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Remember Octomom? Well, Here’s What She’s Up To Now


Nadya Suleman: the woman who became an overnight sensation and public figure all by achieving a miraculous medical rarity. The date was January 26th, 2009, the day when Nadya Suleman became an international household-name for successfully giving birth to eight babies. This miracle of a feat earned her the honorific title of “Octomom”, the title by which most throughout the world know her, in recognition of her incredible achievement of simultaneously conceiving eight children.

Needless to say, the Octomom was a record-setter in many ways. However, with all the publicity, media attention, and instant fame came much scrutiny and criticism. Keep reading to know what’s going on with her and her mammoth of a family today.

The Octomom: An Overview

The Octomom hasn’t had an easy life. Reports of the manner in which she and her doctor collaborated to orchestrate her pregnancy went viral, causing much controversy and division among people all over the world. As the world began prying into her life and history, for some, she became a target for the dreaded curse of cyberbullying whereas for others she was lauded her for efforts.


Whether she became famous or notorious, it cannot be denied that the American woman dubbed “Octomom” had captured the eyes of millions in the United States of America and beyond. The world examined her family with a crystal-clear microscope as they grew together, tracking their every moment of happiness, grieve, celebration and disappointment. Thankfully, even when faced with adversity, the Octomom remained resilient.

The Ideal Family

Even before Nadya Suleman became Octomom, her dream was always to have a big family. Born and raised in Fullerton, California, her parents were immigrants: her mother who is originally from Lithuania worked as a schoolteacher while her father, an army veteran, is Iraqi. Due to the fact that she is an only child, Nadya yearned to fill the void of emotional solitude within her by latching on to people


In an effort to remedy her childhood emotional sufferage, Nadya vowed that one day she will have her own family and ensure that her children never feel the way that she felt when she was a little girl. Like with all things, life threw Nadya a curveball, setting in her path something unexpected which turned her world topsy-turvy. It was something that turned out to be equally as astounding as it was divisive.

On The Path To Fulfilling Her Dream

Filled with the desire to make her life-long dream come true, the Octomom set it into motion when she was barely even an adult. Right after graduating from her high school in Southern California, Nadya Suleman, without even being married yet, decided it was time to have her own family. Like most of her colleagues, plans and talks of pursuing higher education pervaded the mind of Nadya Suleman.


However, the intent to realize her childhood dream of becoming a mother suspended any thoughts she had had of attending college. Making such a committal decision at such a young age probably still haunts Nadya to this day. Her youthful ignorance and naïve innocence blinded her sense of judgment and foreshadowed a life of rash decision-making and hardship for the teenager. Still, no one would have expected young Miss. Suleman to embark on the journey that her life eventually took.

Love At First Sight

Hardly into her twenties, either by chance or fate, Nadya Suleman became acquainted with a produce manager by the name of Marcos Gutierrez. It was love at first sight: nobody knew what it was, but Nadya was instantly charmed by something about this man. She had a strong and deep connection for him and in no time both of them were madly in love.


As most couples do, from the get-go Nadya shared her most profound dream with Marcos. She let him know that her greatest desire was to have children and that nothing was going to stop her.

False Hope

In the beginning phase, there didn’t seem to be signs of any problem. Gutierrez shared in her passion and indicated to her that he wanted to father her children. Of course, Nadya was overjoyed to meet someone who supported her dream. At that moment, she couldn’t have expected that her dream could never become a reality with Marcos Gutierrez.


New Beginnings

Shortly after meeting, Nadya Suleman and Marcos Gutierrez tied the knot. The same year that she got married, she graduated from Mt. San Antonio College where she was awarded a psychiatric technician’s license. She got a job at a psychiatric facility in Norwalk, California called Metropolitan State Hospital.


Perhaps fueled by the desire to make her dreams become a reality, she felt inclined to help others realize their own dreams. Working with mentally challenged people can be very gratifying, especially if you see that through your work they regain some mental stability. Nonetheless, it can be extremely stressful, something which, unfortunately for Nadya, she learned by force.

A Horrifying Experience

Although starting a family was Nadya’s priority, she also truly valued establishing her own career. Sadly for her, she experienced something at work that truly devastated her. From that moment on, it defined her life: things would never be the same again.


