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Restaurant Offers Free Meals For Kids Whose Parents Follow Its “No Phone Zone” Initiative


Phones consume a lot of our times these days. We watch the concert of our favorite bands through our phone screens  (even if we went there), we look at them on the streets, and what is annoying me the most is that we even use them on family dinners and mealtimes. This restaurant in the U.K decided to stop that and chose an amazing way to do so. Take a read and find out how they made families talk to each other!

Buried By Tech

This restaurant in the U.K started by Frankie and Benny decided to do research on about 1500 guests. In the survey, they included both kids and adults from all sexes, races, and ages. The survey was about using phones and tech on the dinner table. This research showed that nearly 20 percent of the children practically telling on their parents that the parents were using their phones on the dinner table. And 23 percent of the parents actually admitted of doing that.

David Goldman / Corbis

The parenting expert Susan Atkins says that by putting away their phones the parents show their kids that they are important in a press release from the restaurant. She also added that kids love taking examples from their parents so that’s why they start using their phones on the dinner table and that by limiting themselves from using the phones, parents are teaching the kids that they shouldn’t be using the phones while eating.

What They Did To Stop The Problem

After the results from the survey came in and the staff from the restaurant found out about them they realized how much of a problem this actually was. They thought that families should spend dinner time by actually talking to each-others and not staring at their phones. And this is what they did in order to achieve this.

Frankie & Benny’s

The solution that Frankie & Benny’s decided to implement for this problem was their “No Phone Zone”. This meant that once they got in the restaurant the parents should place their phones in a secure box away from their dinner table. And all the families that spend the whole dinner without their phones would get a free meal from the restaurant.

People Like It

Like always, there were a couple of people who thought that it was pretty controlling and hypocritical from Frankie & Benny’s to tell parents to keep their phones away but still offer free WiFi zones. But the bigger part of the parents loved the idea and hopped on the no phone zone train without any problems.

Facebook / Frankie & Benny’s

The restaurant realized how successful the incentive actually was, and that is why they don’t think that they should end it yet. It seems like it’s working, for them at least!


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