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Scientists Have Discovered Worms That Can Save Our Planet by Eating Plastic


Plastic straws, plastic bags, and many other things made from this material are being thrown out each and every day. We continually hear how bad plastic is for our planet, but what are we doing in order to ease the impact that plastic has on the Earth? Well, for starters, we can try and cut down on using this dangerous material, and that will do wonders for the generations that will come after us. Some amazing numbers are being mentioned when talking about plastic. For instance, did you know that nearly two million plastic bags are being used each and every minute? Well, I didn’t know either, but I was stunned by the number. But, we hit a lucky break! This is mainly because of the fact that some scientists have found a way to save our planet!

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

How are the Scientists Going to Save the World?

Well, there are talks that some scientists have found a way to save the world it’s true. But, wait until you hear their plans and how they are planning to do it! Namely, the scientists have found some worms that are nothing special on the first impression, and a lot of us have been familiar with this breed of worms. We’re talking about the wax worm. The wax worm is familiar to the people who own reptiles for pets mainly because of the fact that they’re using them as food for their pets. And, in the more recent researches, the wax worm is replacing mammals in the experiments that scientists are doing. But, there are some bad things that this worm can do. And, the main one is the fact that these worms infest bee colonies and dig into their wax.

How did they Make the Discovery?

Once a beekeeper scientist has found a couple of wax worms, she decided to put them in a plastic bag. Professor Federica Berocchini didn’t anticipate what was about to happen. She didn’t think that she was about to make the discovery of her life! Once she got back to the plastic bag with the wax worms, she realized that there were some holes created in the plastic bag from the wax worms. She wasn’t sure that this was because of the wax worms, so she wanted to put her theory to the test. So she gathered Christopher J. Howe and Paolo Bombelli, two other scientists, and decided to try and repeat the experiment. So, they picked a hundred wax worms, and they put them in a plastic bag.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

How were the Worms Eating through the Plastic Bag?

When they finally got back to their experiment after some time, they had realized that Federica’s theory was right. The wax worms managed to start making holes in the plastic bag after only 40 minutes. After the first 12 hours have passed, the bag was lighter for 92mg. The scientists wanted to find out how the worms were managing to degrade the plastic bag. So they decided to crush a couple, and once they smeared them on the bag, they got the same result. The scientists came to the realization that wax worms contain an enzyme that helps them digest the plastic from the plastic bags.

Despite the fact that the findings are still new, these scientists might have just found a fantastic way to save our earth and reverse the damage that we have been doing to our planet for decades!



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