The Dreaded Day

September 18th, 1999: this day will forever be etched in the annals of Nadya Suleman’s mind. That day, chaos broke out at the psychiatric facility where she worked. Twenty patients caused a tumultuous uproar. Nadya, being the vigilant worker that she is, attempted to diffuse the ruckus.


An Injured Nadya

Unfortunately, during the scuffle, Nadya ended up getting injured on her back from a wooden desk being flipped over unto her by a female patient. Consequently, she brought forward a lawsuit claiming worker’s compensation for a herniated disk she got as a result of the riot.


She was awarded $170,000 – a healthy lump sum of money that kept her going for some time. Yet the injury wasn’t what hurt Nadya the most.

A Dream Deferred

Despite her recent financial gain for her injury at work, it could not compensate for the immense physical and emotional distress she suffered. As a result of the injury, she couldn’t get a job. Yes, the money she got did cushion the blow of being out of a job for a while, but for Nadya, she was dealing with something which personally affected her.


Failed Attempts

Over the course of a three-year period, Nadya and husband Marcos Gutierrez tirelessly tried to make Nadya’s dream of starting a family become reality. Despite their continuous efforts, they were unsuccessful. Frustrated and disappointed, they sought medical advice to find out what they were doing wrong.


More Attempts Without Any Luck

Nadya Suleman and her husband went to see virtually every doctor in town. Every time they went, they were provided with some useful strategies which would have helped them to conceive a child. Never faltering, the two were adamant about having their first child. They listened closely to the doctors and implemented every bit of advice they were given. Yet, despite their numerous attempts, Nadya didn’t get pregnant.


A Disappointed Nadya

Disappointed, Nadya eventually became rather down about their unsuccessful tries. What could have been the problem? Sadness turned into depression and it seemed as though life was spiraling out of control for poor Nadya. It was then that the couple learned the cold truth. Marcos Gutierrez was sterile, making him incapable of impregnating Nadya.


It was a blow that hit them hard. How could they have a child knowing that he’s sterile? Given that traditional means were no longer an option, the two started exploring alternative means of making their dream become a reality.

A Tense Marriage

Determined to have a baby, Nadya continuously brought up to her husband Marcos the possibility of a medically-assisted pregnancy. As far as Nadya was concerned, she wanted kids, and if she had to abandon the traditional way in exchange of another means to an end, she would do it. She’d hoped that her husband would have consented willingly, but things didn’t go as she had hoped.


Marcos Puts His Foot Down

Marcos was completely against the idea. Their polarized opinions began to split the couple apart and with that, their dream. Things got heated when Nadya recommended that the two practice in vitro fertilization (IVF).


Essentially, IVF is a procedure whereby a mother does not fertilize the egg through natural means. Instead, the egg is fertilized outside of the mother’s body, normally in a test tube. However, Marcus put his foot down: if she did IVF, she might as well have said goodbye to him.

A Tough Decision

Undoubtedly, Nadya found herself caught between a rock and a hard place. She had to make a decision. Should she respect her husband’s feelings, a man whom she loved and adored, or should she ignore him and chase her lifelong dream of starting a family?


If she did go through with IVF, chances are her husband would have left her. Should she take such a risk, jeopardizing her marriage for a procedure which doesn’t even fully guarantee her a healthy offspring?

Nadya Has Made Up Her Mind

In the end, Nadya made a decision: she was going to make her childhood dream a reality no matter what. She made one of the toughest decisions of her life: in 2000, she ended things with her husband Marcos Gutierrez in pursuit of IVF.


Brimming with excitement, Nadya couldn’t wait to get the process started. Nonetheless, life doesn’t always work out how one would like it, and Nadya was about to learn that very lesson.

The Expense Of IVF

Although IVF isn’t exactly the most complicated medical procedure in the world, it does not have a 100% success rate. Furthermore (and most importantly), although it has gained in popularity over the years, it still isn’t a commonplace procedure.


The reason for this is that in vitro fertilization is an expensive procedure. Most cannot afford the operation. Yet Nadya Suleman was not deterred in the least. She had grown resilient to failure and was ready to make her dream come true.

More Risk

When doing in vitro fertilization, it is highly recommended to fertilize several eggs as some eggs do not make it passed the fertilization stage. Having to remove multiple eggs from her body constituted another risk for Nadya. This procedure could have had an adverse effect on Nadya. Was she willing to go through with it?


