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Serial Killers That Shook The World


From Ted Bundy to Charles Manson, serial killers have always been a subject of interest to the general public. Here we take a look at 40 of the most gruesome serial killers that shook the World.

Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy, full name Theodore Robert Bundy, is one of the most famous and notorious serial killers who is known throughout the World for his gruesome acts. He admitted to killing 36 ladies in America across several states in the 1970’s, however the total number of victims has never actually been confirmed. Experts believe the number to be a lot greater than what Bundy confirmed.

Bundy kidnapped his victims and then continued to carry out different monstrous acts on them such as rape before killing them. He has also been known to then participate in necrophilia with some of the victims.

He was initially arrested by state police in August 1975 however he managed to escape the grasp of the police twice before he was sentenced to death by electric chair in January 1989. He left behind a wife and a daughter who were unaware of his crimes before he was arrested.

Carl Eugene Watts

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Carl Eugene Watts also know as “The Sunday Morning Slasher” was born in Texas which is one of the places where he actually captured and killed his victims. In total Watts killed 80 women but he didn’t remain in the same place to carry out his brutal murders. His victims were found and killed in his home state of Texas along with Michigan and Ontario.

His killing spree began in 1974 and ended in 1982 however this was not his first taste of blood. Watts was killing and skinning rabbits from the young age of 13. He was what was deemed at the time as a “problem child” in school. He spent his early years in and out of state institutional facilities but it wasn’t until he turned into an adult before he killed his first victim. He would kidnap ladies from their homes and then either slit their throats or drown them.

Through various events and changes to law Watts had a lengthy court hearing and was finally sentenced in 1982 before dying in prison in 2007.

Angel Maturino Resendiz

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Better know as “The Railroad Killer” Angel Maturino Resendiz was a Mexican born serial killer who took the lives of people up and down the United States of America as he travelled the country by train, hence the nickname.

Resendiz had a terrible childhood. He ran away from home at a very young age after being subject to abuse and rape by his father and uncle. He committed an array of crimes such as car theft and knife crime from the age of 16 which is when he first entered America. Every time he was arrested he was then deported home to Mexico, only to make his way back to the states.

The Railroad Killer killed 15 known victims but one of his victims was lucky enough to escape and keep her life. All of the murders took place near to the rail tracks in which he travelled. He robbed all of his victims and raped a number of them. In 1999 Resendiz turned himself into the authorities and in 2006 he was sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Karl Denke

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Karl Denke was born in 1870 in Poland. He was nicknamed Papa Denke by his local community because he was such an active member of the community. He was a very religious man, a devout Christian. He was also the organ player at his local Church and was known for helping people with less than him and homeless people. To his local community he was almost saint like. This all changed on the night of the 21st of December 1924.

A man covered in blood turned up at the local police station and stated that he had ran from Denke who had taken a hatchet to him and tried to kill him. The police were in disbelief but had to investigate and after they briefly spoke to Denke he hung himself that very night, as he knew he could not hide his crimes anymore.

Upon inspection of his house the police recovered the bones and body parts of up to 40 victims. They found jars with bones and pots with flesh. Denke was not only a serial killer but also a cannibal.

Charles Manson

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Charles Manson is one of the most notorious serial killers in America’s history and is still behind bars to this very day. He brought a reign of terror to the hills of Los Angeles back in the 1960’s. What is most of the most prolific details about the Manson case is that Charles himself never physically killed anyone, instead he got his loyal band of followers to carry out his killings for him.

Manson was the leader of a group of over 100 disillusioned followers and showered them with psychedelic drugs such as LSD. Charles himself was a failed musician and took his rage out on celebrities who lived in Los Angeles. In August 1969 he ordered three of his most loyal followers to break into the house of director Roman Polanski and kill everyone in the house. Roman was not present at the time of the killings as he was off shooting his latest film but four victims were murdered that night including his pregnant wife Sharon Tate. This was followed by another murder spree the following night.

