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Photoshoot Goes Horribly Wrong For Glamour Model Chloe Ayling


Beauty, intelligence, motivation: glamour model Chloe Ayling was one woman who just had it all going for her. With high hopes and big dreams of taking her modeling career to the next level, Chloe left Britain in 2017 for a high-profile photoshoot which was supposed to have been instrumental in her debut on the international scene. She could have never imagined it would have turned her entire world upside-down, mentally scarring her for the rest of her life.

Even now, years later, details are still sketchy and so many questions are still left unanswered. What happened to Chloe Ayling? Did she fall prey to an underground mafia operating on the dark web, or did she actually lend a helping hand in the entire ordeal? Sit back as we take you down the life of Chloe Ayling, from her modeling days and abduction, to how her life has forever been changed because of it.

The Early Years

Born and raised in England, at the tender age of 20, Chloe Ayling was already brimming with energy and excitement to establish a successful career in the glamour modeling industry. She was positive that she would have had a successful career if she were to get her foot in the door and surround herself with the right people. At that time, she had no idea that her life would have taken a turn in one of the worst possible ways.

Her life had been centered around meetings with the press and photoshoots: she was living her best life. Just weeks before the incident which drastically changed her life, her career as a glam model seemed to really be taking off. And it really was: that was until she decided to head out to Italy on a modeling gig.

Balancing Career And Family

Chloe Ayling seemed as if she was destined for success. Although she was very young, through hard work and determination, Chloe had managed to create a name for herself in the modeling industry. She wanted to make her presence felt and she knew that she was talented. According to her agent, out of all the models in the agency, she had garnered the most success.


But Chloe wasn’t exactly a full-time model: she was also a mother of a lovely two-year-old boy! She would often post pictures on social media platforms, like Instagram, of her and her cute boy. She truly loved her son and was excited that both her professional and personal life were going well. To the public, her life appeared to be ideal. Sadly, things were about to go south for Chloe.

A Job Opportunity

The day came: her agent called her almost bursting with energy in order to relay to her that a job opportunity was waiting in the wings for her to grab! Apparently, an Italian modeling agency got into contact with Chloe’s agent requesting that she come to Italy to do a photoshoot. The model was overjoyed: finally, her career as a model might really be shaping up into something great.


This opportunity could open so many doors for her and really give her a much-need break into the international market. But before she could head to Italy, she had some obligations to meet in England, including a raunchy photoshoot. She even decided to post the pictures from the shoot on her Instagram. She was definitely doing well for herself.

The Journey To Fame Begins

In June 2017, Chloe Ayling made her way to Italy to meet up with the agency which was interesting in working with her. She flew in the day before the expected meeting. She first arrived in Milan and spent her time getting to know the city as any girl would: shopping and relaxing. Given that Milan was a haven for fashionistas, it comes as no surprise that Chloe was in heaven.

As usual, she shared photos of her day with her followers and fans on Instagram. Her fans were important to her, so she wanted to inform them that she was alive and well. When she got to her place, she showered and got ready for bed. The following day, she was to head to the photoshoot. She had a long program ahead of her, and she needed all the rest she could have gotten.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Based on the schedule which Phil Green, her agent, forwarded to her, she was expected to link up with the Italian agency on July 11th, 2017. The agreement was that Chloe and the Italian contingent would meet at an apartment, as the latter had acquired it for the much-anticipated photoshoot. Needless to say, Chloe was extremely nervous: this could be a dealbreaker for her career. If things were to go well, her career would really kick-off. If not, things could turn sour really quickly.


Based on what she was told, when she got to the apartment, the door should be opened: she should just enter and she’ll be at the planned place. Little did she know, there was a nasty surprise waiting for her in that room.

An Anti-Climatic Entrance

Just as she had anticipated, when she got to the apartment, the door wasn’t locked. As discussed, she entered without any difficulty. To her surprise, she walked right into an empty room. Quite a shocker for her considering that she had expected to find a representative of the agency along with the crew for the photoshoot waiting for her.

However, Chloe wasn’t deterred in the least. She had traveled from England for this gig: she was positive that her welcoming party was somewhere. It was then that she spotted a sign on a door leading out of the room which stated “Studio.” Positive that she was in the right place, Chloe remained calm and composed. She had no idea, sadly, who was waiting for her on the other side.

