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Researchers Paid People To Take A Facebook ‘Detox,’ And This Is What They Found


Facebook is undoubtedly a big thing for people of all ages in our time and age. Our society seems like it wouldn’t be able to live without it. So, researchers at Stanford University as well as researchers at New York University wanted to find out what was the impact that social media has over people’s lives. And that’s why they decided to find participants that were willing to stop using Facebook for a short period of time. And, I know that it seems like this might not be accurate, but I promise you that it is, people were able to go through with the Facebook detox and managed to be wholly disconnected from the platform.

The Research and the Volunteers

The researchers from the two universities were so sure that people would not be willing to do the detox for free that they knew they had to pay up a lot of money in order to lure their participants in actually leaving the social media platform for the research. And, as we would expect, not everyone was tempted by the amount of money, it seemed like Facebook was a pretty big part of those people’s lives. But, the ones who agreed to detox from Facebook, agreed upon that deal for 100 bucks per month.

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The participants in this experiment found out something exciting. Namely, they found out that staying away from Facebook actually resulted in some good coming out of it all. They all noticed that their lives were a lot happier than when they were using Facebook. The fact that they didn’t get the political news and the current events helped them to stay low on polarization, and kept their time with their friends higher. And, the benefit that all of you expected to hear. Anxiety and depression levels actually went down for those people, and they felt less stress and more satisfaction in their lives!

Can’t Stay Away from Social Media Platforms

Fear of missing out or better known as (FOMO) is a real thing happening amongst our youngsters, and, it gets even worse. The fact that FOMO starts affecting older generations too doesn’t help in solving the problem at all. The social media platform seems to suck people in because heavy Facebook users spend upwards of 10 hours on the platform. As we mentioned earlier not a lot of people agreed on this challenge even though they were getting money for it. That was mere because a lot of them didn’t think that they could’ve pulled through without checking their Facebook notifications and news feed at least once a day.

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Some time out from Facebook actually helped people to improve their lifestyle, and consider their health instead of the nonstop consumption of news and trending topics. They actually managed to live without all the political events, news, and entertainment that Facebook allows people to have. The universities showed the impact of Facebook on both our youngsters but also on the older generations as well. And, it doesn’t look right. Namely, they prove that Facebook can heavily influence its users’ political views as well as decision making and their lifestyle and even point of view. And that’s not a good thing at all.

Benefits and Drawbacks From the Detox

I am not neglecting the fact that Facebook has opened up some incredible new ways of communicating with one another. I am just saying that it also influences our everyday lives and activities and not in a good way. The last presidential elections show how hard Facebook can actually impact a person’s views and decisions.

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Let’s talk a little about the way that Facebook impacts our mental health and the fact that Facebook employees haven’t even addressed this problem. The two universities showed how beneficial a small detox from social media could be, but it also showed the difficulties that arise from continually using said social media platforms. And the most important thing that this research has shown was the fact that people can live without their social media, and that all they need is a bit of motivation to do so!


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