When Manson went through his court case his followers still remained loyal to him and even held vigils for him outside the courthouse. He was sentenced to death in 1971 however a year later the death sentence was banned so Manson still remains behind bars.

Jeffrey Dahmer

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Jeffrey Dahmer who is nicknamed the Milwaukee Cannibal, is one of America’s most infamous serial killers. Dahmer was born in May of 1960 and had a fairly normal childhood. He admitted that it was around the age of 15 when the serial killer first started having violent thoughts and dreams of torturing people. It was thought that this could have been a result of his parents marriage breaking down, as this was around the same time.

Dahmer killed 17 males in total and it was probably the stomach churning nature in which he carried out his crimes that makes him so infamous to this day. He would go out in search of his victims at gay bars and other hangouts for young gay males. He would invite them back to his house and ply them with alcohol that he had spiked with drugs. Once his victims were drugged he would strangle them and then carry out all sorts of sex acts on the dead bodies. He then continued to dismember the bodies and eat them later.

Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to over 900 years in jail when caught by police in 1991 however his sentence was short lived when another inmate killed him in 1994.

John Wayne Gacy

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John Wayne Gacy was born in Chicago in 1942. He had a very abusive childhood, suffering abuse and taunting from his drunken father who would often hit him and his sister with a razor laced whip. Due to a heart condition, he couldn’t play with the kids at school. This added to the trauma of feeling left out and different.

In his adult years Gacy became a pillar of the community. He had his own construction business and a side business where he would dress up as a clown named Pogo for children’s birthday parties. It was in his adult years when Gacy started his killings, killing 33 people in total. He would lure men to his home on the promise of receiving a job in his construction company, he would then strangle them with rope.

When the police searched John’s home they found bodies of victims buried under his house. He was convicted before a jury and sentenced to death by lethal injection. He received the injection in 1994.

Luis Garavito

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Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos, nicknamed The Beast, was born in Colombia in 1957. He was given this nickname due to his outrageous victim count of over 140 young boys.

Garavito had a rough upbringing being a victim himself of abuse by his father and other adults. His problems didn’t stop when he became an adult. In his adult years he was a very heavy drinker and he drifted from place to place across Colombia. He killed young children aged between 6 and 16 years old by finding them on the streets. He would often prey on kids that were known as “street kids” who didn’t have a home and didn’t have any money.

When the police finally caught him after discovering a grave yard with 38 young bodies buried, Garavito admitted to the killing of 140 children however in later years the police discovered the number was actually much higher. He still remains behind bars today, separated from other inmates.

Pedro Lopez

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Pedro Alonso Lopez is nicknamed the Monster of the Andes. He was born in Colombia in 1948 and was subject to a very harsh upbringing which consisted of homelessness amongst sexual and violent abuse. He ran away from home when he was younger than 10 years old. Throughout his young life on the streets he joined gangs, used drugs and was subject to further abuse.

He started killing young women when was released from prison where he was jailed at the age of 21 for stealing a car. He targeted women depending on their race and carried out vicious murders across Colombia and then on to Peru and Ecuador. He was captured in Peru and deported back to Colombia where he continued with his killings until he was captured in 1980.

He was jailed in 1980 and then released 14 years later, let out early for good behaviour and a $50 bail charge. He then disappeared off the radar and his whereabouts are now unknown. In total he killed 110 people for sure, whilst claiming responsibility for over 200 deaths but this number remains unconfirmed.

Daniel Camargo

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Daniel Camargo was born in 1930 to a wealthy Colombian family near the Colombian Andes. When he was two years old his mother passed away and his rich business owning father remarried. This time he married a girl that was in her late teens who obsessed over having a baby of her own, which would be to the detriment of Camargo. His step mum embarrassed and abused her step son in front of his school friends which enraged him and began his hate for females.

He was a very intelligent man with a high IQ which he used to help him lure women and girls as young as 9 into secluded places where he would rape and then kill them. He was married and had two kids of his own. He was arrested several times over the course of his life and even managed to escape from what was dubbed as the Colombian version of Alcatraz.

