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Popular Female News & Sports Reporters Shown On and Off-Air


People who work in the journalism industry immensely value their image. This is especially true for female journalists, who often times, like in most professions, have to work harder than male journalists to prove their worth. This also means that some female news anchors change their image and personality for the sake of looking professional in the eyes of their viewers.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise when their viewers see what they really look like off-air. Will your favorite news anchors blow your socks off when you see them off-air?

Courtney Friel – On-Air


This Philadelphia sweet-heart is a news anchor for KTLA-TV in Los Angeles. Prior to switching over to the Californian news company, she actually used to work for FOX News Channel, working as the entertainment reporter. She is a graduate of San Diego State University where she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. She was married to CBS News correspondent Carter Evans, with whom she has two children. They divorced in 2016.

Courtney Friel – Off-Air

Credits: iDistracted

Courtney has shown no fear in the gaze of the public, definitely knowing how to separate her professional look from her day-to-day look. One thing’s for sure: she’s definitely not camera shy!

Lluvia Carrillo – On-Air


Heralded “The Goddess of Weather” by some, Lluvia Carrillo seemed destined to be a journalist. I mean, with a name like Lluvia, which in English means rain, she would either be a journalist or transform into a natural disaster reaping havoc all over Mexico. I think we’re glad she chose journalism. Seriously though, all jokes aside, Lluvia Carrillo is an excellent weather girl who was educated at La Universidad del Valle in Mexico where she studied Psychology.

Lluvia Carrillo – Off-Air


Here, Lluvia Carrillo is seen wearing a rather sporty look. Not surprising, given that she’s dating Javier Aquino, football player who is on the Mexican National Team. Yes, sorry guys – she’s taken!

Mayte Carranco – On – Air


Another Mexican beauty, Mayte Carranco is a television personality who works as a weather girl in Mexico. She is also the winner of a Mexican beauty contest dubbed Miss Televisa Monterrey. She’s, simply put, stunning, and quite popular both on-air and on social media platforms. I wonder why? Could it be her beautifully toned body, her gorgeous facial features, her smooth skin? Could it be her pretty, innocent voice? Or, it could just be that she’s great at her job. Whatever the case, she’s a fan favorite, and that’s all that matters.

Mayte Carranco – Off-Air


Are you still catching your breath? I know I am! All I can say right now is this “Mayte, Mayte, Mayte!”

Evelyn Taft – On-Air


Another popular journalist and television personality, Evelyn Taft has the look of the all-American-sweetheart. She has an appreciation for culture and travel, having lived in France and Egypt, learning the languages of each respective country. She is a meteorologist who currently works for CBS2, owned by CBS News. However, there have been a lot of rumors circulating around the young meteorologist, from her sexuality to the authenticity of her marriage to Ross Resnik. Notwithstandng, she is a stunning professional with beauty to match.

Evelyn Taft – Off-Air


Here, we see the lovely Evelyn Taft peering into a room through a window. Stunning, as always, she displays exemplary class even off-air. This is what you call a diva!

Sara Walsh – On-Air

Credits: New York Post

Sara Walsh, standing at age 40, already has three regional Emmy awards under her belt for her work in the field of journalism. She served on ESPN as a sports commentator from 2010 all the way to 2017. She was dismissed from her duties as an anchor for SportsCenter, a daily sports show owned by ESPN in 2017. She was recently hired by FOX Sports as a reporter for the 2018-2019 NFL season.

Sara Walsh – Off-Air


Apart from being a journalist, Sara Walsh is also a mom of two! She seems to be balancing both her professional life and her personal duties.

Melissa Theuriau- On-Air


Melissa Theuriau is a French journalist and anchor for M6, one of the most watched television networks in France. Previously, she used to work for Zone Interdite as an anchor and co-editor-in-chief. She received a Master’s degree in Audiovisual Journalism. having studied at The Institute of Communication and Media. She is an extremely popular French journalist, attracting significant social media attention from fans throughout the world who are smitten by her beauty.

Melissa Theuriau – Off-Air


After seeing a picture like this, there’s no reason to doubt why she’s such a fan favorite.

Susan Li – On-Air


Susan Li is a television journalist who works for FOX Business Network. Originally born in China, she grew up in the multicultural city of Toronto in Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto having studied Economics. Although her academic background might be business-based, she compliments this with her ability to speak more than one language. She is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Susan Li – Off-Air


Quite a stunning on and off camera. Susan always keeps it classy, even if it’s for her Twitter fans!