Easy Prey

Chloe was so confident that she was going to enter and find the crew waiting patiently for her arrival. She reached for the handle of the door and swung it open. However, she didn’t even get a chance to see what the room looked like.


Suddenly, Chloe felt a strong arm wrap around her neck from behind. She found herself in a strong chokehold. Her world shifted from the anxiety of a meeting with an Italian agency to the fear of being captured by an unknown attacker. She was in utter shock: she couldn’t even scream as her assailant blocked her nose and mouth with his gloved hand. She could barely breathe. She was being attacked and she couldn’t even react.

Her World Turned-Upside Down

The next thing Chloe knew, while she was being accosted from behind by an unknown assailant, a man sporting a black ski mask appeared in front of her: in his right hand, he was carrying a syringe. He slowly made his way up to Chloe menacingly wielding the syringe as if it were a weapon. In one swift motion, the guy yanked Chloe’s jacket off and injected her with the syringe which had an oddly-colored substance. As soon as the liquid poured into her bloodstream, Chloe immediately fell into a daze.


She could barely keep her eyes open and was rapidly losing her ability to stand steadily. She quickly slipped out of consciousness. Although she could barely think at that moment, she knew that she was in serious danger and that her modeling career was about to go out the window.

The Escape

After some time, Chloe was able to come back to her senses. She slowly realized that she had been packed in a suitcase and, by the looks of things, she was in the trunk of a moving vehicle. She was in a compromising position: both her feet and hands were cuffed and her mouth was taped shut. Fearful and desperate, Chloe screamed for help. Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain. Apart from the fact that her mouth was taped, whatever screams for help which echoed outside the vehicle were drowned out by the music emitting from the car as well as the day-to-day noises of the world.


Hog-tied and trapped, horrible thoughts pervaded poor Chloe’s mind. Was she going to die there? Was this how it was going to end, her career, her life? What about her baby boy? Intermittently, the masked men came to a halt, but only to ensure that Chloe hadn’t managed to undo her restraints. There was no hope of escaping.


Chloe felt like she had been riding alone in the trunk of the vehicle for ages. All she could feel was the inside of the suitcase in which she was trapped and the rocky surface of the road on which she and her captors were traveling. Suddenly, the vehicle stopped. Her captors removed her from the trunk and brought her to a house. She was still tied, unable to move freely.

She was placed in a cold, eerie, dimly-lit room. There, her captors fastened her securely to a chest of drawers. All this time, thoughts whirled in her mind. The reality of her situation was slowly beginning to creep in and not in a good way. Thoughts of being raped, murdered, or a combination of both flooded her mind. Then, she remembered her precious baby boy. Would she ever hold him in her arms again? Her body was still sluggish from the injection administered to her. Dazed, she resigned to waiting on the floor of the room for her fate.

The Highest Bidder

Objectively speaking, she did not have to wait too long for her fate to be told, although to her, it felt like an eternity. One of her captors let her known that she was going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder via a virtual auction. The plan was for her to become a sex-slave by someone probably in the Middle-East. She would have been owned by probably a wealthy Arabian man, relegated to his devices.

Her main concern at that time wasn’t even her life, rather, the future of her son. How would he survive without his beloved mom? She told them that she had a son. The kidnappers were shocked, claiming that typically they don’t go after mothers. Sadly, they were so far gone that they just had to continue as planned.

Live Attraction

Her assailants also stated to her that in all likelihood, she was going to be sold to a wealthy Arabian who would use her as a sex toy until, eventually, he grew bored of her. At that point, that man would pass her on to another as a sex captive, until eventually she gets passed from man to man, abusing her body, violating her sexuality. Even worse, they might even give her to their pet tigers as meals should they grow tired of her. The captors didn’t hold back with Chloe; they let her know exactly what was going to happen to her.


They even let her know a little about the sex trading in which she sadly found herself. Apparently, weekly, almost five girls are captured and sold as sex slaves to various Arabian countries. One of them even confessed to having made well in excess of $10 million in five years of working in this industry. Chloe was stunned and petrified at all of these gruesome details.