He was brought to his death when an inmate in prison savaged him with a knife in an act of revenge as it was believed that the inmates auntie was one of Camargo’s victims. In his lifetime he is believed to have killed over 80 women.

Ronald Dominique

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Ronald Joseph Dominique is an American serial killer who was sentenced to 8 consecutive life sentences after pleading guilty to the rape and murder of eight men in the southern region of the United States.

Dominique resided from Houma, Louisiana and he was 44 years old when he was sent to jail for his disturbing crimes. His horrifying acts took place over a ten year period and were only revealed when he was arrested by the police and investigated in 2006 after being accused of kidnap by a man who luckily escaped his capture.

Ronald Dominique committed his crimes once he lured his victims back to his home after he promised them payment in return for sex. He also tricked men into going back to his house by showing them pictures of pretty young women.

Once Ronald had a victim inside of his home he would tie them up as part of a sexual act. When the victim was unable to escape his capture he would then go on to rape and strangle them. After his horrific doings he would then dump the bodies of the men in several locations including the Mississippi delta, sugar cane fields and nearby bayous.

William Bonin

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William George Bonin who was also known as The Freeway Killer was an American serial killer. He was paroled twice in his lifetime as a sex offender and confessed to the rape, torture and murder of 21 young men in Los Angeles and California. It is still unknown if he abused and or murdered any other innocent victims.

William was convicted of only 14 of the 21 murders he committed and he was later executed in 1996. He received his nickname The Freeway Killer from the press because he would pick up young men who were hitchhiking. The young men that he picked up later became his victims. He would sexually assault them, murder them and then dump their bodies on the freeway.

A shocking reveal in the case was that Bonin actually had several accomplices during his acts of murder. Several accomplices were later reread as Vernon Robert Butts, Gregory Matthew Miley, William Ray Pugh and James Michael Munro. It was one of his accomplices William Ray Pugh who handed his name over to detectives after he was arrested for stealing cars. Pugh provided details that connected William Bonin to the freeway murders in return for a shorter sentence.

Yoo Young-Chul

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Yoo Young-Chul is a South Korean serial killer and self-confessed cannibal. He was apprehended by police in 2004 and confessed to killing 21 men and women. His victims were specific and he targeted mostly prostitutes and wealthy older men.

Although Yoo did confess to killing 21 people he was only convicted for the murder of 20 as one case was dismissed on a technicality. The description of Yoos murders were extremely graphic, it’s been told that he burned 3 victims after murdering them and he mutilated at least 11 bodies. His crimes were all committed between September 2003 and July 2004 and he later admitted to eating the liver from some of his victims.

Throughout Yoo Young-Chuls case he showed no mercy on his victims and stating that, “Women should not be sluts and the rich should know what they have done”. He was finally sentenced to the death penalty in December 2004 by the South Korean justice system.

Alexander Spesivtsev

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Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev who is also known as The Novokuznetsk Monster and The Siberian Ripper is a Russian serial killer. Alexander was convicted for the brutal murder of 4 people in Novokuznetsk in 1996. His killings took place between 1991 and 1996 and he was finally apprehended in October 1996.

He is also known as the mama’s boy of serial killers as he shockingly committed all of his crimes with the assistance of his mother, Lyudmila. He was accused of killing over 80 children and even cannibalising some of his victims. Crime ran in his family. He was sectioned to a mental institution twice in his lifetime while his mother spent 13 years in prison.

Alexanders lived with is mother Lyudmila, she would use a motherly nature to lure children into their apartment where he would then torture, rape and eventually kill his victims. Lyudmila would later cook the children and eat their body parts for dinner.

Larry Eyler

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Larry Eyler is an American serial killer from Indiana, you may also know him as The Highway Killer, The Interstate Killer and The Highway Murderer. In 1984 he was convicted and sentenced to death in Illinois for the murder dismemberment of his 15 year old victim Daniel Bridges.

