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Police Officer Pulls Over Man For Expired License – Guess What Happens Next!


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When we love a job and we would like to start doing it, we would do almost everything to get it. Well, this is exactly what happened to this 22-year-old guy names Ka’Shawn Baldwin. He wanted to get the job so badly that he happened to borrow a car that had expired plates and he drove off to the job interview not thinking of the possible consequences.

While he was heading to the office where he was going to be interviewed, a cop pulled him over. But, instead of giving him a ticket, this police officer did something that really meant a lot to Baldwin. Read on and find out what the police officer did to help Baldwin.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Mr. Baldwin was ecstatic once he found out that he had the opportunity of his lifetime. He surely wasn’t going to miss this one-time opportunity just because he didn’t have any means of getting there. So, he decided to start looking for a way he could get there. He tried everything, from asking friends to get him there to ask them to borrow their car to him. But he didn’t have any success with this. That was until April the 10th 2019 when one of his friends finally decided to borrow Baldwin the car. But, in the whole mess, he didn’t notice that the car’s license plates were expired. It was too late to do anything with that at the moment, so he decided to test his luck. So he headed out with expired tags.

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While Baldwin was heading to East St. Louis, Missouri, a police officer from the Cahokia Police Departement noticed that Baldwin’s license plates are expired, and he did what any other responsible police officer would do. He pulled the illegal vehicle off the road. Officer Roger Gemoules told the young man to give him his documents and asked him if he knew why he was being pulled over.

The young man explained the whole situation to the officer and told him that this was his dream job and because he couldn’t get there in any other way he had to go with his buddy’s car. In an interview with a local television station “KSDK” police officer Gemoules stated that he could notice that the young boy was speaking from his heart and because of the fact that he was polite when he pulled him over, he felt like he needed to give him a chance. He also added that giving him tickets and towing his car would not help in any way, so he decided to help him.

Luck was Surely on his Side

When he was pulled over by officer Roger, Baldwin thought that his dream was crushing, he thought that he would never get the chance of working as a FedEx package handler again. In a CNN interview, Baldwin said that the thought that everything he dreamt of was over. He remembered that the only things that were going through his mind were “I’m going to miss the interview, and the car is going to get towed, and it’s not even mine!” But, as luck would have it, his dreams were not going to crush, and he was going to get to the job interview.

Because of the fact that officer Roger could not let Mr. Baldwin continue to drive the car, he proposed something to him. He told Baldwin to get the vehicle to a safe location, and that he is going to take him to the job interview. And, that’s exactly what happened. Baldwin arrived on his job interview, he was a couple of minutes late, but that was not a problem. Baldwin did great on the interview and he even got the job as a package handler at FedEx. FedEx is not the only place of work for Baldwin, he also works at McDonald’s. He works two jobs so that he could afford a car and a license, and even get his own house one day.

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Sharing the Experience

This sure was a one of a kind experience for Baldwin. It surely changed his image of the police forces.  In a Facebook post that Baldwin wrote that he never looked at a police officer in any manner. So this experience sure showed him that he should respect police officers. But, Baldwin was not the only one that shared his unique experience with his social media friends and followers. The Mayor of Cahokia also expressed his gratitude towards the officer. And the mayor’s assistant posted some photos of officer Roger and Baldwin thanking him for showing others how community-oriented policing works. This post started gaining traction and soon went viral, gaining more than 40 000 likes and 12 000 shares.



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