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Seven-Year-Old Hero Bikes Down The Highway To Save Dad’s Life


Today standards and lifestyle have made the parents being a bit nervous when they think about their kids accepting help from strangers. But, when Cameron Simoncic, seven years old, did this it turned out to be a pretty good idea because it’s the thing that kept his father alive. When he saw his dad fainted in their house he was ready to do just the thing that he needed to do.

His Father Needed Help

The incident that happened a month ago, in February of this year, was not Cameron’s first one. But, despite that fact, this incident would take a sudden turn that would make all of the national headlines. His father was sick, he had diabetes, and this was not Cameron’s first time to walk into his father fainted as a result of a hypoglycemic shock. He knew just what he needed to do as soon as he saw his father down on the ground, he was ready to call the ambulance when he realized that he had no cell phone, and the only phone in the house was his father’s, and he had a password and Touch ID protection on it. He tried a couple of guesses for the password but it didn’t yield any results…

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He decided to go to their neighbor’s house and call for help, but there was nobody in the house. He could run to his grandmother, but she was miles away and it would take him too long.

Thinking Quick

He quickly decided to ride his bike to his grandmother, so he got his gear, and sat on the bike. He started rushing down the highway thinking about what could happen to his father. He was pretty familiar with the condition that his father was suffering, so he knew that if he doesn’t get help soon his father might fall into a coma, suffer some kind of brain damage, or worse, he could die. This made him paddle even quicker. But, soon enough something amazing happened…

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He paddled as quickly as he could and he found someone that he knew on the road to his grandmother. Namely, Cameron’s preschool teacher recognized him on the highway and told her husband to turn the car around and catch up with the boy.

He Did it!

When he saw the familiar face, Cameron was pretty relieved. He knew that he could now help his father. He quickly told his preschool teacher the story and he asked her to call 911. And so she did. If Cameron didn’t think as quickly as he did, he wouldn’t have met his teacher and he wouldn’t ask her to dial 911. Needless to say, the paramedics were at the house as quickly as they could get there and helped his father make his full recovery.

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Cameron’s teacher said that she was thinking of quitting her teaching career because of burnout. But, this encounter made her appreciate her job now more than ever. When she helped Cameron, and the whole experience sparked her desire to continue with the job. She knew that she was placed where she was because God needed her to do something, so she did it.

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