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Some Of The Best And Worst Tattoo Fails Of All Time


Many of us have considered at one stage or another, getting a tattoo. In fact, tattoo’s are more popular now than ever with a lot of people covering entire limbs in ink. It’s normal now in society to have tattoo’s of all shapes and sizes, in all different places. The shock factor of having tattoo’s all over your body is now gone and tattoo’d people don’t really stand out from the crowd anymore.

As tattoo’s become ever more popular, so do tattoo mistakes. Could you imagine anything worse than having a permanent mistake tattoo’d on your body? It would be terrible! Unfortunately it has happened to a lot of people and in this article we will look through some of the best and some of the worst tattoo fails of all time!

Baby Portrait

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Any parent who has had a child, will understand the feeling of having an unconditional love for their child and the willingness to do almost anything for them. This has sprung up a new trend in tattoo’s, where parents get portraits of their kids. If the tattoo is done right, then you have a memory that will last a lifetime, or at least until the tattoo begins to fade.

However this tattoo hasn’t turned out as expected. What was supposed to be a lovely portrait of a child looks more like a demonic potato.

Believe & Achieve

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Tattoos of quotes have become very popular in today’s society. Normally they will be inspirational or motivational quotes, to motivate and inspire not just the owner of the tattoo, but also anyone else who is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the ink!

Unfortunately for this young man, his tattoo is neither motivational or inspirational. Both words are misspelt in places that would be very sore to have the spelling errors fixed!


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We all have favourite songs and favourite artists that we really admire and look up to. From the artists that we used to listen to when we were children through to our teen years and then into our adult years. With these artists having such an impact in our lives, it’s only normal to want to honour them in our own certain way.

This person has got a tattoo to honour their favourite band BonJovi, by having one of their most famous song titles tattoo’d on their arm along with the lead singers name. Unfortunately for them, both the song title and the lead singers name are misspelled.

Cat Lady

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Cat’s are the third most common household pet in America next to fish and dogs. Although they aren’t as sociable as dogs, they still make for great pets because they don’t need much attention and tend to themselves as long as you feed them and provide them with shelter.

This lady appears to be a huge cat fan, really bringing new meaning to the term “crazy cat lady.” She has removed both of her eyebrows and replaced them with ink versions of the household pet!

Don’t Let The Past Make Your Decisions For Today

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This is not the first and certainly not the last inspirational quote tattoo that you will see on this list, however this one might just take the prize for the most ironic tattoo!

This lady has asked for the quote, “Don’t let the past, make your decisions for today” however either she has written it out wrong or simply the tattoo artist has made a grave spelling mistake. Either way we hope that this is a decision that doesn’t impact her today too much!

Elvis Presley

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One of the most famous singers and musical icons of all time, Elvis Presley, we’re sure that he has been the centre piece on many tattoo’s over the years. Why wouldn’t he be, he’s not just a fantastic musician but also a very influential person. Having first spent the earlier part of his life learning to play guitar and then joining the army, he is an inspiration to many people both young and old.

Unfortunately this tattoo artist really did fail to portray the iconic look of Elvis in this tattoo. In fact, if the singers name wasn’t written below the tattoo it would be hard to guess who the figure in the tattoo was supposed to be!


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Over the years, glasses have become an iconic fashion statement. Originally if you wore them for reading purposes years ago as a child, your peers and fellow students would probably poke fun at you and call you a geek. However over the years this has definitely changed.

You will now see shops selling glasses to be worn as part of an outfit and people wearing glasses who have perfect vision. This person seems to have taken the fashion statement a little too far, with his permanent tattoo glasses.

I Will Remember Before I Forget

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Here is another thought provoking and meaningful tattoo that this youngster has got on their arm. Not only was it supposed to have a very powerful meaning behind it, but like every tattoo, you also want it to look good so that you can show it off to your friends and impress them.

Unfortunately for this young man, the tattoo artist has failed on both accounts. The tattoo is neither meaningful or beautiful. In fact, it is misspelt and the style of it changes and slurs off.

I’m Awesome

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This tattoo may not be very inspiring or motivational to others, but it certainly should be to the owner. It is another contender for the most ironic tattoo fail. It reassures themselves of just how awesome they are. So awesome, that they have it tattoo’d at the top of their back. Maybe it’s a good thing they can’t see it then?

With only two words to spell correctly, the tattoo artist has made a blunder by misspelling awesome and forgetting to include the ‘e’. Doesn’t look so awesome now, does it?