Gigi Stone Woods – On-Air


Gigi Stone Woods has already accomplished so much in the field of journalism. At present, she is an anchor on rotation for NBC AND MSNCB News. She also hosts and co-produces the show Hiring America. She used to work for CBS News as both an anchor and business correspondent. She did her undergraduate degree at Connecticut College and subsequently did her Master of Arts degree with Columbia Journalism School.

Gigi Stone – Off-Air


Quite the beauty, it’s quite easy to see why Gigi has had a long-standing journalist career. She’s great at her job, and beautiful! What else could someone ask for?

Jenna Lee – On-Air


This 38-year-old is another popular female journalist in the United States of America. She served as an anchor for FOX News Channel. For the said company, she co-hosted Happening Now alongside Jon Scott. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barba with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Global Studies. She then went to do a Master of Arts degree with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, graduating in 2005.

Jenna Lee – Off-Air


Here we see Jenna Lee in anything but work attire. She was clearly having a relaxing stay at the beach and seemed like she was truly enjoying it. Beauty both on and off-air.

Giuliana Rancic – On-Air


Giuliana Rancic is a television personality, having made appearances on some of the nation’s most popular shows. She is the incumbent anchor for E! News. She is often the co-host of red carpet events such as The Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. She is married to Bill Rancic for whom she gave birth to a baby boy in August of 2012.

Giuliana Rancic – Off-Air


One thing about Rancic is this – she looks amazing on and off-camera. She makes sure she brings her A-game no matter the occasion.

Jenna Bush Hager – On-Air


Given that her father is George. W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States of America, her life was thrust into the spotlight from a very young age. This probably explains why Jenna Bush Hager appears so comfortable before the camera as a contributor and correspondent for the Today Show, owned by NBC. She is also an author, having made four publications, the first of which was in 2007, titled Ana’s Story: A Journey Of Hope.

Jenna Bush Hager – Off-Air


Despite her busy schedule, Jenna still finds time to enjoy the finer, more peaceful things in life, especially when it involves family. Here she is with her twin sister Barbra Pierce Push, enjoying a boat-ride across a lake.

Erin Andrews – On-Air


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The same can be said for Erin Andrews, television personality and sportscaster for American sports. Her father, Steven Andrews, was a television journalist, hence it doesn’t come as a surprise that Erin was destined for the big screen. She is currently the host for ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. She previously worked as a contributor to Good Morning America. She has also made appearances on high-profile televised sporting events, such as the Super Bowl as well as the World Series.

Erin Andrews  – Off-Air


Ever wondered what this television personality is up to when she’s not on air. Well, she definitely makes some time for the gym! Fitness is key for Andrews.

Erin Burnett – On-Air


Erin Burnett is a television anchor of her own show which appears on CNN, Erin Burnett OutFront. Prior to getting her own show, she amassed experience as a journalist working in various capacities for different entities. For example, she worked as a co-anchor of Squawk on the Street, and personally hosted the show Street Signs. She is recognized for her work on several documentaries which have been filmed outside the United States of America. As a journalist, she tends to focus on issues in the Middle East.

Erin Burnett – Off-Air


What is the “International Superstar”, as she was dubbed by Joe Scarborough, up to when she’s off-air? Probably driving around enjoying the nicer things in life. She deserves it after all. Anyone who works as hard as she does deserves a rest!

Natalie Morales-Rhodes – On-Air


This experienced journalist currently works for NBC News as a West Coast anchor for the Today Show while also making period appearances on Dateline NBC as well as NBC Nightly News. Natalie Morales-Rhodes was actually born in Taiwan to a Brazilian mother and a Puerto Rican father. Apart from English, she also speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently. She studied at Rutgers University from which she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in Journalism and Latin-American studies.

Natalie Morales-Rhodes Off-Air


When off-air, Natalie is known for her giving heart, always supporting various charity events and showing her love for others. Here she is in a rather revealing outfit at a charity event.

Brooke Baldwin – On-Air


Brooke Baldwin is one of CNN’s longstanding journalists, having served as an anchor for CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin since 2008. She also anchors some of CNN’s specialized events, most recently anchoring President Trumps’ Inauguration. A graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Spanish While pursuing her undergraduate degree, she also did an exchange program with Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico.

