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Clever Police K-9 Trained To Open And Close Patrol Car Door Goes Viral


You can’t scroll away from a nice dog story no matter where you find it, or no matter what you have to work on. It can wait for that one story! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more social media are home to millions upon millions of amazing dog stories, videos, and pictures. And people still cannot get enough of them. This is the most recent dog story that went viral on the internet, and the reason is amazing!

Great Trainees and Even Better Partners

German Shepherds are an amazing breed of dogs. They are pretty, strong and they sure are pretty smart. The make a great house pet, but they are also used in the army and in the police and stations, simply because of their training abilities and the loyalty that they have for their owners.

Image Source: RP

As I said earlier military and police forces love training them and taking them for their loyal partners. And when we take into consideration the fact that these dogs can be trained to do almost everything, it seems as if there’s nothing that the German shepherd can’t do.

The Amazing Video

A recent post on YouTube has started going viral. This is a video with a German shepherd and a police officer. The little furry companion goes running to the police car with just a simple point of the policeman’s finger. He didn’t even have to tell the dog what it needed to do.

Image Source: German Shepherd Shop

Once the dog got to the back door of the police car, it opened his mouth and opened the door from the car by itself. And once the dog entered the car it even closed the door behind him. This amazed each and every person that saw the video. The dog was awarded big applause by his owner.

Loyal Through And Through

All dogs are loyal, there’s no questioning this. It is a fact. But, amongst the most loyal breeds of dogs, we can see the Labradors, Border Collies, the Golden Retrievers and of course Labradors. The American Psychological Association conducted a study in which they showed how dogs have the brain power of a two-year-old baby.

Image Source: WikiWand

These dogs are pretty smart, but that’s not their only trait. They are also great at getting their goals and achieving the things that they want to be achieved. So, have this in mind the next time you think that your dog deserves a snack, does it really?

So Take A Look At The Video Below:

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