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Pregnant Woman Met A Stranger On A Plane But Had No Idea How Her Life Would Change


Meeting people at the airport is something that happens every day. Making conversation on a plane with a complete stranger is just as common, but rarely is it a life-changing event. For Samantha Snipes, life was about to change in a way she never expected when she became friends with a stranger on her flight.

What would happen between the two women would gain national attention and leave them both with better lives than they had before they met each other. This is the story of Samantha and Temple.

Life As She Knew It

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Samantha Snipes was 24 years old, and for her, life wasn’t going quite as she has planned. So far, she had been through many difficult situations while trying to get ahead, just to improve the way she lived. She wasn’t happy with some of the things she had done, but her next decision would change her life in a way she would never have expected.

It was September 2016, when she boarded a Delta flight to another state. She was making the move from Arkansas to North Carolina- a decision that would lead her down one of the craziest turns her life could take- but then, nothing that had happened to her recently was planned, now was it?

Three Months Earlier

Three months before Samantha boarded the plane that would forever change her life, her entire universe and future were changed when she found out that she was pregnant. Although she knew she wanted to be a mother someday, she had not planned for it to happen quite this soon. Nevertheless, the young mother-to-be was excited. But something wasn’t quite right about her current situation.

You see, despite wanting to raise the baby and have a happy little family, Samantha did not feel safe with her boyfriend- the man who was the father of her child. It was something she had been ignoring in the past, but with a baby on the way, she knew she had to leave.

A Tough Decision

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While she was fine taking risks and staying with her partner when it was just her, she would not subject her baby to the same treatment she had gotten. With her and her baby’s futures in mind, she knew she had to make a decision.

She and her partner’s relationship was far from normal and healthy. In fact, things had gotten so bad between the two that Samantha had already made the decision to leave him long before she found out she was expecting. It was a decision that was hastened the moment she found out that she was about to bring a life into the world.



But it wasn’t an easy choice to make. When she learned she was pregnant, she had hoped that her boyfriend would have changed his ways. But he didn’t. In a saddening twist, things got worse between the two and were so bad that she knew she had to go, if not for herself, then for her child.

In the past, she made plans to start her life over, but she always changed her mind last minute. But she had never been pregnant before. This time, she knew she had to be resolute. So she stuck to her guns and made the brave decision to get her and her unborn child to safety.

The Middle of the Night


So Samantha sat down and thought about all the places she could go to be safe. Nothing came to mind. All she knew was that she had to get out before the effects of her current situation started to affect her pregnancy.

But despite her planning, she ended up leaving in the middle of the night. It was one of those moments where she had had enough. So she took the little that she had and fled. Never once did she look back at the torturous life she had been living. She was finally free. But although she was happy, the search was on for a safe haven.

Finding A Place


Samantha ultimately went to her mother’s house in Arkansas. She thought that it would be a good place for her to settle down and think about what her next move would be, now that she was going to raise this baby alone, and far away from his or her father.

When she arrived, she was welcomed with open arms. She settled in just fine, but the fact that she was pregnant weighed on her every day. She had so many things running through her mind that it felt like she had escaped one bad situation, only to enter another- but this one was inside her head.

Weighing Her Options

As much as the expectant mother wanted to raise her own child, she would not know where to start. She had no job, and although her mother was currently supporting her, she did not want to be a burden. Samantha, at that point, did not feel capable of raising her baby.

So, she weighed her options. She ultimately decided that an adoption agency would be the best choice for her and her child, even though she knew it would be difficult to give him or her up. But her mind was not completely made up, and even though she knew what she wanted to do, an unexpected option was presented before her.

A Grandmother’s Love

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Samantha was five months pregnant by the time she decided to give her baby up for adoption. It seemed like the best option for her at the time and she was almost certain that that was what she wanted to do. But when she spoke about her plans to her mother, she was presented with an alternative.