It Gets Better

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Sometimes life can get tough and you fail to see the bigger picture. Sometimes the best thing to pick us up in these times can be the right motivational message. This person has tried to do this by having some inspiring words of wisdom tattoo’d on their arm.

Unfortunately for this person, the tattoo has been completely misspelt, meaning that it sort of loses its motivational power! The ’s’ should be after the word ‘get’, not ‘it’.

My Mom Is My Angel

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Getting a tattoo in honour of someone else, to show off their name and sing their praises, is a very personal and powerful way to show that person just how much you appreciate them.

This person has got a tattoo for their mom, to show them just how special they are to them. The tattoo should say, “My mom is my angel”, but unfortunately the tattoo artist has misspelt angel and instead written angle.

So unless this persons mom is a mathematician, then the tattoo doesn’t really work.

Never Don’t Give Up

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This unfortunate person has ended up with a tattoo that has combined too positive messages, and put them together as one. The tattoo should have said either ‘Never give up’, or ‘Don’t give up’.

Both messages are very inspirational and motivating. They could be just what you need to hear as you are on the brink of giving up. However in this case, as the tattoo artist combined both of phrases, the tattoo just doesn’t make sense.


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There is no greater honour for a brand than one of it’s keen supporters paying homage to it, by getting themselves branded with their logo. In this case, the lucky company is Nike.

This guy is obviously a huge fan of Nike and wants everyone to know it, by getting their logo tattoo’d on his body. The guy in question has chosen to make the logo as noticeable as possible by getting it on his neck and as big as possible.

I’m not sure if Nike are aware of this, maybe the guy will get some free gear if they find out!

No Pen No Gain

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As we have discovered from this list already, spelling mistakes unfortunately are getting more common in tattoo’s as more people are getting ink on their bodies. However in this case, the tattoo fail isn’t down to a misspelling, the error in questions is due to the fact that the tattoo artist has written the completely wrong word!

Perhaps when the person asked for this tattoo they spoke quite low, or maybe they really do love pens. Presumably this tattoo was supposed to say ‘No pain no gain’ but unfortunately says ‘No pen no gain’.

No Regrets

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This tattoo fail initially was made very popular by the Hollywood movie, Meet The Millers. In the movie, the daughter played by Emma Roberts goes out with a young man who isn’t all that clued in when it comes to spelling. This is shown by his chest tattoo which says, ‘No Ragrets’.

Unfortunately in this case, this tattoo is not from a movie, this is real life. The misspelling changes it from regrets to regerts, ironically making this tattoo something that you would immediately regret.

Stay Strong No Matter What Happens

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The person in this photo may have to take her own advice, very literally. Again this is an unfortunate case of words of wisdom and motivation gone horribly wrong.

The image seems to have been taken from someone sat behind this young lady on a bus, so we’re not even too sure if she is aware of this mistake herself. The misspelling in this tattoo is the word ‘what’, which is spelt ‘wath’.

We think she may have to stay very strong to deal with the misspelling in this tattoo!

Thanks Mother For My Life

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When going through this list, you have to ask yourself, what could possibly be worse than having a tattoo with a word that’s spelt incorrectly? The only realistic answer to that question is having a tattoo with two words spelt incorrectly!

Unfortunately this is what happened to this young man. The tattoo should read correctly as ‘Thanks mother for my life’ but unfortunately reads as ‘Thenks mather for my life’. It looks like it could be a painful tattoo to get corrected!

There, Their And They’re

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These three words have haunted many of us throughout our school years, and even through to our adult years! Some adults can still get very confused over which is the right one to use in which context. However if in doubt, just ask someone or search on Google for the correct answer.

That is what this tattoo artist should have done, or possibly the person who wrote the passage out to be tattoo’d. They have used ‘their’ instead of ‘they’re’. It’s a painful mistake that they will hopefully learn from!

Too Cool For School

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I think this tattoo almost speaks for itself and doesn’t require any words. It’s like the old saying, a picture speaks a thousand words. That is certainly true for this tattoo!

It’s hard to know if this person has let their child tattoo them or they tried to tattoo themselves. I don’t think it would be possible for a trained professional tattoo artist to produce work of this calibre.

This tattoo is another strong contender for the most ironic tattoo award, as this tattoo is definitely not too cool for school!

Winter Is Coming

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We all have favourite tv shows and movies. One of the best things about having a favourite tv show, is proudly shouting about it to everyone, even if they didn’t ask. We can see from this photo, that this person wants everyone to know how much they love the famous hit tv show, Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is very popular around the globe, with many fanatic fans taking tours in different countries to visit the set of the tv show. I’m sure this person isn’t the only proud owner of a G.O.T tattoo, however I don’t think anyone else has one circling around their hairline.