The World Of The Dark Web

If Chloe thought that her captives were done telling her all there was to do, she was wrong. They continued informing Chloe about their profession. Apparently, they were henchmen for an illicit organization known as “Black Death.” While there is little detail available on the organization, what is known is that they conducted business via the dark web.

This company’s purpose was to exchange illegal services for money, typical for all websites and platforms accessible via the dark web. While some websites are illegitimate attempts to rob people of their money, there are some sites which allow clients to acquire child pornography, get assassins, and to even buy illegal drugs. Now, Chloe was about to be sold as a sex slave on the dark web. Could it get any worse?

In Search of An Escape

Hoping that her assailants would have a heart, she begged and pleaded for them to let her go. She was willing to erase the entire ordeal from her memory if they were willing to do the same. Sadly, the men would not cooperate.

They explained that there was already an advertisement for her on the dark web, and apparently, she sparked quite a lot of interest in the community. Things would not change: she was going to be auctioned as scheduled. They stated that her bidding started at $300,000, and would surely rise considering that competition for her was so stiff. She was expected to be sold in five days. However, one of the men continued asking about her personal life. He wanted to know about her family. Was there still a glimmer of being saved, or was it all false hope? 

Held Captive For A Steep Price

While her captors were hell-bent on selling her off as scheduled, one of the two seemed to be a little more compassionate and sensitive to her pleas than the other. He wasn’t about to break the rules and sell a mother as a sex slave to some Arabic man for his own pleasure. However, things weren’t going to be that easy for Chloe to leave.

They enquired more about her family, specifically, how much ransom money they were willing to put up in order to secure Chloe’s safe return to the world. Dejected and depressed, she responded by stating that her family didn’t have a lot of money: it was just she and her mom, and they weren’t well-off. Thinking quickly, she provided three names of people whom she believed were in a position to pool money together to get her out of danger. Still, she doubted the men’s compliance: was this for real, or were they just getting her hopes up to send them crashing down?

A Silver Lining In The Cloud

Desperate, she gave three names: Paul Baxendale-Walker, Rory McCarthy, and David Read. Those three people were all eventually contacted and subsequently asked to fork-over nearly $70,000 to allow Chloe to walk freely. After communicating with the kidnappers, at least one of the men contacted the police force of the United Kingdom. Sadly, there was still no lead as to where Chloe could have been brought to, and time was running out quickly: her auction was scheduled to take place in a few days.

As hours turned into days without hearing a response from either her captives or Chloe, her mother grew extremely worried. She decided to contact the UK modeling agency to which Chloe was assigned.

Searching For Chloe

In an effort to get an update on her daughter’s whereabouts, Chloe’s mother reached out to the modeling agency which was in charge of Chloe’s career. She was put in touch with Phil Green, her agent. He expressed that like her mother, he had not heard from her either. They tried to reach the Italian agency which Chloe was scheduled to meet up with, but did not get a response.

As they continued their investigation, something was off. Nobody they contacted had had any idea about the arranged photoshoot with Chloe, nor did they have any clue where she could have been. Realizing something bad was up, both the Italian and UK authorities became actively involved in Chloe’s rescue mission. She had to be found before something horrible happened to her.

Communication Letter

It took a while before communication was received from the captors. When it was finally received, they stated that Chloe would probably be in an excellent financial situation to pay off her ransom when she is released. The news and publicity she has received from the ordeal would make her so popular, thereby drastically increasing her net worth. When she resumes modeling in the United Kingdom, her earnings would skyrocket.


However, the captors’ request was ignored. No money was ever sent, and poor Chloe’s auction date was still on. Resigned to a life as a sex slave, Chloe pondered her life as the moments turned into minutes. All she could do was see the image of her beautiful baby boy, his face etched in her mind. What was going to happen?

Staring Death In The Face

With only a couple more days to go till the auction, Chloe felt every emotion in the book; uneasiness, impatience, angst; you name it. It also didn’t help that she had to stay with two men who were extremely dangerous. One of them confessed that he worked as an assassin for a company. As proof, he showed her his inventory of weapons. To make matters worse, he even let her know that he enjoyed poisoning his victims more than any other method of killing. Realizing that Chloe was beginning to contemplate escape, he quickly reminded her that should she try any funny business, she would be murdered without even a second thought.

