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Recreated Childhood Photos That Prove Some Things Never Change


How many times in the past couple of years have you pulled out your old childhood photographs out of the dusty cabinets and started reminiscing to the good old days? Well, when these amateur photographers decided to recreate some of theirs and some of these photos really look hilarious!

Some of the photos are an amazing recreation of the subject’s childhood memories, while others are a great representation of their childhood photos making them an equally great and hilarious before and after photos. Awkward kids growing into even more awkward adults, or awkward kids growing into normal adults, and even normal kids growing into awkward adults, in this gallery you’re going to see it all!

What are your Superpowers?

Just like Batman has Robin, this Superman has his smaller brother for his sidekick. Okay, it’s not exactly the same I know. But, their Halloween costumes are great, and I don’t know if it’s because they’re wearing the same costume for Halloween, but the bigger brother doesn’t seem too excited about it.

And despite the fact that his smaller brother doesn’t even know what is happening, their parents thought that it would be cute to dress them up in the same costume. It’s a funny childhood memory and an even funnier grown-up photo for sure! Amazing.

You are Bigger now, You Don’t Fit!

These grown-ups don’t seem to realize how much they grew between when they were photographed as children and now.  And, not just these ones, we’re talking for all grown-ups who are trying to recreate their childhood photos. Some of them are trying to squeeze into clothes that are too small for them, others are trying to sit in a chair that is too small for them, and these ones are trying to fit on a bicycle. And is a perfect representation of this.

In the old photo, we can see that the dad is pretty happy with his new bicycle and his kids are all over him with one sitting on the handles while the smaller one stands on the side of the bicycle. The funny part comes when you take a look at the recreated photo.  I am dying of laughter!

He still is A Wild One!

I’ve always thought that some childhood photos should be kept away hidden from everyone. This photo is one of those. But, even despite how he looks, he still decided to recreate it, and he looks equally as weird now, as he looked back then! I mean don’t get me wrong, the original photo is one of the best and most hilarious kid photos I’ve ever seen. Everything from the face that he made, to him pulling on that t-shirt that is put on his legs makes for one of the funniest photos I’ve ever seen!

I mean I said it once I’ll say it again. I wouldn’t have the courage to recreate this photo, and even put it out on the internet! I would be pretty embarrassed of the photo. But, he went with it and he made us all laugh!

His Smaller Brother really Grew up into a Big Boy!

Newborn brothers and sisters were a great event for the bigger siblings to get some photos holding them. And if you have a smaller or bigger brother or sister I am sure that you have a photo or two holding them, or them holding you along with a giant smile on your faces. And while they are nothing different from you, they decided to recreate that photo.

These photos are an amazing way to reminisce of the good old days when your brother or sister was small and didn’t ask for anything from you. But, these two decided to recreate that photo and even despite the fact that the smaller brother is now bigger in size than the older one, they managed to pull it out!

Messy Eaters will stay Messy Eaters Even when they Grow Up!

I haven’t met a small kid that has eaten like a normal person without getting the food that they’re eating all around them. And I am sure that each and every one of you reading this article has a photo of them eating something with your face covered in the thing you’re eating. These two brothers have a great photo on a sports game, except the smaller one is eating ice cream and has it all over his face.

The one on the right has clearly prepared for the timeless photo that their parents decided to take. But the one on the left seems like he isn’t paying any attention to the person taking the photo, and is totally focused on eating that ice cream. An amazing recreation of a sweet memory!

Get Buried on the Beach

If you ever went to the beach and you weren’t covered in sand by your parents or your friends, you haven’t experienced one of the weirdest feelings in the world. These siblings were buried up to their heads in the beach sand by their parents and got photographed. I mean who would blame their parents, they probably were running all around the beach and they couldn’t get them to sit still.

The little sister even seems like she’s a bit scared, and the bigger brother seems like he’s enjoying it a bit. This photo is amazing, and the fact that they decided to recreate it is amazing. They even made the same faces!