Brooke Baldwin  – Off-Air


When she’s not on camera, she still keeps up her glamorous look when attending other events. Just look at those legs!

Alessandra Villegas – On-Air


Alessandra Villegas is a Venezuelan television personality, who happens to be romantically linked to another television personality, Daniel Sarcos. She studied public relations at Broward College in Florida. Particularly popular in the Hispanic community for her work done in Latin television programs, she was the host of the show Invasión Casera. Of noteworthy mention is her hosting of the Billboard Awards for Latin Music.

Alessandra Villegas – Off-Air


When seen off-air, she is oftentimes accompanied by her significant other, Daniel Sarcos with whom she has been romantically linked since 2013.

Liz Cho – On-Air


Liz Cho is a television personality and news anchor for WABC-TV in New York City. Although she was born in the United States of America, her parents were immigrants who moved to the US in order to practice medicine. Her father was a liver and kidney transplant surgeon, while her mother was a trained nurse. She graduated from Boston University with majors in Journalism and History. Before working with WABC/TV, she served as a co-anchor for ABC’s World News Now in 2002.

Liz Cho – Off-Air


It’s evident that Liz is a beauty. In 2003, she was actually selected as one of People magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in the world. Even off-camera, she’s still serving some fierce beauty.

Maria Menounos – On- Air


The road to journalist success has not been easy for the Massachusetts girl. At one point, Maria was working as a janitor in nightclubs just to make ends meet. Now, apart from being a journalist, she is also a television host, actress, and periodic professional wrestler. She used to co-host Extra alongside Mario Lopez. She has since left the show, and had her own reality television show based off of herself called Chasing Maria Menounos. She serves as an ambassador to the World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

Maria Menounos – Off-Air


Maria is quite the show-stopper off-air as well. The part-time wrestling she does is clearly doing wonders for her body.

Sandra Smith – On-Air


Serving as the co-anchor for America’s Newsroom, a show owned by FOX News Channel, Sandra Smith initially broke into the journalism industry as an on-air reporter for Bloomberg Television. She eventually joined FOX News Channel’s staff of journalists in October 2007. As of April 2014, she began co-hosting FOX’s show Outnumbered, for which she has gained praise. She is a graduate of the Louisiana State University where she was actively involved in sports life at the school, particularly track and field.

Sandra Smith – Off-Air


Sandra has this award-winning smile that can draw any viewer into her shows. No wonder she has had such a successful career as a journalist.

Charissa Thompson – On-Air


Charissa Thompson is another popular television personality who currently serves as a sportscaster for Fox Sports. She has a lot of experience in the journalism industry, given that she has previously worked for ESPN, Versus, and the Big Ten Network. Charissa has stated that ever since she was a little girl, she knew that she wanted to be a broadcaster. Her first breakthrough came in 2007 where she was featured in a few televised basketball reports. Ever since, the sky has been the limit for this Seattle girl who stops at nothing to make progress in her career.

Charissa Thompson – Off-Air


One thing’s certain: she works hard, but she definitely plays hard. She looks stunning at all times, positively beautiful!

Melissa Stark – On-Air


Melissa Stark is a seasoned television personality who has worked for many years in the journalism field. At present, she works as a sportscaster and reporter for THE NFL Network. However, she has amassed experience working for some of the biggest names in the business, specifically ESPN, for which she worked as a reporter for ESPN SportsCenter, ABC Sports, and NBC Sports. She was educated at the University of Virginia in Virginia, and her father is a well-respected eye surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland.

Melissa Stark – Off-Air


Melissa is quite the fun-sport off air! Here she is demonstrating how to tackle someone on a football field.

Ariane Broder – On-Air


This French television personality and TV host is one of the most popular figures in French media. She got her big break in journalism working as a weather girl for M6. After a few years of working there, she left the show, eventually joining France 2, working as a columnist for the program Service Maximum, done by Julien Courbet. She is also an actress. having been featured in a number of films since making her debut on the big screen in 2009. These films include Un Monde Sans Chiffre (2016), Colombiana (2011), and La loi de Murphy (2009). 

Ariane Broder – Off-Air


Quite the sultry diva, this French-star and social figure has shown that she a sexier side of herself that might contradict her professional look.

