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Signs that your partner is right for you


Relationships – the hardest part of our lives. So, today we’ve decided to help you out in choosing the person that you will decide to spend the rest of your lives with, and if the person that you’re in a relationship with is a keeper or not. What’s even more problematic with relationships is the fact that movies, TV shows, and songs give us a pretty bad representation of what love should be. Today we’re going to help you solve this problem with a couple of signs that will aid you in decoding the mystery of love.

Avoiding the Truth or Straight up Lying to you? Dump Them!

Well, yeah, this is pretty obvious, but, when you get into a relationship, we tend to give our partners a bit of slack. And, it’s also harder for us to see the “real truth.” Our decisions are overshadowed by the feelings that we have for our partner. But, we’re not speaking only about him lying to you. In fact, it can frequently be more dangerous if your partner is avoiding talking up and does not admit the truth. So, for example, if they’re out with friends, but you cannot find out who the friends are this could be a pretty big red flag. The best advice I could give you is to go with your gut and do what you think is the right thing to do!

Image Source: The Kiwi Report

Leaving you Hanging to do Their Commitments? Dump Them!

To tell you the truth, I mean I am sure that you know this too, but if they keep on canceling on you last minute in order to do some shady and vague commitments, they probably are not a keeper. Keep it slow and easy, and keep in mind that it’s not easy to catch a player. Namely, you don’t need to know each and every single thing that they are doing, don’t push them, but if they keep on doing their vague and elusive “commitments” then you should start sounding off the alarms! Why would they hide it from you if they were not doing anything shady?!

They will be Up Front and Open with You About the Position of Your Relationship

I am sure that you have found yourselves in this situation an infinite amount of times, haven’t you? Well, this question “What are we?” can help you find out a lot of things about your partner. If they’re open and ready to embark on the commitment, then you’re okay keepers are frequently up front and open about this thing. But, if they are trying to avoid this conversation than it is sure that they are a player for sure! And if they answer to the question, they will surely not be ready to “put a label on it.” And, once you’ve come to the conclusion of what are you, a keeper will stick to your agreement and a player might get even more elusive!

A Keeper will always Care for You and Your Feelings!

A keeper would never make you feel bad. In fact, they always want you to feel good about yourself, and they care a lot about your feelings, and they would never hurt you! Keepers are ready to do anything in order to make you happy. But, a player would always try and sneak out of a problem, they will always tell you that you’re wrong and that you’re making a mistake. They will make sure that you feel crazy when you doubt them, and you will frequently feel unable to say what you’re feeling!

Image Source: The Kiwi Report

The bottom line is that you deserve to be with someone who cares about you and not only for themselves and their feelings. So, the best thing you can do is to avoid people that are acting as a player, and keep the keepers! There are lots of people around the world, and your current partner is not the last person on the earth, and if they’re acting like a player, then you should dump them even if they are the last person on the planet!


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