He Out-grew His Father

Each and every father has their photo of them sleeping with their newborn child. I mean it was a must back in the days. Most of the times the father is exhausted from taking care of their newborn child, and the newborn baby is sleeping like, well like a baby, peacefully until they decide to scream and wake up their father.

Yes, the photo of the father and his newborn son sleeping is cute and all, but go 25 years later and you would see that his small son, is not that small anymore. In fact, from what I can see in the picture it even seems as though his son even out-grew him. And this is the perfect ingredient for a funny recreated picture. Isn’t it?

Some People will Always Stay the Same

What’s that face? Is it the “oopsie” face, or is he being attacked by someone? I mean whatever it is, it came out as a pretty hilarious photo. I can imagine the parents trying times and times again to snap a cute photo of their baby, and him coming out like this.

And what’s even funnier is the fact that even when he grew up he can make the same face, at the same place, in the same clothes. Now that’s what I call a good sense of humor. The photo that follows after this one might be one of the cutest photos that I’ve ever seen, and it sure is one of the cutest on the list!

Boys just wanna Have Fun!

I mean this photo is one of a kind. Even if I saw them like they are on the photo on the right, I wouldn’t think that they’re trying to recreate something. I would think that they were doing… well, guy things (like playing in the mud). In all seriousness though, we hope that these four guys stayed together throughout life.

This photo simply shows that friendship is a crazy thing. And it makes you do crazy things. I am sure that they’re going to keep this photo framed for everyone to see!

Let’s all take a Bath!


Did your parents do the same thing as well? Did they ever take pictures of you and your siblings in the bathtub? I mean yeah, they were trying to save a bit, and kill two birds with one stone. But, was this really necessary, to take photos of them together…?

Well, whatever the reason is, it sure came out as a cute photo from all of them. But the fact that they decided to recreate this photo exactly makes it a great photo for our list.

A Father and His Sons!

A family photo recreated, amazing! And even though all of our photos were of kids growing up, it’s nice to have one of the whole family together. On the original photo, you can see the father holding one son in his arms, and the two other sons standing besides him. It really is a cute photo, no wonder they wanted to recreate this photo exactly.

And they sure get an A for effort. I mean everything is the same, from their clothes to the place where the photo was taken, and even the fact that the father is holding one of the sons. They definitely nailed this one! I really like it!

Another one with Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes have really come a long way from the past. I think that’s one of the reasons I like seeing these old ones again and again. The costumes on this photo really show how much culture has evolved in the past couple of years. But, as we go through our old Halloween photos we can also realize the terrible choices that we were making for our Halloween costumes back then!

The picture of the three brothers in their Halloween costumes is really cute and amazing. But, the one on the right, of them, trying to fit in their old Halloween costumes takes all the credit. Everything seems to be the same, but the photo isn’t as cute as the one on the left.

Close Brothers

Brothers, you fight all the time and you still love each other. Brothers are something like the first best friend that you have, and they’re always here for you in good and in bad. These two seem like they’re having heaps of fun, and who would blame them they are young brothers. But, replicating the pose that they made when they were kids shows how they are still close and wearing similar clothing to back then brings the memories back even further,

Go back to the future with the amazing recreated photos of the international photographer Irina Werning! Take a look at the next photo and see why she has become the go to photographer for photos of this niche!

Back to the Future – Irina Werning

This amazing recreated photo has an amazing background story behind it. Namely, there is an international photographer which recreates old photos for people. In fact, she has helped a lot of adults recreate their favorite photos from the past.

And the fact that she does that is not the best thing about Irina. Apparently, she even sources the clothing, locations and other details herself and she loves her job. She stated that she pays a lot of attention to the small details in the photos and tries to make them look as similar as possible. I mean just take a look at this amazing recreated photo above. She recreated every single button, every single strap, the color of the material. She even tried to buy the same material of the clothes so that they would be able to crease the same. For recreating one photo she even had to go on eBay and buy the same kind of a bicycle, and she did it… Marvelous!

