can be embarrassing. When you look at the picture below, what do you think is the biggest problem? The fact that the outfits are of two completely different colors, or the reality that the woman on the right might be revealing a little too much of herself than she should? Your call – but remember, online shopping can be a real drag, so choose wisely before you invest in cyberspace!

Credits: FunnyPicsOnly

Just Isn’t Right

The woman’s facial expression says it all – this outfit just isn’t right for her. And that, folks, is what you call a face of pure disappointment. We’re sure that the initial look on her face when she tried on the outfit and realized that she didn’t look quite like the model seen in the ad was even more epic than this one.

Credits: Genmice

The Perfect Swimsuit

Ever read the story “The Little Engine That Could?” For those who have read it, you know that the fairytale teaches you that hard work and perseverance pays off. Well, folks, I present to you, “The Little Swimsuit That Could!” Presented below on the right, the swimsuit is trying desperately to look like what it is supposed to, but failing miserably. The difference between the two? While the little engine did accomplish his goal, the little swimsuit’s chances seem to be long gone.

Credits: SteemitImages

The Beauty Dress  Gone Wrong

You can’t deny it – some of those dresses that beauty queens wear on stage just drive you crazy! The way they walk in the outfit and sell the dress makes so many women wish that they could do the same. But, not everyone is a model, and not everyone can pull off the kind of magic that beauty queens do on stage – otherwise, it ends up being a major flop. Do you think the woman pictured below on the right nailed the look, or did she fall short?


Credits: FunAlive

The Copy Doesn’t Beat The Original

How many times have copies beaten the original? None come to mind, actually. So when this woman hoped to recreate a look that she saw online, she should have known that she wouldn’t have hit the bar. Still, for her to fall so low was probably something that she didn’t expect, either …

Credits: Facebook

Santa Baby

Christmas time has a way of bringing out a side of you that you’ve never seen before. Whether it’s spreading Christmas cheer by giving gifts or even dressing up as Santa Claus, there’s something for everyone. Therefore, when this woman (pictured on the right) saw how these two women looked in their Santa outfits, she was so inspired that she thought that she should order one for herself. I think it’s safe to say that her look is a far cry from what the models had intended …

Credits: DontGetSerious

The Wrong Fit

Perhaps the biggest issue associated with buying clothes online is that what you purchase might not be the right fit for you. Even though you might double-check and triple-check the measurements given in the description box online, still, there’s nothing more comforting than just trying on something in a store. Otherwise, you might run the risk of your piece not fitting you. I mean, just take a look at this woman pictured on the right. We can’t imagine how upset she must have been when she tried on that skirt – talk about an epic fail …

Credits: Invidio

Seductive But Not Sexy

To be seductive and sexy is something that most women aspire to achieve. That’s why a lot of the outfits that you may see women wearing tend to be a little revealing – they want to exude confidence and beauty. Sadly, in the process, some don’t exactly meet the grade. Such is the case with the woman pictured on the right. Perhaps, her attempt might not have been so underwhelming were it not for the fact that we can see what she was trying to look like (pictured on the left.)

Credits: WordPress

Here Comes The Bride

For women who are getting married, having the perfect wedding dress is so important. It is supposed to be the happiest day of her life, so for that reason, most women tend to go all out. Everything needs to be perfect – the slightest hiccough can turn her day into her worst nightmare. Now, take a look at the two photos below. The one on the left is what the bride’s wedding dress was supposed to look like – the one on the right is what she got. Now, on a scale of 1-10, how devastated do you think she was? We say 11.

Credits: AllBridesBeautiful

The Wedding Chronicles Continue

If you thought that you’d seen all there was to see with epic wedding dress fails, you thought wrong! Actually, wedding dress disasters are quite common, and part of the appeal of highlighting them when talking about online shopping disasters is because it shows that a wrong purchase can ruin what is supposed to be your perfect day. Take this woman pictured below on the right. There’s no way that she could have been happy with her dress, especially considering that she doesn’t even come close to the advertised photo. Disappointed much? Indeed …

Credits: BoredPanda

Enough Seats For Everyone

Let’s order new chairs – how bad could they be? Well, folks, let’s remember that not all that glitters is gold. When you see something online, be very wary and cautious before sealing the deal – otherwise, you’ll end up like this family who ordered chairs for their home as seating for guests, but ended up with chairs that could seat the ants which visit their home!

Credits: OceansVibe

When It’s Cold, Cover Up

When you’re cozied up on your bed reading a book, there’s nothing more satisfying than being covered by a nice, thick blanket. It’s like they offer you a sort of tranquility, peace, and comfort that makes you feel so good. Can you imagine that luxury being taken away from you? In case you don’t know what true disappointment looks like, take a look at the photo below on the right. Someone clearly isn’t happy.

