Remember The Human Barbie Doll? Here’s What She’s Up To Now!



Since its debut in 1959 as a toy fashion doll, Barbie has cemented itself as a cornerstone of young girls’ lives all around the world and continues to be revered as a cultural icon and symbol of femininity. However, Barbie has also been the center of much controversy, having been criticized by some for its embodiment of inhumane beauty and perfection as well as the self-esteem issues resulting from a young girl who strives to attain the Barbie look but fails to do so. However, a Ukrainian woman is living proof that you can, in fact, become what was once believed to be humanly impossible – the human Barbie.

This woman has fashioned herself in image and likeness after the infamous doll, bearing similarities that seem downright unconscionable. Yet, the questions beg themselves; how much of a resemblance is there between the two barbies? How did she achieve such a feat? Who is the human Barbie and how does she spend her time? Shockingly enough, she is not relegated to looking for her human Ken, nor does she live in a plastic, made-up world. Keep reading to find out how this human Barbie lives her life.

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