Retro Brothers

I’ve said it once and I will say it again. Kids can make anything look cute, without exceptions. Like, let’s take for an example the hairstyle that the biggest brother has, wouldn’t think that it fits a grown up, but, it looks great on the kid. The train sweater, cute, the suspenders and the matching teal shirts, get that on! And on top of everything, let’s hold a gumball machine!

But, you can notice all the bad things on the photo on the right…Doesn’t it feel like something doesn’t fit in that photo? But, even despite that fact, the brothers went through with the photo and recreated it. They really tried and recreated most of the stuff. And, thankfully the end result is amazingly funny!

Their Favorite Photo 30 Years Later

With these many photos recreated, it is pretty hard to be funnier than the previous ones. But, somehow these two brothers managed to do it! Yeah, the photo from their childhood is cute and adorable, but if you really take a long look at it, you’ll notice their silly faces and more hilarious things.

You come to notice the silly and funny things about the photo when the kids from the photo aren’t kids anymore and are just goofy adults. The two brothers decided to recreate their favorite photo and after 30 years from the time the original photo was taken, they obviously didn’t lose their sense of humor, but one of them lost his hair! In all seriousness though, the way that they copied their faces and the clothes I think that it is their new favorite family photo!

The Perfectly Recreated Photo

If you are planning to recreate a childhood photo, then you have to have these couple of factors in mind. First of all, the background and the surroundings must be similar to the childhood photo. Second, you need to have matching or at least similar clothes to the photo you’re trying to recreate. And last, and most important (for me at least) is trying to recreate the faces that you made in the childhood photo you’re trying to recreate.

And, when we’re talking about the perfectly recreated childhood photos, simply take a look at these three sisters and their older brother. I mean, they literally checked all the boxes to my perfectly recreated childhood photo. They even tried to replicate some of the other objects in the childhood photo. Take a look at that umbrella for instance or the yellow beach towel! And, the cherry on top of this cake of a photo is the smallest sister crying in both of the photos is priceless!

All Mom Wanted was a Lovely Christmas Photo of her Boys

The holidays are a difficult time to shop for our parents. Simply because they always say that they don’t need anything special. So when the mom of these three brothers said that the only thing that she wanted was a nice photo of her boys together for Christmas, the boys simply couldn’t resist the chance to recreate this cute childhood photo.

Despite the fact that their mother meant a regular photo of her boys, they decided to take it a step further. They recreated their mom’s favorite picture. And if I am being honest with you, I think they nailed it! What’s even better, they’ve gone ahead and visited a professional studio to get photographed, but they went even further than that… they recreated the clothes that they’re wearing and also they made the same old goofy faces that they have on the original photo! Isn’t that amazing, a bit creepy, but still, amazing…

Don’t be Silly… You will Never Fit in that Chair!

One thing that our parents made us do as children, and that today’s parents also make their kids do, is silly things just so they could get a silly photo. Let’s take these boys for example. Their parents made them literally squeeze into a rocking chair just so they could get a funny photo. And the thing is only one of the boys seems to like it. The other two seem grumpy and the youngest one even like he’s ready to cry.

So once their parents got this unique photo, the only thing that the boys could do is to recreate this photo years after for their parents. And in case you didn’t notice, take a look at the sweatpants of the youngest brother, I mean cheers to him for rocking the same outfit on the two photos!

The next photo is pure gold! Take a look and tell us what you think!

Overalls are not Made For Adults!

These two boys have a cute childhood photo of them in overalls. But I don’t know whose idea it was to recreate this photo all these years after. Overalls are not made for adults (just kidding, you can wear whatever you want)! I mean just looking at this picture it creeps me out, it’s funny and all, but it simply creeps me out!

In all seriousness though… This photo is one of the funniest on our list, if not the funniest one. Even the childhood one is a bit funny, but add 20 years, some facial hair and funny haircuts to the mix and you get a hilarious photograph.