Samantha’s mother told her that she would adopt her child and raise the baby her as her own. In a way, it would seem like the baby was Samantha’s sister or brother, when they were, in fact, her own son or daughter- and the young mother-to-be had no idea how she felt about that. If anything, it confused her more, and she just didn’t know what to do next.

Feeling Conflicted

Time was running out for Samantha. With just four more months to go, she had to make a decision. But what would it be? All she knew was that she wanted to give her child the best life possible, but would it be with an adoption agency, or would it be with her mother?

The more she thought about it, the more confused she got. On the one hand, she did not want to hurt her mother’s feelings by saying no, but on the other, she had no idea if she’d find the perfect family for her baby if she went with the adoption. Just what was she supposed to do?

An Emotional Rollercoaster

While Samantha and her mother got along swimmingly and she loved her mother to death, the young mom could not help but feel that her mom’s home was not the right environment for a newborn. In Samantha’s eyes, her mom’s house was not fit for a baby. But her time was running out, and she felt more pressured than ever to choose one or the other.

Being pregnant and going on the emotional rollercoaster that was currently her life stressed Samantha out. Instead of basking in her pregnancy, she felt down and discouraged about making the decision that would affect her child for the rest of their life. With the intention of working some stress off, Samantha turned to one of the things she enjoyed doing the most.

Finding An Escape

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Choosing the right home for her unborn baby turned out to be way more difficult than she expected. So, needing an outlet, she started playing video games again- one of her favorite past times.

She had not picked up a console since finding out she was expecting. She particularly enjoyed the game, “League of Legends,” and focused her effort on succeeding in the game and not stressing too much about her situation. Little did she know how much this game was about to change her life.

A Love For Gaming

Samantha had found her love for gaming when she was just 15 years old. Needing something or somewhere to escape the reality that was her life, she turned to these virtual adventures- and they always did the trick. She loved them so much that it became a home away from home for her.

But not only did it comfort her. It also exposed her to a network of people who were just as passionate as she was about the games she played. She got to know people she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to know in person, online. And one of these people would change the course of her life, forever.

An Unexpected Connection

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At five months pregnant, Samantha started talking to a young man named Tom, whom she had met while playing League of Legends. They hit it off right away and soon, a romantic connection blossomed. They would spend hours talking to each other every day and got to know each other as best as they could on the internet.

But Tom was falling hard for Samantha. He knew the situation she was in with the baby, but that did not change the way he felt about her. In fact, he was so taken with her that he asked her to join him in North Carolina.

A Leap Of Faith

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It was a sweet offer, but she was already eight months pregnant at the time. Would she really take the plunge and go to North Carolina where she had no idea what awaited her? She thought about the offer, and the more she did, the more she realized she wanted to go, even if she was nervous.

So, she accepted the offer. She already knew deep down that there was something very special and different about Tom and she wanted to see what the future held for the two of them, even if she was ready to pop any second now. Samantha decided to take a leap of faith.

A Twist in the Turn

When Samantha told Tom she would come join him in North Carolina, he eagerly bought her the ticket. She took a few of her belongings and with all the courage she possessed, she made her way to the airport. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, navigating at an airport, and Samantha had to do it when she was heavily pregnant.

And when it came time for her to find the gate, she was lost and confused and had no idea where to go. She suddenly had a sinking feeling that she would not make it on time, even if she had help.

The Missed Flight

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When Samantha finally made it to her gate, she was horrified to find out that had indeed missed her flight. She was frustrated with herself, tired from walking so much and felt hopeless because she was stuck at the airport. She began to think that the trip and Tom might not be worth all the trouble after all.

But Tom was determined. Her being at the airport already was more than he could ask for, so he made some calls and got Samantha on the next flight out. Relieved, she hunkered down in a seat and waited for some assistance with her next flight.

A Touch of Destiny

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What Samantha didn’t know was that she was exactly where she was meant to be at that moment. She didn’t know it yet, but she would soon be in a position that would present an opportunity she had never thought of or suspected would be laid at her feet at thousands of feet up in the air, no less.