Just when it couldn’t get any worse, she had to sleep with the assassin in the same bed. Can you imagine sleeping in the same bed with a dangerous killer who could end your life in a heartbeat? While she doesn’t recall him violating her sexually, she spent those days and nights living in constant fear. Shockingly, after nearly a week being held in captivity, something happened which would change her fate forever.


After almost a week of not seeing the light of day, Chloe’s captors decided to bring her outside. It was the first time in a long time that she was able to breathe fresh air. Sadly, fear paralyzed her: she realized that she might be taken to the auctioning house. However, that did not come to pass. Her captors simply stated that they were going to let her go.

Unfortunately, nothing in life comes free: there were several clauses to her release, and she had to fulfill certain requirements, or else, she would have been killed. Apart from promising to pay $50,000 no more than one month after her release date, she was also not to mention anything about Black Death. She was also ordered to avoid police officials like the plague: she was to remain as quiet as a mouse. With that, she was brought into a vehicle headed to freedom at least. When they arrived at their destination, she was advised to let people know that he, the driver, was an acquaintance of her’s whom she reached out to after she was released from those who kept her captive. Hopefully, this would have protected them from any legal problems.

Reporting The News

After much driving, Chloe was brought back to Milan, specifically, the office of the British consulate. She exited the vehicle, and she and her captor walked into the building. Within seconds of arriving, she nearly ran up to someone working there and spurted out that she was an abductee. Finally, she was able to tell her story: she was free. She would finally be able to see her baby again.

She was rushed to a private room. There, she let officials know everything that happened to her, as well as shared some information about her captors. Based on reports, the worker informed Chloe that there was already a full-blown investigation going on in search of her. She was relieved to know that people were looking for her, desperate to bring her back home.

Tracking Down Her Captors

Although she wasn’t thrilled about it, Chloe had to remain an additional two weeks after she made her escape from the clutches of death. She was so happy to have her life and to be able to see her baby boy again. The reason she had to stay, however, was to assist investigators in tracking down her assailants. After providing as many details as she could, in no time, one of the men who captured her was caught: it was the one who brought her to the consulate office.

Allegedly, he attempted to flee, but he wasn’t fast enough for Italian officials; they nabbed him before he got a chance to leave. He was positively identified as Lukasz Pawel Herba, someone who had both British and Polish citizenship. He was the same man who forced Chloe to sleep in the same bed with him. However, when questions, Lukasz gave a completely different story to that given by Chloe.

A Whole Different Account

Based on accounts from Lukasz, he had no idea of any kidnapping. He stated that a few Romanian nationals paid him more than $50,000 to act as if he were a professional photographer. He explained that he was ordered to meet with Chloe at the apartment, but that was that. As far as he was concerned, there was never any talk of kidnapping her or auctioning her off as a sex slave.


Based on the information provided, the officers were able to pinpoint the location of the house in question. They searched it from top to bottom for clues, fingerprints and any additional evidence which would help to shed some more light on the case. It was located closer to the Italian-French border as opposed to Milan. Based on Chloe’s account of the event, she stated that her captors let her know that they were no longer in Italy. Just what exactly would be uncovered during this thorough investigation?

Chloe’s Release

Officials were desperate to find a plausible reason why Chloe’s captors decided to free her. Italian officials got their answer when they searched. On Lukasz’s computer, they came across a note stating that the decision to release her was done after careful negotiation with the Black Death Group. Apparently, one of the members of the organization was able to convince the others to let her walk free.

The message went on to say that her capture was an error given that they do not target young mothers. But that wasn’t all: the note reminded her that she had agreed to pay a whopping $50,000 for her right of passage. This money was to be paid in Bitcoins no more than one month after her release. Should she not comply, she would be killed. Chilling news.

Zoning In On Lukasz Pawel Herba

Not long after Lukasz was arrested on charges of extortion and kidnapping, a woman alleging to be a former girlfriend of his publicly stated that he was a total sweetheart. She told officials that he introduced himself as a successful professional, someone who managed a company which produced artificial chicken meat. He even stated that he had land in Scotland.