In March 1994 Larry died from AIDS related complications whilst awaiting execution. His death was initially set for the 14th March 1990 but the date was then delayed due to appeals. Before his death he confessed to murdering a total of 22 homosexual boys and men between 1982 and 1984. All of Eyler’s murders were committed using a knife and they were committed across 4 states and 14 countries.

Richard Speck

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In a single night Richard Benjamin Speck committed one of the most horrid mass murders in history. American born Speck tactically tortured, raped and murdered 8 student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital who all lived together.

Richard had a history of known violence before committing the worst of his crimes in 1966. He previously had been held responsible for violent acts agains family members and other known associates but he was very good at escaping the police. It took police 2 days to capture him after his violent killing spree of 8 innocent student nurses. He then rightfully spent the rest of his life in prison until he passed away from a heart attack at the age of 49 in 1991.

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

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Nathaniel Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah, born David Paul Brown was a Massachusetts born convicted child molester that was found guilty and convicted for repeatedly torturing and attempting to murder children. He was sentenced to 130 years in prison and was also suspected of murder and acts of cannibalism.

From the early age of 7 Nathaniel showed worrying signs of violence as he lured a 5 year old girl into his basement and tried to strangle her. Lucky for the girl Nathaniel’s mother heard screaming and intervened, saving the girls life.

In 1970 Nathaniel assaulted a 6 year old boy after he promised to take him sledding. Several years later he planned to murder 2 young boys who thankfully became suspicious of him and got away before he was able to attack them in a cemetery.

Bar-Jonah was finally caught and arrested for dressing as a policeman and violently attacking an 8 year old boy who he lured into his car. The boy who was attacked later identified Nathaniel who was working at a local McDonalds. He was charged, convicted and then received a year for probation.

Three years later Bar-Jonah was again dressed as a policeman and kidnapped two young boys. He made them undress and began to strangle them until one boy managed to escape and warm the authorities. Bar-Jonah was arrested once again and this time received a 20 year sentence.

Joe Ball

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American serial killer Joseph D. Ball also referred to as The Alligator Man and Butcher of Elmendorf is known to have killed 2 people and is accused of killing as many as 20 women in 1930.

In his earlier years he served on the front line in Europe during World War 1. On his return he began a career as a bootlegger, providing illegal liquor to those who could afford to pay for it. After his Prohibition, he opened a saloon called the Sociable Inn in Elmendorf, Texas.

When women in his local area began to go missing it became clear that Ball could be a connection as some of the victims were ex girlfriends and his wife, amongst some barmaids also. When the sheriff deputies attempted to question Joe in 1938 he pulled a handgun from his cash register and committed suicide by shooting himself through the heart.

If Joe Ball was convicted for his crimes he surely would have been sentenced to the electric chair.

Ottis Toole

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Ottis Elwood Toole was an American drifter and renowned serial killer. He was convicted for the murder of 6 innocent people. His accomplice and lover Henry Lucas was also convicted for the murder of 11 people but it is said that the lovers confessed to killing hundreds more both solo and together. The pair who met in a soup kitchen also confessed to arson and acts of cannibalism.

They established a relationship and soon after began to abduct, rape and murder people as they drifted around the United States.

Tootle was arrested and imprisoned in 1983 for committing arson in Florida. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison and Lucas followed just 2 months later when he was arrested for possession of a deadly weapon. Lucas soon began to boast about the murderous rampage that himself and Toole once carried out during their disturbing relationship. Toole initially denied any involvement but later confessed.

Ottis Toole died of cirrhosis in 1996 at the age of 49 while he was serving his sentence in jail. Before his death he confessed to killing almost 100 people including the kidnapping and murder of John Walsh’s son Adam Walsh.

Henry Lee Lucas

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We mentioned a little about Henry Lee Lucas in our previous slide. He was the partner of Ottis Toole in more ways that one. The pair of lovers would drift through the roads of America committing the most horrific and violent acts of murder.