With Pain Comes Strength

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This motivational phrase almost sounds very similar to the famous one line phrase from the Spiderman series, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Both phases are clearly set out to motivate and inspire all who hear them, in this case in the form of a tattoo, to motivate and inspire all who see it.

However this is not what you think of when you look at this tattoo. Not only does it finish with a spelling error, but the writing slurs off after the first word. It really makes you question if the person had the strength or not to have this tattoo done.

Young Girl Portrait

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This is the second portrait to feature in this list, and again it is a portrait of a child. It seems as though a parent has got a portrait of what was supposed to be their child, however the result looks somewhat different.

The finished product looks rather frightening and quite similar to something from a horror movie. As the tattoo itself is big, it would require a huge cover up to replace it or even laser tattoo removal, but that would take quite a long time and a number of sessions to complete.

Baby Girl

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Baby girl is often a nickname given to a girl by her boyfriend or husband. It is definitely meant to be a compliment and one that this lady seems to have taken onboard by getting it tattoo’d on her neck! However there are a few issues with this tattoo.

The first issue is the spelling. It’s spelt incorrectly with two b’s in the middle. This brings us onto the second issue. It seems like the letter ‘b’ and the word ‘girl; was added to this tattoo at a later stage. So before hand it would have just said the name ‘Abby’. This now brings new meaning to this tattoo as a possible cover up of an ex’s name? Who knows!


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The word classy can refer to a lot of things. In this case it seems as though the person is referring to themselves as classy, in ironically, a not so classy way. The tattoo itself is very big and hard to miss. Also the positioning of this tattoo is on the lower back, again making it slightly less classy.

It seems that this person may have received a compliment and loved it so much that they decided to get it tattoo’d on themselves!


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Here we can see a mugshot from a prisoner which shows us their facial tattoo’s. Getting a tattoo on your face is a very brave move, as it would be very sore to have it removed, so it basically is with you for life. Also, everyone can see your face, it’s quite hard to hide.

In this image we can see the inmate has several tattoo’s around his facial area. It looks a little like clown make up that he has had tattoo’d onto his face. You can see the outline of the clown smile and the style of eye make up that a clown would normally wear.


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A cougar is not only an animal, but also a slang term for a lady who prefers the company of men that are younger than her. It’s a slang term that normally isn’t taken too seriously, however it seems that this lady has taken it to heart. If not her heart, she has definitely taken it to her chest.

This lady has got the word cougar tattoo’d proudly across her chest, possibly as a symbol to let people know that she is on the look out for a new younger companion.

Ex’s Name

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In recent years it has become more growingly popular for people to have the name of their partner or spouse tattoo’d on their body. This is a controversial topic in tattoo parlours around the globe as many tattoo artists now refuse to tattoo a name onto someones body unless it is their kids. The reason for this is simple, if things don’t work out, then people often regret the tattoo and point blame towards the tattoo artist.

This is very much the case in this image. Yet instead of removing the tattoo or adding other letters around it so that it doesn’t stand out too much, this person has opted to have another message tattoo’d under it!


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Hair transplants have become more common now with men as with technological advances, the procedure has become more readily available and cheaper. Celebrities such as the famous English soccer player Wayne Rooney, is an advocate for this procedure.

In this image we can see that the person in question has opted for another variation of this procedure. Instead of getting a hair transplant, this guy has opted to get his hairline tattoo’d onto his forehead. This is definitely a major tattoo fail as it’s very obvious that this isn’t the persons real hair, and the tattoo would be very hard to cover up due to where it is.


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In this picture we can see another example of a hair related tattoo. However in this case, the person is not trying to fool anyone but instead he points out the obvious.

Baldness in most males is just a part of life and a sign of getting older. It’s something that a lot of men dread and really hope it doesn’t happen to them, so it’s weirdly nice to see that someone has a sense of humour over the issue!

If You’re Gonna Be Dumb You Got To Be Tough

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This is a mantra that the person in question has clearly chosen to live by. It is another motivational and inspirational quote tattoo that not only is supposed to motivate the owner of the tattoo but also others who read it.

Unfortunately with this tattoo there are a number of flaws that make it hard to take this mantra seriously. Firstly the style and the typography make this tattoo very hard to read. The layout of the font itself isn’t very pleasing to the eye. To top it off there is a misspelling of the word ‘your’. It should be correctly spelt as ‘you’re’.

