Remember Octomom? Well, Here’s What She’s Up To Now


Nadya Suleman: the woman who became an overnight sensation and public figure all by achieving a miraculous medical rarity. The date was January 26th, 2009, the day when Nadya Suleman became an international household-name for successfully giving birth to eight babies. This miracle of a feat earned her the honorific title of “Octomom”, the title by which most throughout the world know her, in recognition of her incredible achievement of simultaneously conceiving eight children. Needless to say, the Octomom was a record-setter in many ways. However, with all the publicity, media attention, and instant fame came much scrutiny and criticism. Keep reading to know what’s going on with her and her mammoth of a family today.

The Octomom: An Overview

The Octomom hasn’t had an easy life. Reports of the manner in which she and her doctor collaborated to orchestrate her pregnancy went viral, causing much controversy and division among people all over the world. As the world began prying into her life and history, for some, she became a target for the dreaded curse of cyberbullying whereas for others she was lauded her for efforts.


Whether she became famous or notorious, it cannot be denied that the American woman dubbed “Octomom” had captured the eyes of millions in the United States of America and beyond. The world examined her family with a crystal-clear microscope as they grew together, tracking their every moment of happiness, grieve, celebration and disappointment. Thankfully, even when faced with adversity, the Octomom remained resilient.

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