Henry Lucas was an American serial killer who claimed to have killed over 3000 people between 1960 and 1983. Although Lucas seems eager to confess to many unsolved murders some of his confessions were often inconsistent. He was however linked to dead bodies in at least 3 states when he was eventually arrested and was later linked to hundreds of open homicide cases.

In the end Lucas, one of Americans most prolific serial killers was only convicted of 11 murders and sentenced to death for his crimes.

Fred and Rosemary West

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Fred was born in Herefordshire, England in 1941 and Rosemary was born in Devon, England in 1953. Both Fred and Rosemary had an unsettling upbringing with Fred being victim to an abusive childhood and Rosemary the same. Before they met, Fred had already been married and had children with a lady named Catherine “Rena” Costello. They later split after their marriage became unbearable and Fred then got Rena’s friend pregnant, who he later killed.

Rosemary met Fred after her parents split and she moved in with her father. It wasn’t long before Fred and Rosemary were pregnant with their first child. Rosemary didn’t like the other two children who didn’t belong to her and killed one of them. She and Fred then buried her under the house. Fred would later taunt the rest of the kids telling them their sister was buried under the house. Together they killed 12 people in total including another one of their daughters to “silence” her. This gruesome couple was incarcerated in 1994 in England. Fred hung himself in prison whilst Rosemary still remains behind bars.

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

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Ian Brady was born in Scotland in 1938 and Myra Hindley was born in Manchester, England in 1942. Brady had been given to a foster family at a young age as his mother could not bring him up alone and Hindley had been subject to regular beatings as a child. They met in 1961 when they both worked together in Manchester.

They only dated for two years before Ian Brady started to speak to Myra Hindley about committing the “perfect murder”. In his mind the prefect murder consisted of killing an innocent person and getting away with it. Their first victim was a 16 year old neighbour of the pair. Once they had committed the perfect murder they couldn’t stop and then continued to murder a further 4 children.

They buried the bodies up in the Moor’s of Greater Manchester and were caught by police in 1965 after they tried to involve Hindley’s brother in law Smith. Smith was exposed to the heinous murder of the final victim and informed the police the next day. Hindley died in prison in 2002 and Brady in 2017.

David Berkowitz

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David Berkowitz who was also known as “The Son of Sam” was born in 1953. He was given up for adoption at childbirth and was then raised in the Bronx. He had a normal enough childhood, he was quite an outgoing kid until his adopted mother died from cancer. After this he became more withdrawn and took to himself. When he grew up he went on to serve in the US army.

He brought a reign of terror to New York city in 1976 where he killed 6 people and wounded 7 others. He targeted women, specifically the with long brown hair. When the city went into a state of panic due to the murders women started to dye their hair blonde to try and avoid being killed. Berkowitz sent a number of letters to police talking about his murders and when he would next kill, signing each letter off as The Son of Sam.

He was caught by police 13 months after he first killed in 1977 and he admitted to everything that he had done. He was sent to prison for the rest of his life where he still is today, as a fully fledged Christian.

Gary Ridgway

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Gary Ridgway aka The Green River Killer was born in Salt Lake City in 1949. He had a normal childhood, although he did grow up in one of the more deprived parts of Salt Lake City. He completed his education and then joined the army and was deployed to Vietnam. Upon his return from Vietnam he picked up a job as painter which he remained at for over 30 years.

After his return from Vietnam he began his killings. He gained his nickname The Green River Killer as most of his victims were found in or around the river. He would pick up women in his truck, either prostitutes or those running away from home. He would then rape them and continue to murder them.

Although he was on the police’s list as the possible killer for years, he passed a polygraph test and continued to keep on killing until his DNA finally matched that of one of the victims in 2002. It was then in court that he pleaded guilty to 48 accounts of murder. Ridgway is currently behind bars for his crimes.

