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People Share The Random Acts Of Kindness Strangers Did For Them, And It’ll Melt Your Winter Heart


You’ve probably already heard the saying everyone has the ability to make somebody’s life better, and not only that this is true, but you can also make the world a better place to be in. Today we’ve decided to talk about a couple of people that were helped by strangers for some simple things that unfortunately they couldn’t do. These are a couple of stories from “Reddit” that will melt your heart and restore your faith in humanity!

The Birthday Fairy

Some people have better birthdays than others and that is a fact. Here’s what happened to one bakery costumer that got a nice birthday surprise by the person she least expected it. She stated that she went to the shop alone to buy herself a birthday cake because she didn’t have anyone to celebrate it with. But the cashier at the shop noticed that and she went above and beyond in order to surprise the person. She even told the cake bake to decorate the cake as much as possible, and in the end, the cashier paid for the cake. The girl that was celebrating her birthday alone now had something to be happy about, she even called the cashier her “Birthday Fairy”

Image Source: Reddit

Making a Boy’s Day

This mom and her young child were passing by the mall almost every day to buy something that they needed but most of all to watch the toy train at one store’s display drive. And even when the money was low on cash they’d stop by to the mall and watch the toy train. One day a passing teen saw the kid and his mom standing there but the train wasn’t working, so the teen decided to pay for the train to run and this was an action that made the boy’s day!

Image Source: Reddit

Passing the Goodwill

The ultimate goal when doing an act of kindness is to make the person you’re doing the good deed for want to pass on the goodwill. So when Rob Westerman and his friend Mike Lewis, two old high school friends, decided to bring $400 to a grocery shop in order to pay for other’s grocery they were pleasantly surprised. Namely, they’ve already helped 15 people with their grocery, and one of those people even offered to pay for the next person’s grocery because he felt he wanted to do a good deed too!

Image Source: Reddit

Underestimate don’t Overestimate!

Sometimes when we have to carry a lot of things we overestimate the carrying potential of our bags and ourselves. That’s exactly what happened for this girl when she decided to put too many books into her carrying bag. When a stranger noticed that the girl was struggling to carry all those books in one bag, they offered their bag in order to help her get home easier as well as split the weight of the books.

Image Source: Reddit

Helping a Person in Need!

People that have visited a Paris Metro know that there are special, designated accessibility stations for disabled people with wheelchairs. When the person in a wheelchair noticed that the station that they were planning on using was closed, they were pretty disappointed. Luckily a group of strangers appeared and decided to help this person by taking their wheelchair through two flights of stairs to the platform that the person needed to be. And what’s even better, none of the people in the group knew each other, they were complete strangers.

Image Source: Reddit


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