She was meant to miss her flight and be on standby for the next and it would soon be revealed to her that fate had intervened and steered her right onto the path that would change her life for the better.

No Choice

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Because Samantha had explained her dilemma to an airport official, they made sure she would not miss the next one. Someone came for her with a wheelchair and escorted her to the gate she would use to board the plane. Things were looking up for Samantha, and she was happy for the assistance.

Furthermore, the flight had arrived and it was almost time to head to North Carolina. But she would have to board the plane last. Being on standby meant that she could not choose a seat; she had to take whatever was available to her. And that’s exactly what she did.

Settling In

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As Samantha walked on board the plane, she found her seat with no problem and was greeted by a lovely woman in her forties. All she could think as she settled into her seat was how happy she was that this time around, there were no issues with her flight. She was seated by a delightful woman, safely on the plane and it would only be a few hours until she and Tom met in person for the first time.

But in the hours between meeting Tom and the flight taking off, she would come face to face with a person that would change her and her baby’s life in the best possible way.

Pre-flight Jitters

But Samantha’s sense of calm did not last long. In fact, the nerves that she was worried about hit her at full force. You see, she had had her reservations about flying, and it was one of the reasons why she took so long to accept the trip to North Carolina, to begin with. And right there, on the plane, she was as nervous as ever, and they hadn’t even taken off yet.

The lady next to her, Temple, saw Samantha’s distressed face and sensed how tense she was, so she started chatting with the young girl in the hopes that she could alleviate some of Samantha’s fears. And that’s exactly what it did.

Becoming Friends

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It was unlikely that two women with such a huge age difference become friends. But they did. Their conversations were so much fun that Samantha found that she got comfort from talking to Temple. The two had an instant bond, which made for an instant friend.

They spoke about life and just about everything that was going with each other. It should have been strange considering they had just met, but neither woman was hesitant about sharing their information with the other. It would be a conversation that would result in the unthinkable, in just a short time.

Conversing with Temple


One of the many things the women spoke about was Samantha’s situation. She told Temple all about her ex-boyfriend, how she fled their home together, knowing she was pregnant, about giving the baby up for adoption and about her mother’s offer to raise the baby as her own.

Samantha confided in her flight buddy about meeting Tom online and flying to see him, even though she had no idea what the future held for them. She even told Temple everything about her reservations, her concerns and just how hectic her life was when she needed to be the most relaxed.

Saying Goodbye

Before the women knew it, the flight was over. Samantha felt like some of the weight had lifted off her shoulders, but was a bit sad that she had to say goodbye to her new friend. The two departed the plane, and went to the bathroom to fix Samantha’s makeup, since it would be her first time meeting Tom.

When they were done, they exchanged phone numbers so they could stay in touch and Temple even made sure to wait with Samantha until she was picked up, to make sure she was safe. It was a touching moment for the two women who had only known each other for a few hours. But they would soon get a lot closer when a twist, no one would ever see coming, happened.

A New Start

Samantha went to her new home with Tom and everything was working out according to plan. That is until she started having contractions just three days into her stay. The two youngsters had not expected the baby to come this soon and were not prepared for such an early arrival. In fact, they wondered if Samantha would make it back to her mom’s place before the baby came.

But time had run out. Samantha had no choice but to have the baby in North Carolina, a place where she had no one, except a guy she had just met in person a mere 72 hours before her contractions started.

Off to the Hospital


The two made the decision that Samantha should stay and have the baby. Despite the fact that their relationship, if they could even call it that, was new, the two stuck to each other and acted as one unit. It wasn’t like she would be allowed on any aircraft in her state, nor would she last a multiple-day long trip in a vehicle.

With her contractions growing stronger with each new wave, it was time to have the baby. So, Tom offered what he could in terms of support and encouragement, and together, they rushed to the hospital.