Alexander Pichushkin

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Alexander Pichushkin known as the Chessboard Killer was born in Russia in 1974. There isn’t much documented about Pichushkins early life but we do know that he was very close to his grandfather. This was thought to be part of the reason he started killing, after his grandfather had died.

He got his nickname the Chessboard Killer as he often liked to play chess in the park after work and challenged people to matches. He killed in total 52 people. Unlike other serial killers Pichushkin went after elderly men more than women. He would invite them to drink and chat with him in a deserted part of the park and then once they were drunk he would murder them. As time passed he became less concerned about hiding the bodies and would leave them out to be found by locals, often found in a mutilated state.

In 2007 he was found guilty of his crimes and sentenced to life in prison. The police believe that Pichushkin killed more that 52 people but could not find the evidence to charge him.

Moses Sithole

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Moses Sithole was born in South Africa in 1964 and is one of South Africas most infamous and gruesome serial killers. Sithole was born into poverty and did not have an easy upbringing especially when his father passed away his mother could not carry on as a single parent so Sithole fell into the orphanage system. He only lasted 3 years before he fled.

In 1989 Sithole was jailed for the rape of a woman but released just years later, early for good behaviour. After his release his rampage really began. Bodies started to appear everywhere of victims even in mass graves of up to 10 womens bodies. The police discovered that it was Sithole carrying out the murders but could not track him down and had to release his information to the media as more and more bodies were found.

Eventually when Sithole was found by undercover police, after a lengthy trial he faced life in prison. He was charged for 38 accounts of murder and 40 accounts of rape.

Dean Corll

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Dean Corll nicknamed the Candy Man, was born in 1939 in Indiana. In his early life Dean would suffer at the hands of a very strict and somewhat abusive father. His parents separated twice and then his mother found a new love with a rich man in Texas. His step father was the proud owner of a candy business. Corll used this to his advantage and exchanged generous amounts of candy to other boys for their friendship. Corll then joined the US army and it was here that he found he was different to the other troops.

After the army he went back to Texas and back to the candy business to work with his step father. At this point he met two younger boys Henley and Brooks who he became very close with. So close that they had lots of parties together and he then paid each of the boys $200 for every “person” they brought back to his apartment. These people then became victims. In total he killed at least 27 young men in his apartment. The police found out when Henley called them after he shot and killed Corll in what he claimed was self defence.

Wayne Williams

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Wayne Williams, nicknamed The Atlanta Monster was born in 1958 in Atlanta. Williams had a normal childhood, he was really into music and saw himself as a DJ. He had an eye for spotting local musical talent.

Although Williams is thought to be behind up to 28 murders he was only ever convicted of 2. In Atlanta in the early 1980’s bodies of children were turning up in the woods and the police had no suspect. Then the trend in the killings changed and the bodies started showing up in one of the local rivers. It was at this point that Williams came into the light when police heard a loud splash in the river and discovered him near by in a car. Within two days the body of a victim turned up so the police went after Williams for it.

Wayne Williams was arrested in June 1981 and was convicted for the murder of two men.

Monte Ralph Rissell

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Monte Ralph Rissell was born in 1959 and committed his first murder at the early age of 18. Rissell came from a broken home after his parents separated when he was only 6 years old. He had to live with his mother who then went onto remarry. She spent all her time obsessing over her new husband and casted her kids aside and they were often brutally beaten by her new husband.

Rissell carried out his first murder after he seen his ex girlfriend with her new boyfriend. The sight pushed Rissell over the edge so his answer was to get extremely drunk. Whilst in an intoxicated state in a car park he saw a lady by herself so he took his rage out on her and strangled her. Before he reached 19 years old he murdered 4 other women and is now serving his time behind bars.

Fritz Haarmann

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Fritz Heinrich Karl Haarmann, nicknamed the Vampire of Hannover, was born in Hanover in 1879. Haarmann had at the time what was deemed as a normal childhood however he started to act out from a very young age. He would tie up his sisters and try to frighten them by tapping on the windows at night. He was disruptive at school and sent to a military school.