Credits: Suddi

Just A Little Too Small

You know, while we shouldn’t laugh at the misfortune of some people when it comes to online shopping, sometimes, we just can’t help it. I mean, just look at what happened to this guy in the photo below. To think you’re ordering a pair of slim fit pants only to realize that they’re too slim – so slim that they don’t even fit. Judging by the look on his face, you can tell that he’s quite confused, like the rest of us …

Credits: Domesticated Companion

The Nightmare Of The Prom Dress

For a young female teenager, when prom time comes around, it’s a huge deal. The hustle and bustle of getting her nails and hair done do not take precedence over getting the right dress – if your daughter isn’t happy with her prom dress, I can assure you, you won’t be. We wouldn’t want to be this girl’s parents when she tried on what is supposed to be the dress of her dreams. Thankfully,  we can’t see her face, but we imagine that it wasn’t that look of pure happiness and joy that you’d expect from a teenage girl on the night of her prom.

Credits: Sarcasm

The Look Of Defeat

When you look at the woman on the right pictured below, what are some of the first thoughts that come to mind? Sadness? Disappointment? That she looks annoyed? Well, all three of those sentiments might actually be very correct especially when you look at what she was hoping to get (pictured on the left.) I mean, they didn’t even get the color of the dress right. Moral of the story? Beware of online shopping!

Credits: MumsLounge

Sexy In Black

Some people say that orange is the new black – the woman below seems to disagree. Black just can’t go out of style, especially when you’re trying to be sexy and slim. This is part of the reason most women love to wear black – it does help you look trimmer and boost your sex appeal. However, when black goes wrong, it definitely doesn’t leave a good impression. Don’t think that because you purchase a black outfit online that it will look perfect on you – nothing is guaranteed, especially on the online market!

Credits: ProudlyImperfect

Skinny Fit

When buying skinny jeans, anything can happen. Actually, with black skinnies, sizing usually tends to be a bit off – meaning that if you normally wear a size 34, you might have to go up a size or two in order to find the perfect fit. This is is why online shopping is risky – depending on what you purchase, you may end up severely disappointed, much like the person pictured on the right. Well, at least they can say that their jeans were definitely distressed, just too much!

Credits: SteemitImages

False Hopes

One thing that you should learn about shopping online – expect the unexpected. Otherwise, you run the risk of being severely disappointed when you receive your product. There are just so many things wrong, we can’t begin to qualify. All we know is that this woman pictured on the right wasn’t happy with her purchase, that’s for sure.

Credits: LivelyPals

Drapes, Anyone?

Models have a way of really selling an outfit, so much so that some people set some unrealistic standards as to how they’re going to rock the same outfit. We have to remember that there is only one model who can capture an outfit in a particular way – when it comes to the real thing, you probably won’t achieve the exact look. Well, based on the way things look, one woman learned the hard way. Instead of getting a stunning dress, she looks like she’s wearing something else. Did someone say drapes? It wasn’t us …

Credits: WhatdeWhat

Sweater Fails

Imagine this – you’ve seen the sweater of your dreams with the cutest hand mittens ever. You order it and can’t wait to try on your beautiful little purchase. And then you spot the flaw – the hand mittens aren’t where they’re supposed to be. Disappointing much? We think so. Sad, yes? We think so too.

Credits: Stumblor

I’m Sexy And I Know It

Yet another case of a poor fit, this guy wasn’t lucky when he realized that his shirt didn’t quite fit him like he might have hoped. Still, he doesn’t seem bothered in the slightest. He looks like he’s embracing himself, flaws and all. Confidence is the first thing that this guy projects – he feels sexy and he’s letting the whole world know it!

Credits: Pinterest

Not Even By A Long Shot

Someone got a bad dress, don’t you think? By the way things look, one would assume that the dress on the left has to have been a huge mistake on the part of the vendor. We mean, there’s no way that someone can think it’s ok to send that dress when it’s supposed to look like the one on the right. Epic fail? We think so …

Credits: WeHeartIt

Not Quite The Perfect Fit

Well, what a predicament this woman must have found herself in when she tried on these Bermuda shorts. We don’t think that she expected the fit to be as loose as it ended up being. Well, look on the bright side – at least the fabric isn’t too tight on her!

Credits: IPstatp

Right Dress, Wrong Shade

Now, we’ve got to be objective – both dresses shown are beautiful. They really are. Such a pity that they’re not the same! The woman who ordered this dress received a blue dress when what she wanted was a black one, as depicted in the photo on the right. In as much as the dress may be a nice one, it’s sadly not what she requested. Still, she shouldn’t be too mad – at least the dress is nice.