Here Comes the Baby

Samantha was a long way from home and was very unprepared to give birth after only three days of arriving in North Carolina. She was understandably scared, but she had no choice. With Tom and a midwife in the room with her, encouraging and cheering her on, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy after only twelve minutes.

She was happier than ever that her baby was born healthy. She was also doing well after giving birth and she relished the moment she and her son got to bond for the first time. She felt a little overwhelmed by everything and soon after, another feeling quickly took over.

Facing the Facts

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Samantha had just given birth to her baby boy and the first moments after were beautiful. But she soon realized that she wasn’t in the best position. She had given birth in another state, so the medical staff did not know that she ran away from the baby’s father. She began to worry. What stressed her out more was the fact that Tom had to go to work the day after she gave birth, and the young girl felt overwhelmed.

She felt happy and distressed. But what stood out to her the most was that she didn’t feel like as much of a mother as she thought she should. She called her mother, but was only upset further by her mother’s insistence that she come back home and let her raise the baby as her own. Crying and not knowing what to do, she looked at her phone and called her the most recent friend she’d made, Temple.

A Woman Named Temple

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Samantha had no idea why Temple came to mind, or why she wanted to call a woman she had only met once, but that’s what she did. And Temple had told her that she could reach out any time. So she called, and when Temple picked up the phone, Samantha asked her if she wouldn’t mind visiting her and the baby.

To Samantha’s relief, Temple was very supportive and said yes immediately. The older woman even asked if there was anything she could bring for the two. Grateful and a little overwhelmed at Temple’s response, Samantha set up a date and time where Temple could meet her and the baby.

The First Meeting


Temple had kept her word and met Samantha just as they had scheduled. Temple arrived at the hospital and Samantha was beyond grateful and happy to have her there. The two caught up on everything that had gone on in their lives since they left each other at the airport, but Samantha also had a request for Temple.

It was almost time to feed the baby and Samantha had a hunch that she wasn’t ready to share just yet with Temple. So instead of saying how she felt, she asked the older woman to feed her son when the medical staff brought the baby into the room.

The Perfect Pair

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Temple stayed with the baby an hour and by then, Samantha had already made a decision. In her mind, she thought that Temple would be the perfect person to raise her baby.  The two of them made the perfect pair and Samantha knew that Temple would be a great mother. Where Samantha didn’t really feel like a mother, she knew Temple would, especially because she seemed so smitten with the child already.

It seemed crazy to ask, but Samantha knew that Temple should be the mother of the baby. She summoned all the courage she had and asked a woman whom she had only met once to adopt her baby. Of course, Temple was in shock. She had never expected to be asked such a question and started shaking, feeling suddenly overwhelmed. She then shared why she’d never tried to have a child before.

Unrealized Dreams

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Temple told Samantha that she had been married before, but that union had never borne any children. She stayed single after her divorce and although she wanted children, it just did not happen for her, despite wanting one very badly. But she had her doubts.

When Temple was young, her parents had divorced. It taught the little girl a lesson that she would take great caution with the kind of people she’d allow into her life. And after her own divorce, she had not found love again. And so she never got the chance to be a mother. All these thoughts led her to her answer, so she told Samantha what her decision was.

The Decision

It was crazy that someone she hardly knew would ask Temple to adopt a baby, but she was completely on board with it. It wasn’t an easy choice for Samantha, but she felt in her heart that it was the right one to make. Overcome with emotion, two women embraced and cried happy tears, thinking about how amazing it was that the universe had brought them together.

In the past, Temple had thought to adopt a child, but she was often overlooked because she was a single woman. Now that she was the only candidate, the process was extremely fast and soon after Temple was able to take her new son home.

A Difficult Call

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But although she was happy that she had found the perfect fit for her son, she knew she’d have a very difficult call to make soon enough. You see, Samantha would have to break the news to her mother, who had been asking her to legally adopt her child and tell that she had given the baby to and almost-stranger instead. And she was right to be nervous because her mother did not handle the news well. She felt betrayed by her daughter and she was very upset with the decision Samantha had made.