All Or Nothing

There was also another vital ramification of IVF which Nadya had to consider carefully before going ahead with the procedure, something which would undoubtedly change the course of her life forever.

Credits: IVF, a medical procedure is done where several eggs are placed in a woman’s uterus. In case more than one egg successfully goes through the fertilization process, Nadya would be setting herself up for having more than one child.

Determined To Make It

Unsurprisingly, the possibility of birthing more than one baby at a single time didn’t shake her in the slightest. She had always wanted a big family so the chance that she may have more than one baby would only speed up her realizing her dream!


Still, she should have given a long, critical think before going ahead with the procedure. It’s all well and good to want to have a big family, but Nadya had no clue how such a decision would have impacted her life.

His Name Is Elijah

Nadya Suleman didn’t even bat an eyelash at the risk of becoming pregnant with more than one baby. She was so happy to begin the medical operation and to start to live her dream life: the life that she had longed for even as a child.


Although Nadya had no real expectations to birth twins or triplets, she was hoping that this operation would grant her a baby of her own: and she got just that.

A Sigh Of Relief

Her in vitro fertilization procedure was a success: in 2001, a year after leaving her husband Marcos Gutierrez, Nadya Suleman fulfilled her dream when she gave birth to Elijah. After indescribable emotional anguish and distress, Nadya finally had a child to call her own.


However, Nadya didn’t stop there. Having discovered the joys of motherhood, Nadya decided that she needed to hold onto that feeling for a lot longer.

It’s Raining Babies!

It had barely been a year since Elijah was born than her first daughter and second baby “Amerah” was born into the world. Once again, she used the IVF method to have her second baby. Nadya had had two successful in vitro fertilization procedures but she still needed more. As time passed, she got more procedures done.


After a while, she successfully birthed an additional four children, two of which were fraternal twins. Nadya Suleman had racked herself up six babies by now. Now, in most countries, people consider having six children to be a lot, and that’s putting it nicely. But Nadya was different – Nadya had baby-fever: six wasn’t enough for her. She then made a decision that would throw her into the public eye, turning her from a single mother to a public figure overnight.

Back To The Lab

In 2008, Nadya Suleman made an extremely controversial decision which drastically changed the course of her life for good. Dissatisfied with being a mother to only six children, Nadya decided that she needed more.


As she had done previously, she returned to Dr. Michael Kamvara, the doctor who handled her previous in vitro fertilization procedures, for yet another treatment. This time, nothing could have prepared the doctor for Nadya Suleman’s request.

Waste Not, Want Not

Nadya approached her doctor with a request unlike any other that she had had before. When she did her last IVF procedure, six of her eggs remained frozen and unused.


Nadya is totally pro-life: she couldn’t fathom allowing those eggs to go to waste, especially when they can become something great to her – babies. She wanted Dr. Kamrava to insert all of her remaining eggs into her all at once! Wait: it doesn’t stop there.

The Moment Of Truth

Naturally, Dr. Michael Kamrava was undecided about whether he should act in accordance with Nadya’s wishes. After all, this is a woman who had already had six children: the thought of granting her an additional six more was questionable, to say the least. Nevertheless, Dr. Kamrava complied and inserted all six eggs into Nadya Suleman.


Naturally, Dr. Michael Kamrava was undecided about whether he should act in accordance with Nadya’s wishes. After all, this is a woman who had already had six children: the thought of granting her an additional six more was questionable, to say the least. Nevertheless, Dr. Kamrava complied and inserted all six eggs into Nadya Suleman. 

The Pursuit of Her Dream

She was determined not to let any of her eggs go to waste. If she had to have multiple pregnancies, so be it. What was even more alarming was that Nadya decided to have an additional six eggs implanted into her: that’s six on top of the six that she had already agreed to with Dr. Kamrava.


By now, the Nadya and her doctor had exceeded the advised number of egg implants by 10. But no matter the outcome and adverse medical risk involved in such an operation, Nadya was hell-bent on having her babies.

The Birth Of Octomom

In agreeing to do this medical procedure for Nadya Suleman, Dr. Michael Kamrava essentially abandoned everything taught in standard medical practice. Had it been any other woman, she would have been terrified at the health risk involved not just for her but for her babies as well.