Leave A Comment Below

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Social media plays an important part in day to day life for many people around the World. A lot of people use to it to keep in touch with family or friends and people also use it to make new friends and connections. It has become an essential part of every day life.

This tattoo depicts the line ‘leave a comment below’ which comes from Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms. In this case ‘below’ refers to the persons ear. Rather than typing on a keyboard they want to have a real life conversation with them.

Lightning Bolt

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We have seen a number of facial tattoo’s so far in this list and one thing that they all have in common, is they are extremely visible. This tattoo is no exception. This image was taken of an inmate in prison and you can see the lightning bolt that they have tattoo’d on their forehead.

You could make a lot of assumptions as to what this tattoo is supposed to represent. Was the inmate an electrician? Did they love watching lightning storms? Are they a huge Harry Potter fan? I guess we’ll never really know.

Marilyn Monroe

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In this picture we can see yet another portrait tattoo, but this time instead of a portrait of a child the person has decided to get a portrait of the famous icon, Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately the tattoo artist has definitely not done justice to the beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

The tattoo artist clearly chosen to use a lot of shading in this piece and has completely over done it. The outline might have been alright, before the started shading it in. The portrait does not look like the movie star and instead looks like a much older woman with very little resemblance to the actual icon.

Money Moustache

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As the saying goes, “I’ve got money on my mind”, in this image we can see that this man has clearly changed this saying to “I’ve got money on my upper lip”. This is a very bizarre tattoo as you don’t often see this part of the face with ink on it. The plus side is that if he was to grow a moustache and beard it may cover the facial tattoo.

Unfortunately for the shoulder, neck and chest tattoo’s the only way to cover all of these up would be to wear a t-shirt or a jumper.

No Dream Too Big

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We have seen many motivational and inspirational tattoo’s on this list, and this one is no different. You can clearly see that this person has tried to have the quote ‘No dream is too big’ written in ink across his chest but the ‘to’ is missing the second ‘o’. So although it sounds correct, the spelling is incorrect and should be “too”.

Also the visual representation of what the tattoo says does not add up. It doesn’t look very good or inspiring. Thankfully as it is quite small in comparison to other chest tattoo’s, he should be able to get this covered up easily enough.

Onion Armpit

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It’s hard to find the exact words to describe this tattoo. The best way to describe it is extremely unusual. This lady has got an onion tattoo’d under her armpit. It’s very strange looking, but also the idea and concept behind it is bizarre.

I don’t understand why anyone would get this tattoo in that particular place, unless it was to proudly represent a certain odour perhaps. The lady in question appears to be very happy with it, so at least it’s not a total loss.

Pin Up

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Pin up tattoo’s are not uncommon. They really began to get popular when soldiers in the army and navy would get them tattoo’d on them, as they didn’t get to spend much time with females when they were on tour or out at sea.

Traditionally if done right, pin up tattoo’s can look fantastic. Unfortunately that is not the case in this picture. We can see the lady holding the original image next to her shocking scribble of a tattoo, so you know exactly what it was supposed to look like. The tattoo that was actually completed basically looks like a scribble that you’d see in a notebook, and most definitely not the work of a professional tattoo artist.


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This tattoo depicts a set of three rules, yet it doesn’t make much sense. Rules are normally something that you can follow and live by but in this case where it says rules its just listing 3 aspects of life.

It also has them listed on a gravestone, which again doesn’t really make any sense. The overall style and finish with this tattoo does not add up. It’s a poorly drawn tattoo with no real message or reason behind it. Hopefully this person can either get a cover, or laser treatment to start removing it.


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This tattoo doesn’t need much of an explanation as to why it has made it’s way onto our list. The artwork itself is great on this tattoo, as it really has the desired 3D effect. However the actually tattoo of the spider on this guys face is just too much to handle. Although everyone should be an individual and not conform to the social norms, this guy has clearly taken it a step too far.

A tattoo like this would be impossible to cover up unless he wanted to go for a full face tattoo, which would be a lot of work with the chance that it may not even improve the current situation.

Taco Bell

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So far in this list we have seen people with tattoo’s of their favourite artists and favourite clothing brands, but this is the first tattoo that we have seen which features the branding of a fast food restaurant. The tattoo shows the famous logo of the American fast food outlet, Taco Bell. This person must be a huge fan of the company to get a tattoo of the logo on their body.

We don’t know if the fast food company are aware that a fan has their logo tattoo’d on their body, maybe this person will get some free food on their next visit to one of the Taco Bell restaurants, you never know.

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