The siblings on the next photo won’t let a bit of rain scare them away from taking a photo.

It’s just a Little Rain!

Growing up is a natural thing and we can’t stop it. But it’s pretty funny looking at childhood photos and realizing how much everyone has grown. I mean take these two photos for example. Look at the two siblings2 to the right, they’re pretty small on the first photo. Wouldn’t you say? Now go down to the second photo and see how much they grew. The male sibling outgrew everyone.

However, despite the fact that they grew in size and age, looks like their goofy personalities are still here for all of them!

Graduation is a great achievement in a person’s life… Take a look at the celebration that this father and daughter decided to do!

Let’s Switch Now!

This photo is amazing, and it’s not just one thing that makes it amazing. There are lots of things. Frist, graduating from college, a hard thing at itself, then the fact that he has a daughter when he graduated, third… how does she manage to hold him… just kidding.

On the photo on the left, you can see the father and the daughter on the father’s graduation day, he’s holding her in his hands and they both seem happy, nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well, on the photo on the right you can see the same father and daughter, but now it’s the daughter’s graduation day and she’s holding the father. Priceless photo with amazing creativity!

Summer Vacation with the Kids

Vacation photos are a great source of old memories and the fun times we had. And some of the bad memories, like rubbing aloe on our sunburns, and arguing with our cousins. Our parents saw the vacations as a opportunity to snap tons of photos, so when this father found the photo of him with his two kids, they decided to recreate it again after 20 years.

And, it came out pretty good! Except for the fact that he is barely holding them on the photo on the right, I mean who would blame him, they sure grew big!

Cute Christmas Photo

The holidays are a great opportunity for our parents to take photos. Santa caps were in back then and they’re in today! I remember my parents couldn’t get me to sit down still and take a normal picture of me. That seems to be the case with these kids, they look impatient to get up and keep running around the room.

And it seems as though they still haven’t figured out how to get them to sit still up to the present. Kids surely don’t get smarter as they age!

You think these were funny, take a look at the next one and try to hold your laugh!

He Seems Pretty Scared

I can’t get what that face means… is he scared of holding his little brother, is he skeptical. Whatever it means, he sure seems like he doesn’t think that he’ll handle the responsibilities of a big brother! Or maybe it’s just the fact that he realized that he isn’t going to sleep a lot because of the baby.

Whatever the case might have been, it seems as he was just fine, because after all those years they came back and recreated this image, and it looks hilarious! He still looks like he is making the same face though…

Childish and Funny

Kids are silly and funny, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of the photos that we have as kids are something similar to the picture of these two siblings. I love taking a look back and seeing how silly and goofy I was back then. And I am sure that these two want to do just the same, that’s how they got the idea of recreating this photo.

I will always laugh to this kind of photos being recreated. Adults being goofy and fun is the best thing about someone’s personality. And seeing that these two kept their personality exactly the same brings a smile to my face.

More than just Best Friends

As times go by, staying best friends is kinda difficult. Trying to keep up with all the work or school, meeting new people, and keeping connected with your old friends seems kind of hard. But these two managed to pull it off. It’s emotional and touching seeing these two kids in their elementary school and so many years after, they still managed to stay best friends, and even recreated the photo from them in elementary school, amazing.

I love both the childhood original photo, and the adulthood recreated one, it’s really amazing how they managed to keep through and even remember to recreate the photo!

The next one is also a bit emotional. It shows how places change, and sometimes our favorite places might disappear!

Places Sometimes Change

This photo of the kid in front of the oppressive Berlin wall back then seems really cute, but once you take a look at the recent, recreated photo you will notice that something is missing. Back in 1989, the Berlin Wall was taken down and it got East and West Germany together.

Maybe this guy gets emotional when he thinks about this photo, but the demolition of the Berlin Wall shows that not every change is bad. I love how he recreated everything perfectly from his jeans and jacket, to his hairstyle and even the pose he made!

Time Flies by!