But just when Samantha started to buckle under the weight of her mother’s disappointment, Temple was at her side. Temple offered to help Samantha financially until she was back on her feet and even told her she wouldn’t have to worry about finding a place to stay. It was hard to believe that she was being offered so much by someone she hardly knew.

Tom and Samantha

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Tom was still very much a staple in Samantha’s life while she was going through the process of asking Temple to be her baby’s mother. At this point, they had still only known each other for less than two weeks, when he realized something.

Tom realized that he and Samantha had been through much more than couples who had been together for years. He realized how strong this young woman was and how much they had in common and then it hit him that he loved her. He didn’t want her to leave regardless of what happened with the baby, so he asked if she would move in with him. And she happily said yes.

Becoming A Mom

Temple had stuck to her promise and in August of 2017, she officially adopted Samantha’s baby boy. Samantha had even given Temple the honor of naming the baby and she chose, “Vaughn.” In an emotional call to her mother, Temple said how nervous she was to become a mother so instantly, but she knew that she was meant to care for him.

In an interview with CBS News, Temple said, “I count my blessings every day and I look at him and think I cannot — I still can’t believe this happened to me. I won the baby lottery for sure, miracles do happen.”

Staying Close


It turned out that Samantha was right to follow her heart and fly to North Carolina. Even though she was pregnant and making a move to meet a guy she barely knew, it was the right decision. Two years after that fateful flight, she and Tom were still going strong. And the best part was that they only lived an hour away from Temple and Vaughn. Despite the adoption, Temple allowed Samantha to have an important role in her son’s life, and Samantha could not be more grateful.

Samantha is invited to all the important moments in Vaughn’s life, such as his birthday. The two ladies and their son have many pictures together. Despite how unconventional it may seem to others, they accepted it their family dynamic.

The New Normal

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Although Samantha is close enough to Temple that she could visit every day if she wanted to, she gives her space, so that she could be a mother to Vaughn. But the women are still extremely close with one another, so close that they talk almost every day. And Samantha could not be happier that she found the perfect mother for her son and a life-long friend in a place where she knew almost nobody.

But her not knowing anyone soon changed, as she was introduced to Temples friends and most of Tom’s family members. She didn’t feel lonely any more. And things only kept getting better for the young woman; soon after, she and Temple started working together.

Sealing It In Ink


But this amazing story didn’t just stay between three adults (Tom, Temple and Samantha). Soon, the whole world got to find out about just how remarkable it was that a flight could end up in two people starting a family together. It was something that no one expected and yet, it was meant to happen.

It was such an amazing story that the two women are now having discussions about writing about about their experience- it’ll include everything from Samantha running away to her missing the flight, her conversation with Temple on the plane and of course, when Temple met her baby for the first time.

Life As They Knew It


When Samantha and Tom got to their one-year anniversary, he gifted her a camera. It turned out the young lady had a natural talent for it and was pursuing a career in the field. Knowing this, and being the attentive boyfriend that he was, he bought her the one gift that would allow her to zoom in on her specialty: child portraiture. And she had the perfect subjects in mind to help her build her portfolio.

She found that she loved photographing Temple and Vaughn. Not only was she getting photos for her portfolio, but she also got to gift Temple with some family treasures that she’d remember for as long as she was alive.

No Looking Back


Samantha had absolutely no regrets that she allowed an almost-stranger to adopt her baby. In fact, she went online and wrote a post about her experience. She said how happy she was with her choice, even the one that let her leave the home she shared with her ex. She let everyone know that no matter how difficult it was for her to make those choices, that they were all ultimately blessings.

The young woman had this to say about the entire situation, “I want everyone to know that even though the walls may feel as if they are closing in on you, if you just trust your heart and have FAITH, it will get better. I have met a love, as well as meeting a once in a lifetime friend. I couldn’t be happier!”


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