Jackie Guerrido – On-Air


Jackie Guerrido is a Puerto-Rican journalist and weather forecaster who currently works for Primero Impacto on Univision. She grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico with her parents and sister. She eventually moved to New York City with her family, from where she started the slow-but-successful grind into becoming a successful journalist. Her catalog includes being a weather girl for Despierta America, doing weather forecasts for Primer Impacto along with Barbra Bermudo. She studied journalism at The University of Florida, and also studied Meteorology at The University of Miami.

Jackie Guerrido – Off-Air


This Puerto-Rican media diva still keeps slaying even when she’s off-air. Here she is posing at an event looking as fabulous as ever.

Sugey Ábrego – On-Air


This Mexican television personality and tv host is a popular journalist in Latin-American media. Originating from Veracruz, Mexico, she studied at the Centro de Educación Artística. In terms of her career in journalism, she has hosted television shows such as Guía para padres, among others. However, she is more known for her work as an actress. She has played roles in several different televised shows, particularly soap operas. For example, she starred in Tenías que ser tú and La Vecina. 

Sugey Ábrego – Off-Air


Not to take away from this woman’s talent as an actress, but another reason for her popularity in the world of media is her jaw-dropping gorgeous looks.

Christina Loren – On-Air


Born in Palm Springs, California, Christina Loren is a meteorologist, who doing weather forecasts for RFG-TV, having previously been employed in the same position at KNTV. She is a proven academic, having completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at California State University in Economic, minoring in Communication. She then went on to do a Metereology Certificate Program with the Mississippi State University, graduating in 2011. Of considerable mention in her career as a journalist is her work with CBS in Miami, where she worked as a tropical weather reporter.

Christina Loren – Off-Air


True to her profession, Christina keeps a clean, classy look even when off-air.

Jill Nicolini – On-Air


As of today, Jill Nicolini is a traffic reporter who works for WPIX 11 Morning News. However, to say that Jill Nicolini is simply a traffic reporter does not do justice to the catalog of experience that this woman has created for herself. She is a former model, having done a nude shot for Playboy in 2001. She is also an actress, having made some appearances in popular television shows such as Sex and the City, as well as Law and Order. It must be mentioned that she is also an academic, having graduated from the New York Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication.

Jill Nicolini – Off-Air


Given her background as a model, there’s no doubt that Jill Nicolini is a beauty both on and off-air.

Jacqueline Johnson – On-Air


Jacqueline Johnson, or more commonly known as ‘Jackie’ Johnson, is undoubtedly one of the most weather forecasters in the United States of America. She works at KCBS-TV, although she does make occasional appearances on KNX1070 doing weather forecast updates. She studied at Middle Tennessee State University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. She was married to John Kidd, a football player in the National League. She is also an actress, having appeared as a meteorologist in a few films.

Jacqueline Johnson – Off-Air


If journalism doesn’t work out, with looks like her’s, she can easily pursue a career in modeling. Damn!

Gabriela Grechi – On-Air


Sexy, sultry, curvy – Gabriela Grechi is an Italian beauty who also happens to be a television personality and actress. Providing weather forecasts to Italian media houses and viewers alike, Gabriel is the type of girl to which every guy wants to introduce his parents. Not only is she gorgeous, but also incredibly intelligent, which anyone could realize from watching her on the big screen – that is, of course, if they can peel their eyes away from her fabulous body!

Gabriela Grechi – Off-Air


What exactly does this precious Mona Lisa get up to when she’s off-air? She’s definitely still slaying everyone that’s for sure! Look at this photo – beauty, confidence, class. A perfect combination for a perfect woman.

Maria Quiban – On-Air


This KTTV news anchor is really living proof of the idiom “aging gracefully”. Standing at a young 48 years of age, Maria Quiban’s beauty seems to only get more refined as she gets older. But let’s talk about her academic excellence for a while. She studied journalism at The University of Hawaii prior to pursuing a distance-learning Bachelor of Arts degree in Meteorology. She graduated with the latter from the renowned Mississippi State University in 2005. She has also worked as an actress, appearing in, most notably, Bruce Almighty, Everybody Hates Chris and Criminal Minds.

Maria Quiban – Off-Air


In this photo, Maria (far left) is pictured with two others. By her smile, we can tell that she’s having a great time – whether it’s the company or the food, we are not sure. One thing is sure – Maria carries the grace seen in her on-air appearances to her off-air look.