I love this photo. It is heartwarming, touching, and pretty emotional. We need our parents as we grow up and this photo shows this perfectly. It looks like the father was a pretty important man in this guy’s life.

And even after 60 years, his work life, his family and his friends, he still found the time needed to kick the football with his father. This photo really portraits the saying “Some things never change” perfectly! Yes, the age of both of them changed, and the son is now higher than the father, but they still have a pretty strong emotional bond and that’s all that matters!

Twice as Lucky

This is an amazing one for all the wrestling fans and Hulk Hogan, it is a photograph recreated for all of them. Not only that the kid met Hulk Hogan, the well-known wrestler, he got to make a photo (the first time), and he also met him a second time, where he decided to recreate that childhood photo… Hulk Hogan was happy to help his fan achieve this. On the childhood photo, Hulk Hogan got the fan in his signature move “The Headlock”.

And, still after ten years or more, the guy is still a big fun of Hulk Hogan, and once he met him again, he asked him to recreate the childhood photo. This guy is so lucky to meet his idol not once for a photograph, but another time in order to recreate the photo. I am sure that these photos will be a great souvenir for the fan!

Another Perfectly Recreated Photo

I’ve said this so many times, I lost count… but parents sure love photographing their children, A LOT! But, what I don’t understand is why they’re making them wear ridiculous clothes for the photos… But what’s even worse is taking your children to a professional photographer dressed like these three brothers. Look at the pants… I mean…

I understand that they wanted to dress them up in the same clothes for the photo shoot, but why those pants… If I can call them pants, these look more like pajamas. Let’s get back to the point though… The three brothers seem to share my opinion, because they clearly thought these pants are so funny they had to wear them once again, and recreate their childhood photo!

Still Wild And Free

Kids can be free and goofy. They have a clean sheet of experiences, and they haven’t tasted the bitter sweet taste that life has to offer. They haven’t experienced any of the challenges that life has to throw at them. She looks like even at a young age she was rebellious, wild and the oversized boots overshadow everything about her and make her look cute and goofy.

And now, when she grew up and experienced life to some degree, she seems like she has kept her personality. And another thing that she decided to keep are her dad’s boots, looks like they fit her now. I am sure that her parents loved the childhood photo, but they will also adore the recreated photo! She did a great job.

The Antics Continue

When I was a baby I remember loving to be in weird places and weird things. Well, this baby girl seems to be just like me, and she got into her parents’ laundry basket. She seems like she loves it there, she has a great time by the looks of it. The enormous smile on her face, and the pure joy are so cute.

You could entertain her with anything, I am sure that her parents had an easy time with her. The cute laugh sure makes this one of the favorite photos of her mom and dad, and she seems to like it, that’s why she decided to recreate it.

You don’t Fit in that Bowl Anymore Dude

Mixing bowls are a great place for a baby to find something to do. I am being serious, look how entertained he actually looks. This is another example of the photo before this with the laundry basket. I really hope that his mother wasn’t cooking anything in that bowl, cause if she did, she’s in for a big surprise once she sees him!

And the good thing is that they snapped a picture of him like this, because as it looks like right now he doesn’t really fit in the mixing bowl. Props to them for the recreation, it seems like they have the same mixing bowl there. I hope he didn’t break it.  A great idea for a photo, I was laughing really hard at this one. I loved it!

Want to go For a Trip?

When I was a kid, I and my siblings used to run away from all the family vacation photos. Sometimes they caught us and we had to be in these, but a lot of the times we were managing to get away and not get caught by the camera, and our parents. I don’t know how their parents got them to stand in the photo but I am pretty sure that they had to go through a lot of work to do so.

And the fact that they got them to stand perfectly still even adds up to the prize the kids are getting. After that much work, I am sure that this is the most favorite photo of their parents. And the way that they recreated it, it makes it even better!

Let’s not Play That Game Anymore

Hey, this game! I loved playing it with my siblings, yes I was the one on the bottom because I was always the heavier one… I have tons of pictures playing this game with my parents.

