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Parents devastated after their son took his own life because he was bullied at school


One of the best parts of your life is when you are a kid. Having fun, starting school, meeting new friends, and creating memories for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Andrew Leach, a 12-year-old kid from Southaven, Mississippi. Growing up was hard, getting bullied every day at school, so on March 6th, Andrew chose to end his every day hell and took his own life.

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Andrew’s father said in an interview that things started getting worse for Andrew after he told his classmates that he could be bisexual. His father also said that his classmates and the bullying got worse because he was open, and that made them bully him more. Calling him ugly, fat, useless, were just some of the names his classmates said to Andrew while at school at Southaven Middle School.

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Calling him names was one thing, his father Matt, also has revealed that kids would catch Andrew in the bathroom in school, and threaten to beat him up and saying to him that he might not come out of the bathroom alive. Andrew, who was only in sixth grade, was fed up after countless complaints of his parents to the school were meaningless, and the teachers couldn’t stop the bullying.

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His older brother, who was also bullied, threatened, and called names when he was going to school while going to the garage, found Andrew’s body hanging, on March 6th.

Cheryl Hudson, the mother of Andrew, found the letter that Andrew had written to the family, in which he had written the plans of ending his life. After the death of Andrew, his mother has shared stories about him on her social media. One of the stories was how Andrew loved to learn how to cook. She said that many times when she came back from work, Andrew had something prepared for her, even though it wasn’t that good he really enjoyed doing it for her and was eager to learn more. He was also always there to help around the house and doing something special for his mother.

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Another story that Andrew’s mom has shared on her social media is when he was little, and she had just taken him out of the bath after taking a shower, and when she put him on top of the toilet to dry him, he leaned toward her and said that he didn’t want to eat anymore. Confused his mom asked why would he stop eating, and he just said that if he continued eating, he would get bigger, and by getting bigger, she wouldn’t be able to hold him.

Andrew’s parents, after his death, have spoken to a lot of media and want to use Andrew and his outcome to educate and warn other parents and children on how bullying is dangerous and can go as far as it did with Andrew.

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His mother has said that she will try to go from school to school, city to city and will hold talks about bullying and try to get other people to help and accompany her in the battle against bullying and trying to stop it.

In a post on her social media, Cheryl has urged parents to come to these talks because they also may have kids who are getting bullied, kids who are bullies, even for those parents which kids are only just starting going to school because these talks can be helpful and can prevent their kids from becoming bullies and how to deal with them if they are getting bullied. She also said to share this message so more and more people can be aware of how bullying can affect children and join on putting an end to bullying.

This is not the only case where a young kid has been pushed to the limit and had to resort to such extremes just to be at peace.

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The school has written a statement directed to the parents and students that if they know or have seen any type of bullying that they should report it to the school officials and that they will treat those reports with great importance. If someone doesn’t want to report personally, they can go on their web site and report it there. They have said that every report will be investigated closely and that their school teachers and counselors are professionally trained to deal with these kinds of situations if they are aware of them. They also said that they are sending their thoughts and prayers to the family and friends at this really hard time.

Bullying can occur anywhere, at school, at work, on the internet, so everyone should take a stand, and we should all join the fight against bullying, and maybe we can stop things like in the case of Andrew from ever happening again.

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