Reports from a psychologist who examined Lukasz concluded that he suffered from mythomania. In simple terms, he tends to lie a lot or stretch the truth. His poor mother could not handle the news when she learned that he was arrested: she was inconsolable.

Charges Pressed

Given that Lukasz was already arrested, someone who naturally became a huge suspect was his brother, Michal Herba. He was subsequently arrested in August. Based on official reports, he was apparently registered as a director of a transport company specializing in road freight. Interestingly enough, the address officially recorded for his company was that of his apartment.

Due to the brother’s affiliation with a transport company, officials were led to suspect that Chloe was scheduled to have been brought to the highest bidder via one of Michal’s vehicles. Because he is a prime suspect, Michal has a European Arrest Warrant hanging over his head for his believed involvement in Chloe’s abduction.

Investigating The Dark Web

Based on statements released from an Italian spokesperson, this was a heinous crime committed by extremely treacherous people. That official expounded indicating that the person responsible for this act had collaborated with a murderer and someone who works on the dark web, and restated the illegal activities which are known to occur via that virtual platform.

He added that whoever abducted Chloe was a skilled, experienced felon. They were not dealing with novices. Thankfully, Chloe escaped with her life but had things gone according to plan, God knows when she would have been released.

Making Sense Out Of Nonsense

Chloe wasn’t too pleased about staying in Italy so long after her release. She desperately wanted to see her kid again. However, she understood that she had to assist authorities in conducting the investigation, an investigation which, by the way, led to some fingers being pointed in an unexpected direction. Apparently, reports began to surface indicating that neither Lukasz nor Chloe was willing to cooperate with officials during the investigative process, as surprising as that may sound.

Then, when officials began to compile the evidence from the testimony of both parties involved, some things just didn’t make sense. As the facts began to unfold, the story began to lose credibility. Could it have been a bizarre attempt to gain public attention, or was it legit?

Conflicting Stories

It all began to look murky for Chloe when testimony was given by some eyewitnesses indicating that they had seen Chloe and Lukasz together shopping during the time that she alleged that she was abducted. Accusations of misrepresenting the truth were fired at Chloe. However, her lawyers insisted that she was being psychologically manipulated.

To cast more doubt over the situation, Lukasz insisted that Chloe always had the freedom to leave the apartment whenever she wanted. He also added that he had paid $400 online via Subito in order to rent the space where they were. To make matters worse, he even said that Chloe slept in the same bed as him out of choice, not necessity. She was never hurt or harmed: she returned in one peace.

More Evidence Emerges

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse for Chloe, CCTV shots began to surface of her and Lukasz shopping for shoes together. People began to lose faith in her story. She, however, was adamant that she wasn’t lying. She stated that she was petrified and that the possibility of death was always on her mind.

She also mentioned how Lukasz told her that he was an assassin by profession, even showing her his inventory. She stated that she always followed her captors’ instructions as she desperately feared for her life. All she wanted was to walk out alive and see her kid again.

Unexpected Freedom

Another questionable element of Chloe’s account of the entire ordeal was how she was released. No matter how people tried to look at it, it all seemed so bizarre. For Herba to suddenly have a change of heart to carry you to the British consulate and set you free just didn’t seem plausible. In the process, he himself ended up getting arrested. Why would he purposefully feed himself to the lions?


Based on his account of the situation, he had no idea of any kidnapping plans until it had actually happened. Then again, he had also said that after finding out that she was a mother, they hurriedly released her. It all seemed so unbelievable. These are criminals involved in some of the most illicit activities in the known world: for them to have a moral compass is something that you would never expect. Then, Lukasz confessed that he participated in Chloe’s abduction to make some fast cash to pay for his leukemia treatment.

Was It Staged?

Then, more wood was added to the fire: The Daily Telegraph, which happens to be one of Britain’s most popular newspapers, issued a statement indicating that someone reached out to them via email within two days of Chloe’s supposed kidnapping. That person was interested in buying not only photographs but also a testimony of Chloe.

Police officials signaled that reaching out to the media did not coincide with the abductors’ story. Now, everything was questionable: there was no way of knowing who was telling the truth, or who was lying.

Uncertainty Divides A People

After returning to the United Kingdom, needless to say, people were dying to hear from Chloe Ayling about the events which had happened to her. Initially, she sat down with a few media houses and gave some interviews, however, since then, she hasn’t been very cooperative with the media.