The babies seem like they know how to pilot (and co-pilot) the plain. And I applaud the bravery of this mom deciding to take both of her children for an airplane ride. And the fact that she did it once her kids grew up is even better, I mean the leg muscle power that is needed to achieve that is just amazing! I love these photos.

The next photo is amazing, I am sure that you would love to see it.

Never Been A Captain, Always Been A Sailor

I bet that each and every guy reading this post has his own flexing photo on which he shows off his muscles as a kid. Most of us, guys thought that we were Hulk or something and we just loved to show off our “guns” for no apparent reason. What I am taken by is the bravery of this guy to recreate a photo with such a small bathing suit. And the best thing is that this photo was recreated after 20 years of the original photo.

I mean he managed to get everything right. He has everything the same in the two photos. From his bathing suit, to the beer on the bottom left of both photos, to the shoes he’s wearing, the pose and his sunglasses and cap. This dude managed to do practically the same photo.

In the next photo, you will have three photos instead of two.

Once is not Enough

Amazing photos of these four siblings, the bottom two photos were a recreation of the first photo. They thought that recreating a photo one time is cliché so they decided to go for double the trouble! I love how they got the photo recreated while they were young adults, and they still remembered to recreate the photo for the second time 30 years later. Amazing!

Seeing them go from grumpy kids all the way to happy adults that lived life to its fullest in the pictures is a great thing on its own. But seeing how some of their appearances have changed a bit is even better. I know that they will keep these photos and show it to their grandchildren!

A Man and his Best Friend

I simply love this one because I am a sucker for photos that include people and their pets. And this one being a recreated photo and being able to see the dog grow too, it warmed up my heart! This dude doesn’t have siblings so he decided to use his dog to recreate a childhood photo.

This photo is a perfect example of how big of an impact our pets can have on our lives. It also shows this dog turning from a cute little baby to a big cuddly and furry dog!

The siblings on this next photo were inseparable back then and are still inseparable today!

They didn’t Have Beards and Moustaches Back Then

Its photos like these that show us how inseparable some siblings can be. And the fact that they’re still the same just blows my mind. Not too many siblings stay attached in adulthood as these did.

Yes, they might have school, work and family life to carry about now, but they always have a bit of time for each other. For old times’ sake! When we’re on the topic of time management, they have to be dedicating a lot of time to their beards too, I mean just look at them!

Hey There!

This girl sure isn’t one of those calm and collected girls that are shy and listen to her parents. You can clearly see that part of her personality by the two bandages on her knees. Don’t let the big glasses and the book fool you! I don’t know if the band aids on her knees on the photo on the right are just for recreating the photo, or if she still kept that part of her personality…

Anyways I am pretty sure that it was easy for her to recreate this photo. All she needed was a book, two band aids, her glasses and that’s all! I am sure this isn’t one of her favorite photos to show off…

The Doll Grew Into A Baby?!

The photo on the right is of two young friends, a boy and a girl. The girl is holding a doll and the boy wears a hat, looking into the distance. Now, when they recreated a photo, they are both grown and the funny thing is that instead of a doll, now the girl is holding a real baby. Great idea and an even better execution.

The boy is not that small now, he outgrew the girl. And I am sure that they’ve been waiting to recreate this photo for so long!

He Deserves an Ice Cold Beer

This photo is hilarious. It shows a young boy and his dad, the boy is holding a can of beer. The way that he looks at the beer in itself is priceless, it looks like he can’t wait to open it and take a sip. And, his dad isn’t paying any attention to the boy. But he sure will grow into a beer guy!

And, now in the recreated photo the guy is also holding a can of beer, and he looks at it the same way, and the father still isn’t interested. But, this time, the son actually deserves a can of ice cold beer!

Is the Backseat too Small for You?

