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Social Media Responds When Ex-Kindergarten Teacher Explains Why She Quit


Being a teacher can be hard, and focusing on all the kids, and giving special attention to all of them can take a toll on you. Jessica Gentry, a kindergarten teacher form Harrisonburg, Virginia a whole back decided that she couldn’t teach anymore and quit her job. On her social media, she wrote about why she chose to leave, and her post got a lot of attention with over two hundred thousand shares. She also talked about how it is fantastic working with kids and being there with them as they learn along the way. A lot of people gave support to her and realized how difficult can a teacher’s job can be.

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Jessica was very clear about her quitting her job and that it wasn’t about the small salary that teachers are getting. She also stated that it wasn’t because kids these days are different and are hard to teach. In fact, it was tough to decide to quit her profession, and it was tough to say goodbye to the kids. She said in her post that the real reason that she left her job was this. In today’s world and in the society that has changed drastically, it is impossible to be productive, and have a good influence on the kids. She said that the educational system has to change because it can have negative effects on a person. Mainly their health, physical and mental, and with that, she couldn’t help the kids as much as she wanted. She even said that she didn’t have anyone to turn to for help.

Because Jessica has worked as a teacher for quite some time, she knows how much schools, classrooms, and parenting at home has changed over the years. She has noticed that parents nowadays aren’t spending enough time at home with their kids. This is because they are working long hours. And even when they are home they can be glued to their devices instead of enjoying quality time with their kids. She wrote some examples of how kids come to school. “Not dressed properly or their clothes weren’t washed and other things that point out how they aren’t treated accordingly by their parents.” She has also witnessed how kids can have bad influences and can be exposed to negative behavior by their parents. Based on this, she says that it can be really difficult to sustain a hard-working and happy classroom. She has noticed that parents don’t really want to communicate with the school staff or her about matters concerning their kids. And the school officials didn’t really care about that, so she couldn’t find proper help for occurring problems in her classroom.

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She also says that implementing technology in the classroom isn’t really helping anyone. She believes that because kids today already use computers, tablets, and phones at home, doing the same at school isn’t helping them. Because when they are using technology, it takes out the teacher-student interaction, and that can be a problem. This is a problem because of the fact that young kids have to learn about relationship building and socializing skills that are really important through life. Jessica states even that technology can be hard to use to teachers who haven’t used it before. And that it can take time for teachers to get the hang of and learn to use some of today’s devices.

A lot of people have responded to her post. Some are entirely agreeing with her and saying that they have left for the same reasons as her. Others have just left positive comments giving their support. There are those people who are in any other post who don’t agree with her. They say that like any other profession, education has to keep up to date with the technology. And that plain chalkboards and books aren’t enough.

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In her post, she emphasized that she will never stop working and helping kids and that her leaving her profession isn’t the end of her trying to help others. She started working as a teacher because all her life, she wanted to help kids, and that is why she chose to be a teacher in the first place. She said that she would continue to help kids and also changing the system to make it better for kids, parents, and teachers. She wants to work with parents to make their home the best environment for their kids, and with that when they go to school, kids will be happier and eager to learn.

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