Credits: Izismile

A Revealing Design Gone Wrong

When you buy a raunchy dress design online, you run the risk of it being just a little more revealing than you might have expected. In cases like that, you should always have a contingency plan when wearing the outfit presents a major issue. However, there are times when some outfits just can’t be helped. Sadly, the one pictured in the photo below on the right is a prime example of this. Talk about leaving nothing to the imagination – the sad thing is that this unlucky customer had no way of knowing that she would have gotten something like that.

Credits: FunnyPicsOnly

The Queen Of Wakanda

When you try to copy an outfit that was inspired by traditional African-wear, you need to make sure that you know what you’re doing. If you don’t nail the outfit, you can easily go from being the Queen of Wakanda to being, well, a poor version of the same. That’s why you should be even more careful when purchasing an outfit on online that is inspired by African prints – you mightn’t end up matching the look you’re going for. Such was the predicament of the woman pictured on the right – she just didn’t meet it, sadly.

Credits: Imgur

Dressed To Kill

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? We mean, that’s the most natural course of action that you should take, don’t you think? So, when life gave this guy a vest that was fit just a bit too tight, he showed that you can make light of a funny situation. Did someone say dressed to kill? We think that he nailed it.

Credits: SparklingKey

Unexpected Package

Now, sometimes, the shocking results of online purchasing leave you so confused, not so much because you’re unsure as to why your package looks like that, rather, because you can’t believe that someone would think that sending you something in such a state is acceptable. We don’t think that we’ve ever seen a sadder face before – have you?

Credits: Toolonkadunpysakointilaitos

Colorful Disaster

If you’re wearing a colorful outfit, don’t think for one minute that the array of colors will distract someone from recognizing the imperfections in the product. Actually, for all you know, the fact that outfits like that have so much going on, they attract more attention to people, thus making it easier to spot when something is wrong. When you see what’s wrong with what this woman purchased online, you’ll understand exactly what I mean …

Credits: Guzzable

Not The Same

No matter how much you try to copy the original, it just won’t be the same. Worse yet, you might end up falling so law below the bar that some might say that it’s best that you hadn’t tried to begin with. Don’t go buying clothes online with the hope of outdoing the original – you might end up falling flat on your face and it won’t be pretty!

Credits: MumsLounge

Prom Disaster

Just when you thought you’ve seen the worst of prom-dresses-gone-wrong, you see the photos below. We think it’s safe to say that this young girl’s expectations were not made a reality when she saw the dress that she had ordered online. Let’s just hope that she had a good time dancing with her friends.

Credits: TheAestheteSoul

Just The Wrong Spot

What’s the worst that can happen to you when you order a pair of jeans with a lace design running up the leg of the pants? Nothing, of course. Nothing, except the fact that the design could be placed in a completely different place in comparison to how it was shown in the advertisement. Oh, and the fact that the jeans might also be a completely different color. I guess, when you look at it, quite a bit can happen to you, actually.

Credits: Whatdewhat


As parents, we try to make our kids happy. We also know that they usually love life-sized toys, so for us, a great way of showing love and appreciation for them being great kids is by getting them their favorite toy’s humanoid version. Sadly, what we do not know is that when you order online, what you get is a huge tossup.

Credits: SpySparrow

What’s Going On With Barney?

We have all seen our beloved, purple dinosaur ‘Barney’ at some point or another in our lives. Often times forming the cornerstone of most kids’ childhood, we tend to involve ‘Barney’ into the thing that we do when entertaining our kids. At times, it’s a success – other times, we recognize that there is a long way to go, and online shopping isn’t exactly helping in the process!

Credits: Chzbgr

The Material Killed It

You know, one of the main reasons why shopping for clothes online ends up being a huge disaster is that the material of the item you purchase tends to be of such a horrid quality that you can’t believe that someone would make something out of it. That, coupled with the disappointment of seeing what it’s advertised to look like really do put a damper on someone’s spirits. Take, for instance, the photo below – on the left, you have a beautiful, flowered-dress, whereas, on the right, the dress looks anything but elegant and attractive. Buyers, beware!

Credits: Togags

Beach Body

When most women see a hot swimsuit online, it’s like a magnet keeps pulling them closer towards purchasing it – it’s like they need to have it. Understandably so, of course – hey, if you’ve got a wicked body, then you should flaunt it, right? Well, what women need to remember is that it’s not just about a wicked body – a wicked swimsuit is also a major part of how you boost your appeal. So, when your recently-purchased online swimsuit doesn’t flatter your figure, don’t be too hard on yourself – it’s not you, it’s just the nature of the market.

Credits: Imgur


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