Yet through it all, Nadya Suleman remained unphased. In place of terror, Nadya showed excitement – she was thrilled to have more babies! Of the twelve eggs implanted within Nadya, eight of them made it passed the fertilization period. It was at this point that Nadya Suleman was officially pregnant with eight babies.

Play-Time Is Over

Now, the easy part was over: it was one thing for Nadya to want eight babies, but could she physically carry these eight babies to full-term? Her body had already gone through the trauma of six previous childbirths: could it bear another eight?!


Overnight Sensation

Those nine months in which Nadya Suleman was pregnant with her eight babies were some of the most difficult on her body. Carrying eight babies at one given time is significantly much more than the typical mother can handle. Indeed, with a belly as large as Nadya’s, she began to get noticed frequently. The media soon became involved, publicizing her story and delving into her life.


She quickly became a public figure and celebrity in the public eye. Due to her story, she was crowned “Octomom”. It’s not every day that someone’s pregnancy gains the attention of the masses throughout the world, let alone a formerly-unknown Californian woman. However, Octomom’s pregnancy would eventually break records worldwide and establish her as one of the most unique mother’s in the world. This recognition would follow her for the rest of her life.


It was the moment that both Nadya Suleman and the world had waited for: the delivery date. Would Octomom have a smooth delivery and be able to birth all eight children? Would they be healthy? Thankfully for Nadya, she had a smooth pregnancy without much of a hiccup. All eight of her babies were born without any problems.


It was one of the happiest days in Nadya’s life – she had new additions to her family. Nadya set a new world record for having birthed the first group of octuplets which remained alive one week after having been born. She was overjoyed and couldn’t wait for her already-born children to meet the new members of the family. However, most of the public did not share in Nadya’s enthusiasm.

In The Limelight

Being a medical anomaly, Nadya’s controversial decision to birth eight children at once baffled the medical community as much as it left them in awe. Just moments after giving birth, she was the center of attention for doctors all over the world hoping to discover just how this woman managed such a feat.


Most weren’t aware that Dr. Kamrava had played an integral part in Nadya’s in vitro fertilization procedure, although it didn’t matter. It shocked the world to know that this mother’s body was able to house eight children at once.

Miracle Woman

It was simply a remarkable case to many doctors. They needed to know: how did she manage to give birth to so many at one sitting? How was she able to complete such an impossible act? With much attention and scrutiny aimed her way, researchers clawed away at Nadya’s past hoping to find an answer to the questions which plagued their minds.


The Media and Nadya Suleman

With all the media coverage and interest generated during Nadya’s pregnancy, by the time she gave birth to her octuplets Nadya had already become a celebrity. Every media house covered her pregnancy: news channels, websites, newspapers, social media platforms. They were all buzzing about Nadya Suleman, the Octomom. She became so popular that almost everyone in the United States could spot her in a crowd.


Seeing an opportunity, Nadya decided to seize it and make the most out of her instant fame. With all the drama, her pain and her suffering, why shouldn’t she ensure that people see her positively? Shortly after giving birth, Nadya assembled a team comprising public relations officers. She hoped to tell her own story, controlling it so that it doesn’t get mixed up with unnecessary propaganda. It wasn’t as easy as she had hoped.

Octomom or Nadya Suleman?

The weight of fame has a way of eating away at the core of who someone is. People who become famous are barely recognizable when compared to the people they used to be. Unfortunately for Nadya Suleman, the media never gave her a chance to breathe. From articles to news clippings following her every move, Nadya was relentlessly thrown into the public eye.


Irrespective of all the scrutiny from the public, Nadya still had to raise her now 14 children. Over time, her sensationalism took a sour turn. She was targeted for her multiple pregnancies. Californians attacked her claiming that she was a perfect example of what wasted taxpayers’ money goes into. She was ruthlessly antagonized. But not all were negative toward the mom.

Cracking Under The Pressure

Despite Nadya’s best attempts at controlling her story, the media spun it round twice over her. Allegations and rumors began to spread: everything began to get out of hand. Realizing that her initial tactics didn’t work, Nadya opted to take a more aggressive stance towards the media. It was high time that she let people know her side of the story.


With that, she went public about the challenges she was facing. She did an interview with People Magazine. She stated that she barely got any sleep, “about two or three hours a night.” Yet, she says that she is still “trying to be the best mother I can be.” Her decision to take to the media was met with much backlash, many not showing any sympathy towards the mother’s situation.