Fritz spent a lot of his life in and out of institutions and he was known to the local police for petty theft. Posing as a police officer Fritz started luring young men into his home so that he could kill them. His boyfriend at the time Gans helped him in his mission to lure as many men in as possible for him to kill. He was said to have killed over 24 people.

In 1924 he was caught by police after they watched him lure another unsuspecting victim into his house. He was killed by having his head cut off by a guillotine.

Harold Shipman

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Harold Frederick Shipman was a British general practitioner and one of the most prolific serial killers in history. He worked in England as a doctor and killed over 200 patients. When his horrific crimes came to light he was arrested in 1998 and later sentenced in January, 2000 by a jury who found him guilty for the murder of 15 patients who were under his care.

Before Harold was arrested he killed between 215 and 260 innocent patients by injecting them with lethal doses of painkillers. A local undertaker became suspicious of the high rate in which Dr. Shipman’s patients seemed to be dying at. Most of the patients seemed to have similar signs of death, they were mostly sitting up or reclining on a sofa. He noted his concerns with Shipman directly who reassured him that there was nothing to be concerned about. Later another colleague also found similar disturbing similarities and alerted the local coroners office who then alerted the authorities.

Donald Harvey

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Donald Harvey was an American serial killer who claimed to have killed 87 men and women during the 1970s and 80s although official estimates are between 37 and 57 victims. Harvey pleaded guilty in 1987 to killing 37 people, most of his murders were committed while he worked as a nurses aide at hospitals in Cincinnati and Kentucky.

The total number of Donald’s victims will never be known and Harvey pleaded guilty in court to avoid the death penalty. He was just 18 years old when he reportedly killed his first victim in May 1970 by smothering a patient with a pillow and a sheet of blue plastic.

Donald Harveys last 2 murders were the ones that triggered a police investigation and arrest. In March 1987 he gave a patient by the name of John Powell, cyanide in his gastric feeding tube. The very same day he also killed 82 year old patient Hilda Leitz by feeding her Detachol in her orange juice and through her gastric tube.

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Vega

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Jose Antonio Rodriguez Vega known also as The Old Lady Killer was a serial rapist, killer and necrophiliac. He resides from Santander and is Spain’s most prolific killer. Like most serial killers he has a history of an abusive childhood and being on the receiving end of bad parenting. When Vega was 8 years old he was molested by a 50 year old widow who he had seen as a friend up until that point.

After his traumatic event with the widow he would then begin to inherit strange sexual habits and at the age of 12 he began to develop sexual impulses towards his mother. He knew that his impulses were not normal so he kept his feelings to himself. By the age of 18 he had become very violent and was kicked out of his family home.

When Jose was 20 years old he was arrested for raping two women and for the attempted rape of 3 other women. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison where he showed no remorse for his crimes and for his victims.

Vega raped and strangled 16 victims over a period of 9 months after he befriended them all. He would offer to help carry groceries or do work in elderly ladies homes to gain entrance so that he could attack his helpless victims.

Peter Sutcliffe

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Peter Sutcliffe is an English serial killer who is also known as The Yorkshire Ripper. In 1981 Peter was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to kill 13 other women between 1975 and 1980. He is currently still serving 20 life sentences in Broadmoor Hospital for his terrible crimes and is known as on of the worst serial killers in British history.

His crimes were classed as a series of brutal, ritual murders. He linked all of his killings specifically and wrote notes to the police, mocking them as they desperately searched for him.

After his conviction he began to use his mothers maiden name Coonan and now goes by the name of Peter William Coonan. Although Sutcliffe continues to appeal his sentence he is told that he will never be released.

Donald Henry Gaskins

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Donald Henry Gaskins nicknamed “Pee Wee” was an American serial killer. The nickname Pee Wee was given to him at a young age as he was bullied and tormented for his small frame. He received physical abuse at home from his stepfather and then fought off bullies at school on a daily basis. Speculation dubs these horrible events as a starting point which lead to him becoming one of the most prolific serial killers known in South Carolina.