Then, rumors began to spread about her involvement in her own kidnapping. Chloe’s legal defense team has issued several statements defending her credibility and reputation. While the events surrounding her kidnapping seem too strange to believe, they were 100% factual. After all, if she were lying, why would the Italian investigative unit allow her to leave the country?

What Happened To Phil Green

Although Chloe gave very few interviews after her alleged kidnapping, she did state in one of them that she puts the blame of the entire ordeal on her agent Phil Green. As soon as she got back to the United Kingdom from Italy, she relieved him of his services. Green, on the other hand, stays steadfast to his belief that he did nothing wrong. He has repeatedly come forward claiming that he double-checked and triple-checked the Italian agency which Chloe traveled to meet up with: nothing fishy ever came up.


Chloe, on the other hand, has mentioned that a manager or agent’s duty is to ensure the well-being of those to whom he or she has been assigned. According to her, Phil failed her. Phil, however, disagrees: he believes that he did everything within his power to ensure that Chloe was safe.

A Set-Up

When Phil Green issued a statement indicating that he had done everything he could to ensure that Chloe was safe, the model was outraged. She claimed that when her mother reached out to Phil, he then found out that the studio to which she was supposed to have gone had never been heard of in Milan. It probably never existed for that matter.

It seemed as if the entire abduction had been planned well in advance. However, this news began to put Phil in the spotlight. What initially led him to believe that the agency was authentic? Did he slip-up, or was there more to the story that he wasn’t telling?

Her Rise To Fame

Phil Green was so upset that Chloe had opted to discontinue working with the agency. Apparently, in light of her recent spotlight in the media, Chloe was receiving more offers than ever. In just weeks Chloe could have gotten more than $250,000 from job offers.

Sadly for him, he no longer has a say in what she does or does not do. He has stated that he sides with her accounts of the ordeal.

How Real Can You Be?

In light of her recent abduction, Chloe Ayling was thrust into the spotlight like never before. Her story has divided so many people. In the wake of more stories being reported by the press which contradict her account of the event, the credibility of her story began to dwindle considerably.


Given that she always wanted to be in the limelight, some believe that this was a well-orchestrated attempt for her to gain media attention. After all, it wouldn’t be like she’s the first to have done something like that.

The Brunt Of Jokes On Social Media

Shortly after she returned to the United Kingdom following the alleged kidnapping, Chloe Ayling became somewhat of a running gag on social media. Apparently, someone got wind of a few photos sent via Whatsapp of women being packed into a suitcase in the same way that Chloe alleged to have been transported to the house during her abduction. This was an obvious attempt to make fun of her.


Apparently, the people behind this mean joke used to work with Chloe, so they knew her at least professionally. To add insult to injury, these women wrote that they wanted $25 as ransom money. Chloe wasn’t impressed. She was hurt that people were turning her story into a comedy act. They had never walked in her shoes before: how could they do such a thing?

More Accusations Surface

Sadly, even some of Chloe’s friends have come forward to cast doubt over her story. A few of them have stated that Chloe used the publicity she got from this abduction to become famous. That way, she could have landed a role on Celebrity Big Brother.

A friend of Chloe’s known as Biannca claimed that she had had a conversation with Chloe about the struggles of getting on the show. Biannca had tried out on five different occasions for a role, but she was rejected every single time. However, she was cast in a documentary which stated that she had had sex with over 300 men, and miraculously, she landed the role on Celebrity Big Brother. Sometimes, you have to do controversial things to get where you want to go.

What’s Going On Now

The two prime suspects in this case, namely Lukasz Pawel Herba and Michael Pawel Herba, have since been dealt with. Lukasz was sentenced to sixteen years and nine months in prison on charges of kidnapping. His brother, Michael, is currently being extradited from the United Kingdom.


Chloe, on the other hand, has attempted to move past the terrible ordeal which she alleges happened to her. She has written a novel and even done a film chronicling her story in order to sensitize people about human trafficking. She hopes that others can be inspired by her story and take precautionary measures wherever they go. There are many dangers lurking in unsuspecting places: people need to protect themselves always.

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