The Critics Getting To Her

One would think that after a couple years of giving birth, Nadya’s story would eventually die down. Think again: Nadya was still in the spotlight even years after becoming the Octomom. The novelty and fascination with such a medical miracle were too much for Americans to handle. They needed to follow the Octomom’s life as she raised her 14 children the best way she knew how.


However, with time, being in the spotlight for so many years began to take a toll on this mother’s life and even her parenting. It had been reported in multiple sources that Nadya Suleman was at rock-bottom. She turned to welfare to help her raise her fourteen children. To Nadya, it was as if the world were conspiring against her. Then, more tough situations came knocking on Nadya’s door.

Rumors Of Poor Parenting

Despite having accomplished her childhood dream, nothing had really mattered anymore now that she was struggling. Now, with all the intrusion into the Octomom’s life on the part of various media houses, vicious rumors started circulating alleging that Nadya was being a poor parent to her kids.


Of course, these rumors all stemmed from suppositions that she could not possibly be managing the upkeep of fourteen children all at once. Someone was bold enough to call Child Protective Services on Nadya. They did an investigation into the treatment of the Octomom’s children.

Rumors Are Only Rumors

Upon concluding their investigations, Child Protective Services did not find that Suleman’s home was unfit for bringing up children: they believed her home to be just fine. Still, the Octomom’s life was plagued by challenge after challenge. This time, the challenge came from someone who had the power to send Nadya’s life spiraling out of control.


She Had To Move

Although Child Protective Services found her home a good housing place for her kids, some didn’t – specifically, her landlord. Honestly, out of all the people keenly viewing her story, her landlord was probably the only person who could have had an impact on her life at that point. He served Nadya Suleman with an eviction notice: the reason? He claims that she violated her lease agreement.


He publicized the eviction proceedings by going to the media and scandalizing Nadya’s name. She was forced to leave. With nowhere to go, Nadya was at an all-time low. With fourteen children behind her, she knew that she had to do something if not for her, for her kids. She grew desperate for a way to climb out of her predicament.

It Was The Worst Of Times

No matter how much she tried convincing her landlord, there was no way she was getting back into her home. She had to find a place for her and her fourteen kids: not a task for the faint-hearted. Here she was: a public figure, celebrity, and household name homeless and in desperate times. To the world, she was a reckless woman who had had too many babies.


But behind closed doors, Nadya loved her children unabatedly and that was something that no one could have denied. However, her love for her children was not going to get Nadya a place to stay. Her main problem was financial: she needed money and in a hurry. She used her name as the Octomom to land a few entertainment gigs. She did a few films and even had a music career, albeit it was short-lived. What was the Octomom going to do next?

Turning Over A New Leaf

With all the challenges and drama going on in her life, Nadya realized that it was time to make a change. She recognized that fame had dramatically changed who she was. She couldn’t believe the kind of person she turned into. She knew that she had to make a change in order to be the good mother that her children deserved and to restore some sanity into her own life.


She actually made a very good attempt. As a symbol of the change she was going through, Nadya changed her name to Natalie. Hence, she is no longer Nadya or Octomom, but a new redefined person. She completed her degree at college and started working as a part-time family-therapist. How were her kids coping with the recent changes in their mom’s life?

Where Are They Now?

Nadya Suleman’s octuplets are no longer the teeny babies which once caused controversy all throughout the United States. They have grown into healthy kids. Nadya has them following a strict vegan diet, and they seem to be coping without any difficulty.


This is extremely surprising given that kids are all about eating chocolate and other sweet foods which are detrimental to one’s health.

An Open Door

Nadya Suleman has stated that she is rather candid with her kids about her journey, the ups-and-downs, and challenges which she has faced in life. She holds nothing back from her beloved fourteen children. She thinks that being open with your kids helps foster a good relationship with your children.


She has reiterated that everything she has done since becoming Octomom was for the love and well-being of her children. She founded an Instagram account called the Solomon Family. On this page, she documents her family life, as well as her own life, being an unemployed mother of fourteen children.

Help From Above

Being a mother in her 40s has afforded Natalie Suleman some form of stability in her life. She stopped doing odd-jobs and has gotten a hold of her life. She has come forward claiming that her guardian angel inspired and encouraged her to get her life together.


Based on accounts from Natalie herself, the fateful year was 2013 when she had an experience which would change her life forever.

