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Rude mom tells daughter ‘We don’t talk to dirty bikers’ – biker’s response goes viral


You’ve probably already heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its covers!” But, lots of people tend to do the exact opposite of that and persist formulating an opinion about others by their outward appearance.

Yes, if you turn around and open your eyes, you will notice a lot of people that are quick to judge others by their looks. Then, as if that isn’t enough, they tend to formulate their opinion on the first impression, and oftentimes that can do a lot of harm to someone’s psyche.

A biker named Luc Parreault is familiar with these kinds of judgments formed after the first impression. He knows the feeling of being the target of tons of stereotypes because of his 280lbs and his dress code. Luc is a biker, and he loves to dress like one, but because of his size, and his clothes oftentimes, people tend to make assumptions even before they meet him. And, one day, when he went into Tim Horton’s for a cup of coffee, he found himself in the worst situation ever after meeting a woman and her daughter.

It all started when the young girl approached Luc and tried to greet him and say hello to him, but what happened next will leave you in awe!

Image Source: Facebook / Luc Perreault

After the girl’s mother decided to pull her daughter away from the biker, he was a bit confused. But, it soon all got a lot clearer. The mother said to her daughter that she shouldn’t talk to “dirty bikers!”

Luck was understandably shocked by everything that happened in front of him in the last couple of minutes. He couldn’t understand why someone would not be okay to talk with just because of the fact that they decide to dress in a different way. He was emotional because of the event but kept his cool. Then, he decided to take the rage out in an emotional and powerful message on Facebook.

In his Facebook post, Luc turned all of the attention to the family in the red SUV at the coffee shop. He continued by admitting that he might look a bit intimidating because of the way that he dresses, or the words that he uses to express, or maybe because of all of his tattoos and the fact that he is a welder. But, he continued, that these facts don’t give them the right to offend him and keep their daughter away from him. He stated that he is a proud father and husband and that he has graduated from college. He then shared a story where he spoke about his daughter and the time that she broke her arm and how he cried more than she did. He finished the post by explaining to the mother of the girl, that despite the fact that she hurt his feelings when she said those words, he is going to be the first person running into their burning house to save her daughter’s goldfish just so that she doesn’t feel sad.

Image Source: Facebook / Luc PerreaultToday’s Internet has a lot of power to influence something. So, it did just that on Luc’s post, because of the nature of the event, it gathered a lot of attention and a couple of heated arguments in the comment section. Thousands of people shared the post, and many others commented and reacted to it. Luc’s story got covered by many news outlets as well!

I think you understood the whole moral behind this story, but for those of you who didn’t – DON’T JUDGE PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY LOOK AND SEEM DIFFERENT! Share this story if you think that Luc was right. Make sure to share your opinions in the comment section below!


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