Maria Molina – On-Air


Maria Molina, also sometimes called Maria Timmer, is a Nicaraguan-born American meteorologist. She was raised in South Florida, eventually going on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University where she majored in Meteorology and minored in Mathematics and Communication. When asked about how she developed an interest in meteorology, she stated that the tragic events of Category 5 Hurricane Andrew which devastated her hometown when she was five years old got her interested. She is, at present, an on-air meteorologist working for FOX News Channel while simultaneously studying for a PhD at Central Michigan University.

Maria Molina – Off-Air


Even off-air, Maria Molina displays a poise and elegance only a few are capable of. What is even more fascinating about her is her drive and motivation to excel academically. She is a great role model for many young, aspiring meteorologists and news personalities that the sky is the limit.

Magda Palimariu – On-Air


It’s not an everyday thing to see a weather girl sporting a mini-sky on-air, is it? Well, Romanian weather forecaster Madga Palimariu has no qualms about wearing them when the cameras are rolling – maybe the weather in Romania is hot, who knows? In any case, Ms. Palimariu is undoubtedly one of the most famous television personalities in Romania. She is always seen with a smile on her face and exudes an infectious energy that is bound to captivate any viewer. She also happens to be a personal favorite of a lot of male viewers. I mean, with legs like that, I’m sure you could see why!

Magda Palimariu – Off-Air


Magda Palimariu has no problems showing off her banging body now, does she?

Yanet Garcia – On-Air


Yanet García is one of the hottest television personalities out there – let’s just call a spade a spade. This Mexican goddess is a television presenter who, in 2016, worked for Las Noticias, owned by Televisa Monterrey. Her Youtube channel is also quite popular, which she has been using to upload her weather forecasts since 2015. She was romantically linked to Douglas Martin, a professional gamer, but subsequently broke up so that he could focus on his career. Completely understandable, of course: with a woman like Yanet García, I don’t think any man would be able to focus on anything but her!

Yanet García – Off-Air

Credits: Women Fitness

What can I say? If you got it, better flaunt it, right? Yanet’s body is fire, even a blind man can see it.

Angie Gonzalez – On-Air


Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Angie Gonzalez is a television personality and journalist. Currently, she is a weather girl for Milenio TV, but she previously worked for Multimedios TV in the same capacity. Before becoming a journalist, it must be mentioned that Angie Gonzalez, in 2008, participated in a women’s road race as a track cyclist. While she did not place within the top three, it just goes to show that one should explore everything that may be of interest to oneself, even if it may not seem to be in tandem with one’s career.

Angie Gonzalez – Off-Air


Isn’t she simply gorgeous? Mexican TV truly has some beautiful women during journalism.

Elita Loresca – On-Air


Elita Loresca is a Filipino-American television personality, who currently works as a newscaster for KTRK-TV, based in Houston, Texas. She is a graduate of Mississippi State University and has an impressive catalog of work experience in the journalism industry. She has worked for WSVN 7 in Miami, KGET-TV and even KNBC in Los Angeles, California. In 2006, she was awarded the title America’s Sexiest Newscaster, after being declared the winner from an online voting system.

Elita Loresca – Off – Air


What does Elita get up to when she’s off-air? Here, we have a beautiful family portrait of Elita with her husband and two kids. Picturesque, wouldn’t you say?

Robin Meade – On-Air


A former contestant for the beauty pageant “Miss America”, Robin Meade currently works as the chief news anchor for her very own morning show “Morning Express With Robin Meade.” Although she is a news anchor, she has also ventured into the music industry, releasing two country albums in 2011 and 2013 respectively. She studied at both Malone University, as well as Ashland University majoring in radio-television production, performance, and programming.

Robin Meade – Off-Air


For some people, what’s attractive about news shows isn’t so much the content of the show, rather who’s giving it. I think that that can be said for Robin`s show.

Taylor Rooks – On-Air


Taylor Rooks is a 26-year-old sports journalist and broadcaster who currently works for Turner Sports and Bleacher Report. She entered into the field of journalism in 2012 working for scott.com where she provided coverage for basketball and football in Illinois. Since then, she has worked for several popular sports television shows and has gained an impressive following on social media platforms. A graduate of The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, she majored in broadcast journalism. While at school, she worked with Scout.com covering several national football games.

Taylor Rooks – Off-Air


This young sports commentator is quite the popular one among sports fans. It’s pretty obvious why.

Ximena Córdoba – On-Air

Credits: NinjaJournalist

This former actress and model hailing from Medellin, Colombia is currently the host of TNT Movie Club as well as Despierta America, an American Spanish language television network. She is one of the most popular Latin-American female journalists in Western media.