If you give somebody a finger, they’ll try and take your whole hand. The boy in the backseat has the whole seat for himself, and that is still too small for him.  He had to put his feet in the front. Talk to me about bad smells…

They managed to snap a photo at this rebellious kid. And once they saw that picture they decided to recreate it. It came out hilarious. But the bad thing about it all, is the fact that this time, the boy isn‘t small, his feet are bigger, and probably more smelly than the last time they did this.

Kids Love Putting Things on their Heads

Once you put a bucket on your head, there’s no going back. Each and every one of us has done this at least once. And none of us know why, what was the satisfaction that we were getting. Or was it just pure fun and it just made us happy? I don’t know.

This photo shows us that some things never change, and if someone thinks that doing the number two with a trashcan on your head is a good idea they are going to do it. On the photo on the right even if he grew up he still thinks that it is a good idea and he did it again!

Let’s Get Ridiculous!

I don’t really know what is going on with these two photos but I one thing is for sure. They are hilarious and amazingly recreated photos. And I can see why they wanted to recreate these photos exactly, even though I don’t know what is happening.

The girl is striking a pose, and the guy is holding something, looks like an award of some kind or a sword. I don’t know, but it sure is funny!

Here is how the next two boys were taking baths, do you think they can still do that?

A Clean Start

As kids, we used to want to do the strangest things. Some of us love sitting in bowls, others like sleeping in laundry baskets, third ones poop their pants. But, these two guys are unique. Take a look where they loved taking baths. One thing is for sure though, we all grow and they don’t seem to be fitting into those little containers any more. A hilarious photo to be recreated none the less!

I mean they both seem to like it. It looks like they barely fit for the photo, but they like it. Recreating this photo was a great idea dudes! Hilarious!

Let’s Party!

Balloons are a great tool that will help you deal with any baby. They love popping the balloons, throwing them around, and the best thing is how light they actually are, they won’t break anything with a balloon. And, if you fill it with helium you can even let it go into the sky and see how far it will get before popping.

And kids are not the only ones that love balloons. Adults love them too! This girl looks funny and cute with the balloons in the suitcase that she’s sitting. And props to her, she managed to find one in which she could fit so that she could recreate the photo.

Trick or Treat as Batman

Kids, and even some adults love dressing up as superheroes. So these kids went trick or treating dressed up as their favorite superhero – Batman. I love the outfits. I bet they got a lot of treats that night!

But, what’s really bothering me is if they are actually wearing the same costumes in the two pictures. Because they don’t seem to fit in the costumes that they are wearing. Anyways, they managed to replicate everything, but the pumpkin on the right photo seems a bit off, or is it just me?

Let’s Dress Up!

Each and every one wanted to play dress up as a kid. Putting on our father’s, mother’s and grandparents’ clothes and trying them felt good back then. And, once you grow up, your family’s clothes aren’t fun anymore, so you go from shop to shop and try out different clothes.

Isn’t this photo just down right hilarious? I mean, look at the boy in the right photo! I love the fact that they decided that they were going to recreate this photo exactly I am sure that they didn’t make a mistake! And I like how they used the same dresses from the original photos, they put on even the same shoes… Great!

Taking a Photo with Santa

Taking a photo with Santa never gets old, no matter how old you get. You will always love doing it! And, telling him what you want for Christmas is even better than just taking a photo with him. Taking the same Christmas photo from 1999 in 2013, they recreated everything, even the background.

What I am not sure about is how is Santa from 2013, supporting the weight of the two guys sitting on his knee!? Anyways, they chose a great photo to recreate and they did a great job with it.

Is someone going to wake him up?

Just Wake him up Already!

A lot of children like fighting and being hyperactive. And when you pair these up with some kid that sleeps all the time you don’t get a good mix. On the photo the baby on the left seems like he is fallen asleep, but if you take a careful look you’ll see why the kid in the mom’s lap is crying and trying to fight him. He’s actually pinching the kid in the mother’s lap. I bet the mom has no idea.

The mom seems to be more concerned about the magazine, but who could blame her, kids fight over the stupidest things, and if she tries to fix every fight, she would be exhausted! And the girl in the back doesn’t even seem to care why her brothers are fighting, she’s just glad she is not in the middle of it!