A Sign From Above

At that time, she was working in the film industry. She was in Florida at a club when suddenly an extremely tall man walked in the club. She claims that he walked directly toward her and stared her in her eyes.


She alleges that the unidentified man held her hand in his and repeatedly said to her that she didn’t have to live her life like that. She was overwhelmed with emotions and began crying in front of this complete stranger. From that moment, she knew that she had to do something about her life.

Looking Back

As Natalia Suleman has matured, growing into a wise, adult woman, she frequently recalls her past and the mistakes she has made along the way. By her own admission, she was “foolish, immature, and selfish” to have birthed so many children without thinking things through. At that time, she hadn’t properly assessed the consequences of her actions. That said, she has no regrets.


At this point, her only focus is her children and giving them the best upbringing that she can. For the moment, she isn’t focused on dating nor is she looking for love. She uses her Instagram page to show how she’s raising her children and trying to keep them on the straight and narrow path.

Scaling Things Back

Although Natalie has made significant changes in her personal life and sees herself as a better person, the fact remains that she still has to take care of fourteen children.


Nonetheless, she is doing the best that she can. She has a two-bedroom apartment where she and her kids live. Although she is barely making it living from paycheque-to-paycheque and off of food stamps, she is at peace. She remodeled her office space and turned it into a bedroom.

Giving It The Best That She’s Got

For Natalie, to have gone through so much to raise her kids and get to where she is, she considers it a blessing. She enjoys sharing her dramatic story with other women in an effort to help them make the correct choices for themselves and their future. She has dropped the title Octomom.


She believes that everything surrounding Octomom nearly ruined her entire life and that of her family’s. How do her kids deal with their mom’s past?

Enjoying Family Time

Natalie Suleman is a much happier person today than she was five years ago. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her youngest kids: the octuplets. Their names are Josiah, Isaiah, Jonah, Maliya, Jeremiah, Makai, Nariyah, and Noah. Now, Natalie’s dream is different from the one she had when she was a child.


Now, she dreams that her children will look upon her with pride and love for the woman that she is today. She hopes that they don’t think of her as the Octomom. Thankfully, she has laid that past behind her and is charging ahead with her family, enjoying meals with her vegan kids.

Live, Breathe, Eat, Sleep Her Kids

Natalie Suleman essentially had to abandon any shred of social life she had in order to take care of her fourteen children. Just like all kids, her children are always play-fighting with each other. Her kids also have different personalities: some of them are outgoing and loud whereas others are a bit more on the shy side. She does have an autistic son, Aiden.




Aiden’s siblings are extremely protective and supportive of him, always caring for him and ensuring that he stays away from danger. Although all the kids have a strong familial bond, Aidan and Makai are extremely close. All her children know that they are different and that not all households are like theirs. Natalie uses that as an opportunity to teach her kids the value of being different. Of course, being a mother, there are several other lessons Natalie has passed on to her children.

School Time

Can you picture what the Suleman household is like on the first day of school? With fourteen kids to send off to school, it must be an extremely stressful period. Not a shy person, Natalie expressed how anxious she was on her Instagram page. She posted a photo of her eight youngest children, the octuplets, right before they were heading to their first day back at school.


The caption attached to the post was “Any other parents exceptionally stressed and overwhelmed by the first week back to school? At least Natalie has a sense of humor. She calls herself the “official bus driver” since she has basically a bus-full of children to drop to school and pick up. One can’t even begin to think of what a day in this mother’s life is like: yet she remains positive and optimistic through it all.


Being a mother of fourteen children is no walk in the park. Somehow, amidst all the time she devotes to her children and ensuring that they are safe and healthy, she manages to find time for herself. How does the mom enjoy relaxing from the stresses of motherhood? She goes to the gym!


Here we have a photo of Natalie Suleman presumably midway through a workout. Despite her busy schedule, she makes it her duty to keep herself in good physical shape. When asked, she has spoken about how exercising was an integral part of her life as it allowed her to “channel her stress.” At least Natalie is not allowing motherhood to overwhelm her.

Natalie Suleman & Dr. Oz

In May 2018, Natalie Suleman managed to find some time within her extremely busy and hectic schedule to make an appearance on the Dr. Oz show! Despite the fact that Natalie has turned over a new leaf and has reinvented herself, the fact still remains that she accomplished one of the most remarkable human and medical feats possible.


