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Sad pup separated from cow who raised him – camera captures tear jerking moment they reunite again


Real friendships can’t be stopped by distance, ethnicity, or in this case, the type of animal that you are. I know, you’re probably reading this and going what am I talking about, and let me explain to you.

It’s scientifically proven that some animals are driven to hate other animals based on their instincts, and in some of those cases, they actively hunt each other. But, there are other types of animals that enjoy being around each other. And, this creates some unusual bonds that we tend to call friendships.

Now, let’s get to the point of today’s story. Today, we’re going to talk about an animal bonding situation that has hit me like no other story. In today’s story, we’re going to talk about a dog named Rookie, and his close friend, the big brown cow that Rookie’s family owned.

Image Source: Youtube

Once the family got the little dog Rookie, he quickly blended in and started forming bonds with each and every member of the family. But, one creature especially took his interest, it would get a much bigger place in the puppy’s heart than any other human that took care of him – the big brown cow.

The family members didn’t know how to react to the strange bond that the two animals created. Rookie started looking at the cow as his mother figure. They could even notice her licking his coat, cuddling with him, and she even let him sleep against her.

And, as you would expect, Rookie didn’t take well when the cow was sold from the farm.

Image Source: Youtube

The farmers did the calculations and realized that despite the fact that they want to keep the cow, they couldn’t afford to keep it.

So, this puts Rookie in a similar situation with any one of you who has lost a close friend. He was simply left disappointed and sad. You could notice that because of Rookie’s change of behavior. He was always unhappy and distressed.

There were numerous times when Rookie went out to look for the cow, but he always came back even sadder and more heartbroken than the last time. He was always waiting for her on the end of the barn hoping that one day, his friend would return, but he was waiting there without any luck.

Image Source: Youtube

But, one day he heard mooing in the distance. He stood up, got out of the barn, and started running in the direction that the mooing was coming from. Not too far from his barn, he felt that he was close to the point of origin of the voice, and he was right. He found the big brown cow in a barn in the same village.

The owners followed Rookie and scolded him. They took him back in their barn, and instantly, his mood swung from happy to sad again. He could feel that his owners were keeping him from his best friend and he was really sad about that.

Image Source: Youtube

And the owners tried everything to cheer Rookie up. But, nothing worked. What was even sadder for Rookie was the fact that he knew where his friend was, he just couldn’t go and see her.

The farmers quickly realized what the problem was and why Rookie was acting like that. So, they decided to reunite the two best friends once again.

They were trying to do everything to cheer Rookie up, but the only thing that would cheer him up was reuniting him with his friend. So, because they couldn’t see Rookie like that, they decided to reunite the two best friends.

The video of the reunion started going viral as soon as they posted it on social media. And here’s why:
The family brought Rookie’s friend back in the barn, and what was even better is the fact that they got one more dog to keep Rookie company.

I love it when people do amazing things for their pets. I love the fact that even with their financial problems, they worked out how they can bring the cow back to Rookie just to improve his mood. He was lucky to have such a great family. Take a look at the tear-jerking video that went viral immediately!


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