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See How Prince George’s School Lunches Are Literally Fit for a King


School lunches have not been a thing to remember, for some students that are. There are those of us who actually liked the grilled cheese and sloppy joes, and some even enjoyed the ham sandwiches wrapped in foil. Now, that’s what we got in an American public school. But, you wouldn’t expect the future king of England to be eating that stuff, wouldn’t you?

Prince George, the five-year-old prince of England studies in the capital of England – London in the Thomas Battersea School. And if we take the fact that studying in that school costs more than twenty thousand dollars per year into consideration. We’re positive that he enjoys slightly better lunches in his school! And I wouldn’t be surprised if the menu in this school is comparable with some of the luxurious restaurants there.

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If we take a look at the sample menus of the school we can notice that they get fresh fruit as a morning snack, or in some cases, they get pastry. Lunch for these kids starts with a piece of fresh baguette and some soup. They get the main course which includes everything from chicken, specially prepared with whole wheat pasta. And that’s not all! They get to choose, they have fish for the pescatarians, and they even have vegan menus with some fresh hummus and oven-baked falafel bites and more! And the kids that might be allergic to something (gluten, dairy, walnuts, fruits etc.) they can mix up the menus or get a separate meal! I mean how else would they justify that price tag that they decided to put!

The food that they’re getting is also different each and every day! If the food that we mentioned above was served on Monday then on Tuesday they would get anything ranging from Teriyaki chicken, spinach, slow-cooked lamb, Piri-Piri chicken, smoked salmon with some broccoli quiche. (Feeling hungry yet?) The catch is that they still would have to follow some lunch rules!

What about dessert you’re asking? Well, they have that included too! All of the students at Thomas’s Battersea have some sweets each and every day! But, even their sweets aren’t like the ones we’re used to getting! They get something along the lines of Jamaican ginger cake along with some lemon drizzle, a lot of sweet smoothies such as strawberry and banana, oat cookies, mango mousse along with some passion fruit and many more things!

The fact of the matter is, that kids stay kids no matter how rich or how famous their parents are! And there are days when they get a “traditional menu”, but it never is really traditional and it always goes a notch above it! Sausages, steamed vegetables, fries, organic mac, and cheese again with steamed veggies, raw vegetables, and lasagna… these are some of the less luxurious foods that they are eating there! But, I bet you that we would still get any of these over the square pizza that we were getting back in our school days! Wouldn’t we?

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