At the age of 11 Gaskins dropped out of school and formed a gang with 2 other local boys, Danny and Marsh. They called themselves The Trouble Trio and they would burial homes and pick up prostitutes. They even raped small boys and threatened them so that they would not tell the police. The trio eventually broke up after they were caught gang raping Marsh’s younger sister.

In 1976 the Supreme court sentenced Donald to the death penalty which was later converted to 7 consecutive life sentences. After already escaping the death penalty once he later was caught and found guilty for receiving payment in return for murdering a fellow prisoner, Rudolph Tyner in 1978. This conviction meant that he would finally face the death sentence.

Dennis Rader

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Dennis Lynn Rader also known as the BTK Killer or the BTK Strangler is an American serial killer who horrifically murdered 10 people in Kansas between 1974 and 1991. After his crimes he would leave clues that taunted the authorities. He then disappeared without a trace until 2004 when he reemerged. Just one year later he was captured and put behind bars for the terrible crimes he committed many years ago.

Rader’s first victims were 4 members of the Otero family, parents Joseph and Julie and their 2 children Josephine and Joseph Junior in their Wichita home. Dennis left traces of semen at the scene and later made a statement that he experienced sexual pleasure from killing. The 4 bodies were found by the Oteros 15 year old son Charlie when he returned home later the same day.

Ed Kemper

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Edmund Emil Kemper III is one of the most shocking murderers in this article. He is an American serial killer who abducted and murdered 6 women in the early 1970s along with his grandparents and his mother.

Described as charming, articulate and a giant of a man, Ed was severely mistreated by his mum from a young age and later took revenge by murdering her in the most disturbing and sickening way.

At the age of 15 Kemper murdered his grandparents and confessed that he did it just to see what it felt like. When he was later released he picked up many young female hitchhikers but let them go, resisting the urge to kill them. His resistance didn’t last that long as he soon began to kill the girls that he picked up in Santa Cruz area of California during the 1970s.

Just 3 years later he committed his final 2 murders, he killed his mother and her friend before handing himself into the authorities. After an argument Kemper attacked his mother while she was sleeping. He cut her throat with a knife as he did with all of his victims and he went onto decapitate her completely. He also cut off her hands, removed her larynx and put it into the garbage disposal.

Richard Ramírez

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Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez also known as Richard Ramírez and the Night Stalker was an American serial killer, rapist and burglar. He killed at least 14 people and he raped and tortured dozens more before he was finally caught by the police in 1985.

Ramírez developed epilepsy as a child, he later became a heavy drug user and developed an interest in Satanism. He was apprehended by police in August 1985 and sentenced to death in 1989 for his terrible crimes. The remainder of his days were spent at the California’s San Quentin Prison where he died from cancer at the age of 53 in June 2013.

Tommy Lynn Sells

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Tommy Lynn Sells was another serial killer from the States. He was convicted of only one murder for which he was later executed for but authorities believe that he committed at least 18 murders in total.

Sells claimed responsibility for dozens of murders across the United States but he was only found guilty and convicted for the murder of 13 year old Katy Harris that took place in 1999 at her families trailer.

Sells confessed after Katy’s friend who was sleeping over that night survived after having her own throat slit and later identified him. Tommy declined to give any final statement at his execution and would not make eye contact with any of his victims families.

Aileen Wuornos

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American serial killer Aileen Carol Wuornos Pralle murdered 7 men along the Florida highways between 1989 and 1990. Former sex worker Aileen shot dead her victims at point blank range and was later executed for the murders by lethal injection in a Florida prison in 2002.

During her trial Wuornos was persistent in stating to the prosecution that she had been raped and assaulted by her victims including former sex offender Mallory. She also claimed that she killed all of her victims in self-defence. Aileen later retracted her statements that previously claimed that her murders were committed as an act of self-defence.

In January 1992 a jury found Aileen guilty of first degree murder for the Mallory case in which she received the death penalty for.

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