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Scientists confirm being a Cat Lady can better your health


Not only do you get a lot of reactions when you post photos and videos of your cats on social media, having a furry friend or two or ten can really improve your health. A perfect way to lower your stress levels, anxiety, and boost your cardiovascular health, scientists have proven to be a cat owner. Reports from the National Institutes of Health say that nearly 68% of Americans keep pets at home. While all pets can be beneficial, cats are remarkable and superb pets’ certain studies have shown.

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After a ten-year study was run and over 4,000 participants taking part in the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute, scientists were fixed on to uncover why our feline friends help us improving our cardiovascular health. Not only are they useful for keeping us company and playing games all day but also it is proven that they are specialists at lowering our stress and decreasing our anxiety, which is linked with heart attacks.

Your chances of having a heart attack can be reduced by 30% if you own one of these little feline buddies compared if you don’t. Do you say you need a morale boost? Take your kitty and place them on your lap and pet them, they really enjoy this. Your blood pressure will lower, heart rate will be calm, and stress levels plummet down. Compared to cats, dogs also can have these effects, but they might stimulate stress because they request more attention them cats.

Even if a lot of people are known to be allergic to cats, exposing young children to cats early on can boost their immunity and help them increase their chances of not developing allergies and infections. The chances of developing asthma can be reduced by owning a cat at home early in life, which also shows that cats have therapeutic benefits. It is also shown that interacting with cats, children who have autism gradually improve their communication skills.

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Not only petting them but also that cute purr of theirs can be really relaxing and calming. The cat’s purr can fall to 20 to 140Hz and in these parts of the frequency can mend bones and heal wounds. Spending a small portion of your day to interact with your cat can boost your mood, keep you active, which in fact is how you can lower your depression, which has been the direct link to various kinds of illnesses, so take your cat and chase away those negative moods. You notice how cats are always chill and always ready to take a nap, they are literally showing you on how to live your life, so take a few notes.

After making those studies public, a lot of people reacted on their social media how their cat always filled their home with positive energy and good vibes and confirmed that having cats at home really brightens up your day.

So, after all of this, it is really a no-brainer if you are contemplating getting a cat for yourself as they need little to no maintenance, not as needy as dogs, they are really compassionate, and they are really good at understanding human emotions and are quick to make a connection with their owner. With ease, we can say that cats are the best pets to have at home.

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