Ximena Córdoba – Off-Air

Credits: BettingPro

However, despite Córdoba’s professional look, she is also known to ‘let loose’ and unwind every now and again.

Heidi Watney – On-Air


Heidi Watney is both a reporter as well as a host for the Sports Channel MLB Network. She is a graduate from the University of San Diego where she was actively engaged in school life, particularly as a cheerleader and gymnast. She is also a former beauty pageant contestant, placing first runner-up in the 2002 Miss California pageant.

Heidi Watney – Off-Air


Considering that she is a former beauty pageant contestant, there’s no room for doubt that Heidi knows how to stun the public with her looks.

Ghida Fakhry – On-Air

Credits: Al Jazeera

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Ghida Fakhry is nothing short of exemplary. After graduating from a university in London with a Bachelor’s degree, Fakhry went on to get two Master’s degrees, one in Near and Middle Eastern Studies for which she was recognized for outstanding academic achievement, and the second in International Relations.

Ghida Fakhry – Off-Air


Like most young female journalists in the industry today, Ghida Fakhry is a role model for young girls and women throughout the world for her combination of beauty and brains. Her academic achievements and professional demeanor inspire many young girls to work hard at school to make something of themselves.

Tomi Lahren – On-Air


A former television host, Lahren is currently a political commentator. She served as a host for Tomi, noted for her frequent criticisms against liberalist supporters. She is a known supporter of the Donald Trump administration and has actually received some backlash for some of her comments, being labeled as “racist” by some. Despite the controversy, she is one of the more popular current journalists in the United States.

Tomi Lahren  – Off-Air


Apart from her controversial political comments, she is also known for her uncanny ability to turn heads when she enters a room. She definitely captures her audience whenever she is on set.

Ginger Zee – On-Air


Her real name is Ginger Renee Colonomos, but she is more commonly recognized by her pseudonym, Ginger Zee. Currently the main meteorologist for ABC News, Zee is originally from Orange, California. Prior to joining the ABC family, she worked for various media houses, including WMAQ, WEYI-TV, and WOOD-TV. She has been the chief meteorologist for ABC News effective December 2013.

Ginger Zee – Off-Air

When the cameras aren’t rolling, journalists can be a different person. Ginger Zee definitely knows how to unwind and let loose when she’s not on camera!

Demetria Obilor – On-Air

Credits: Ebony

This Dallas traffic reporter is perhaps less known than Taylor Rooks throughout the United States, but she is definitely quite the popular journalist in Dallas, Texas. She actually received a lot of exposure in the year 2017 after her well-publicized clap-backs to body-shaming comments. Nonetheless, she has received praise from viewers for her delivery, as well as her professional look.

Demetria Obilor – Off-Air

Credits: Twitter

Irrespective of the attempts by certain viewers to embarrass her because of her body, one thing is certain – Demetria is confident in her skin both on and off-air.

Zain Asher – On-Air

Credits: Business Today

This 35-year old professional is a news anchor currently based at the CNN International office in New York City. Asher, who possesses both British and Nigerian nationality, was a reporter and writer for Money before ultimately moving to CNN in February of 2013. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and French, having studied at Keble College, University of Oxford, and also graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism located in New York City.

Zain Asher – Off-Air

Credits: CNN

Asher has been working for CNN for over five years. Apart from being great at her job, she also happens to be quite the looker.

Julie Banderas – On-Air


Born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Julie Banderas works for FOX News Channel as a television news anchor. She has worked her way up the ranks in the FOX company, joining in 2005 as a general assignment reporter, eventually becoming a news anchor for FOX Report Weekend all before her current post with the company. She is one of the most popular news anchors in the United States.

Julie Banderas – Off-Air

Credits: Twitter

Banderas always seem to be camera ready, even when she’s off-air. Now that’s what you call a beauty!

Ainsley Earhardt – On-Air


Ainsley Earhardt has many professional titles. She is, without question, a television personality, co-hosting the daily talk show Fox and Friends. She is also a broadcast journalist, working for FOX News. She has also worked in various capacities within the FOX company, having at one point co-hosted America’s News Headquarters, Fox’s All-American New Year’s Eve, and Fox and Friends Weekend. She is from South Carolina.

Ainsley Earhardt – Off-Air


Even off-camera, Earhardt maintains a professional, classy look. No wonder she has been a crowd favorite on FOX.

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