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People who own dogs take more photos of their dog then their partner new study has revealed


Probably you already have a friend or a relative who always posts a picture of their pet on their social media, but who can blame them, what’s not to love about a picture of a cute puppy or a small kitty. If you are a pet owner yourself, you can probably confirm that most of your friends love your pet, so much so that maybe they love them more then you. In a study made by a pet website it has shown that pet owners, more than 25% of them take their pets to lunches and dinners, but also in the study it has been revealed, and most of the pet owners who took participation in the study has confirmed that they have more pictures and are likely to take more picture of their pets than their partners.

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I mean come on, if you had to choose between taking a picture or a video of your puppy playing with their favorite toy or your partner sitting on the couch scrolling on their phone, I am pretty sure that you won’t hesitate to snap a picture or take a video of your dog. Bombarding your social media with cute photos and videos of your pet will always be trendy, and photographs of dogs and cats have flooded social media since their creation. The study has come out with exciting results like, more than 65% of pet owners have more pictures of their pets than their life partner. More interesting is the fact that the study showed pet owners have a tougher time leaving their pets and not seeing them for a week than their partner, the study showed, 47% of the participants couldn’t be separated for long from their pets, and just let’s hope that when they were answering that question their partner was not beside them.

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Another fascinating finding that the study has shown is: that pet owners, more than 94%, of them, consider their pet as a family member, and it is shown that when they get home from work or school they are more likely to greet their pet first before they say hello to their partners, parents or siblings. This is not so surprising because who is the first to run to you when you open the door, of course, your pet. And maybe because of that pet owners, more specifically, dog owners, 29% post more photos on their social media of their dogs than their family. Half of the pet owners said that they rather end their relationship with their partner if their pet doesn’t get along with them. The study also shows that nearly 80% of dog owners will likely include their dog in important family occasions. Because who doesn’t like to see a dog at a wedding wearing a tux or what dog owner wouldn’t want to take that walk along the beaches in the Bahamas without their dog.

Brandie Gonzales, one of the people who ran this study, talked about why so many people are starting to get dogs, she says that young people nowadays are less likely to buy their own homes or have children like their parents or their grandparents, so they spend more on their dogs, who are their best friends. They always pay immense attention to them and see what makes them happy and are always there if their dog needs them. We can see all this through how owners care for their dogs, what kind of food they buy for them, are they taking them to the groomers, how much do they take out their dogs, whether is just for a walk or taking them to the park or beach.

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It is not surprising that almost 55 million homes in the United States have a pet dog, and more and more people are starting taking dogs home. This study also has shown that dog owners will go above and beyond to make their dog comfortable at home. More than 88% of owners have confirmed that when they are about to leave the house they will not just leave their dog but they will leave a playlist on their computer so the dog will listen to music or they will leave the TV on so their dog can watch, other go to the length of getting another dog or cat so their dog has someone to keep them company and can play with them. And you won’t be surprised by the fact that 33% of the participants of this study have revealed that they shed a tear when they leave their dog at home.

All in all, we all are in love with our pets, dogs, cats or whatever and you can be sure we will keep on bombarding you with their picture and cute videos on our social media.

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