Dr. Oz invited her to the show to discuss her various medical in vitro fertilization procedures. On the show, she also spoke about the challenges that she has had to face being a single mother raising fourteen children. She spoke about her personal struggles and the need to redesign herself to keep her sanity and be a good mother to her children. Natalie was very open about her relationship with her children and even mentioned that soon she would be launching a Youtube channel to showcase her life with her children. Talk about ambition!

Unique Siblings

Genetics is an extremely complex field which still perplexes even experts in the medical field. Genetics play a huge role in determining your physical features. Although siblings tend to have the same genetics, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will all look the same.


Given that Natalie’s children were all conceived through scientific assistance, there was no doubt that there would be differences in the appearances of all siblings. In the photo above, seven of Natalie’s octuplets are seen. They’re not exactly a spitting image of each other. Natalie adores the diversity among her kids. It highlights how we are all linked to each other in this world despite our uniqueness and differences.

The Octuplets On The Big Screen

These days, Natalie Suleman hasn’t been the only person in her family making guest appearances on television shows. Recently, Natalie’s octuplets were all featured on the daytime talk show called “The Doctors”.


As the name suggests, this show specializes in health-related content, therefore it was no surprise that the organizers of the show would have wanted the miracle babies to come on! The octuplets remain unphased by the constant scrutiny of the media always peering into their lives. They try their utmost to live fairly normal lives and enjoy their childhood.

Family Rituals

Although Natalie has gotten older and has had a change in perspective, she still clings on to that dream she had as a child to foster emotional bonding and attachment between her family members. To Natalie, given that she always felt alone as an only child growing up, she didn’t want her children to feel the same way. Therefore, every Saturday night, she and her children have what they call “Family Fun Night.”


On “Family Fun Night”, the family does a fun activity together, be it playing board games, watching movies, or even having educational discussions. These family nights are taken extremely seriously in Natalie’s household. Through the documentation of her family life via her social media platforms, Natalie hopes to send a positive message to other families throughout the world that quality time between siblings is essential in order to grow as a family.

The Octuplets Remain Active

Natalie Suleman is a gym-fanatic. Apart from being a great stress-reliever, Natalie also understands the benefits of physical exercise on one’s health. Given that her children are all vegan, it comes as no surprise that Natalie wants them to be actively involved in some physical discipline in order to keep in good shape.


In the photo above, Natalie’s octuplets have just finished participating in a marathon. Natalie also tries to ensure that her children participate in charitable initiatives. Her hope is that these types of events teach her children the value of sharing and togetherness. Certainly, this mother is doing everything in her power to instill within her children the right morals and values.

More Fun Times

All eight of Natalie’s octuplets know how to have a good time! Their mother tries to make them have as normal and fun a childhood as possible despite the constant media attention they face. After all, children should be children, right?


These kids have developed a bond with each other that transcends familial bonding: these children are genuinely each other’s best friends. Each one has each other’s back and supports each other every step of the way. Natalie should be lauded for having instilled such strong emotional linkages amongst her children.

Personal Difficulties

Although Natalie Suleman projects an energetic, loving persona to the outside world, internally, Natalie is still suffering, although in her case, physically. Due to her multiple pregnancies, her body has taken a severe beating and as a result, she is in constant physical distress.


Natalie suffers from sacral damage (which cannot be fixed), bilateral sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, and her lumbar spine has four ruptured discs. She experiences extreme pain when doing some physical exercises such as running. Still, she marches onward. She has to be a good example to her children and teach them that they should never allow the stresses of life to get them down. To compensate for her inability to run, Natalie climbs ten steps daily on the stair master machine at her gym. She is determined to keep fit, no matter what.

Assessing Her Life

Looking back on her life, Natalie admits that she has had challenges. She knows that she has made mistakes and rushed into life without giving a second thought as to how her actions would affect her future. Her journey from Nadya, to Octomom and finally Natalie has been one of many ups-and-downs.


But Natalie doesn’t regret the decisions she has made. How can she when her life has been blessed with so many loving children? How can she feel bad when she sees the glee in one of her children’s eyes longing for the affection of his or her mother? Natalie hopes that her life will help women who are in difficult situations to take charge of their lives and their destiny. She wants to be an example of perseverance and success, not failure.

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