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Puppy Not Expected To Survive Defies All Odds After Family Adopts Her From A Shelter Of Thousands


Working at an animal rescue center is the greatest job one person could wish for. At least that’s what Mary thinks after she moved in Ankara, Turkey with her family for her husband’s job. Mary felt amazing after she volunteered in order to help out her new community, and since the hospice shelter needed volunteers it was an amazing opportunity! The shelter was trying to save dogs and provide them with a better life, and given the fact that Mary and her children already owned few chihuahuas in their house, this job was pretty easy for her.

Namely, back in 2016, they offered their help once the shelter was in desperate need of volunteers and people willing to help. And the worst part is that they had a lot of work, and what they were lacking were people to do the work. They had more than four thousand pups that needed help ranging from medical assistance, throughout food, love, and shelter. And this was the turning point both for Mary and her family as well as the puppy that turned their lives!

Help Out The Animals!

With the rate that the rescue shelter was moving and the dogs they took for care, it was a matter of time when they were going to run out of resources. And, once they did, Mary and her children offered to help out by donating some food for the animals. With the conditions that the shelter was in, Mary knew that some puppies would be dying, and when a contagious, viral disease started spreading in the shelter, Mary decided that she is going to adopt three of the canines that were suffering from distemper. She wanted to give them as much attention as they needed because she knew that in the shelter they were going to be overlooked.

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Have a Little “Faith”!

With the sad turn of events, two of the three puppies that Mary adopted died from the disease and the third canine, the smallest of the bunch, managed to live. They named the pup Faith. She was struggling with the disease that caused her lots of problems. Faith was struggling with gastrointestinal, respiratory and problems with her central nervous system. But, they believed that faith is going to pull through the problems, and survive the disease!

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Faith Makes A Come Back

They decided to take Faith to a vet. He didn’t believe that faith would manage to survive the difficult disease. But, because the family believed in the pup, the doctor started the treatment! Mary said that once they took her from the shelter, and sent her to the vet, she started to improve as time passed by, and once they got her back home, and started feeding her good, she got even better. The catch was that they needed to keep faith away from the other dogs that they owned because there was a possibility of the other dogs developing the disease. Faith made full recovery in less than 2 months and she was a healthy dog once again!

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The decisiveness of the family is what saved Faith’s live. She made a full recovery, and now she can live with the family that saved her life and the other dogs that they own in their home!

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