Who is Going to Clean this Up?

What’s this baby doing in all this mess? I mean yes, she maybe did all the mess around her, but who is going to clean it. Take a careful look and notice how the cabinet above the baby in the top photo is locked, that must be with a reason. It sure isn’t because she wasn’t making a mess before with the things in the cabinet. But even with the cabinet locked, she found a way to make a big mess around her!

I love how she decided to recreate this exact photo. She may have felt the need to make a mess again, and decided to recreate this photo. But, this time she is the one that will tidy it up!

Grow Up, and Build Up!

Talk to me about gains and muscles… I mean yes, maybe the drastic change is because she was just a kid in the before picture, but it really is noticeable! Why don’t body builders start doing this? It would be much more noticeable than the month between photos I stumble upon on Facebook and Instagram.

I love how the mother is still holding the smallest brother. She didn’t pick him up though, kinda though, he’s all grown up now!

Did You Change His Diaper?!

One moment you’re lying on your mother’s lap sleeping, and they love you, the next you’re all grown up, and they only love you, they don’t let you sleep on their lap. This mother actually decided to let him sleep on her lap. She even changed his diapers.

This is a great recreated photo, and it sure is hilarious. I mean look at them, in the picture on top he’s cute and small, and in the one on the bottom, well, he’s the opposite of that.

Christmas Time is Coming

The holidays are everyone’s favorite time of the year. You get to spend some time with your family, wear cozy warm sweaters, and you’re constantly snapping photos. In this family for the holidays, they seem to bunch up on top of each other and take pictures like that. And on top of the bunch, the baby seems to be the happiest one.

But, after a couple of years have passed, and they all got a couple of pounds fatter, it doesn’t seem as the pleasure that they remember it to be. Especially for the girl on the bottom, I am sure that she can’t breathe. I love how they recreated this picture, it sure is a unique one.

This baby seems to love washing cars since he was 2 years old.

Washing The Car is Life!

Some people love washing cars, I don’t really like it. And when we’re talking about someone else’s car I like it even less. This baby seems like he loves washing cars since he was 2 years old. I don’t approve of exploiting babies to wash your cars. But he looks kind of cute.

So when they found this picture, I am sure his father was hopping in joy. He made him wash his car again while they were recreating the photo. Not everyone can clean their father’s car, simply because we can’t deal with the critiques afterwards.

Creepy Eyes

These two might not be even the same in the two pictures, but the important thing is that they managed to recreate this weird eyes photo, or whatever they’re trying to pull off in the photo on the top. In fact on both of the photos. But, admit it, at first when you saw them for the first time, you felt kinda confused and startled.

If you see someone with these eyes on the street I am sure that you will be watching them in confusion. And, if they’re making the same face that these two are making, you will sure be crept out. What are they really trying to pull off, I guess we’ll never know.

She isn’t careful at All When She is Eating

Is it because of the food being amazing, is she just a messy eater every time she eats, or what is the reason this girl has her face covered in the food she’s eating? The fact that she’s contemplating life is even more confusing to me… Spaghetti and meatballs sure can make a mess around you, but getting it all over you is another story all together.

Was she slurping on the spaghetti so she made her face look like that… And, the thoughts about your life hit you in the middle while you’re eating. She did a great thing at recreating this photo. And the big yellow bird is a great attention to detail even if it’s not totally the same big yellow bird.

Some People Always Stay The Same!

Some people never change. Not even their look. This guy is the perfect example for what I am trying to tell you. I don’t know if he didn’t change at all, or if it is because he is trying hard to recreate this childhood photo. I would go with the option that he looks like this. He got a better haircut and his teeth are better looking for sure now.

But, you can’t un-see that smile of his. And he made sure to recreate it in the new photo too. This guy will take a special place in your memory now since you saw him. No need to take another look at him. He even found the same outfit, and the same tie I mean he had to, that tie is one of a kind.


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