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Stop setting goals and start setting systems


Everyone has specific goals that they have set for themselves, whatever they are, everyone has them. But, for you to reach those goals, you have to have steps that will lead you towards those goals. Everyone has to have individual systems that will guide and move you forward to the set goal. For every purpose there is a specific system, if you wanted to become a writer, the end goal is to write a book, but before that can happen, you have to have an idea of what the book will be about, which people are you aiming to be the readers and calculate how much time will be required to write the book. You will need a steady writing schedule and not step away from it. Ideas won’t come regularly, but when they do, you have to sit a commit to them. Another example of setting a system is if you are a sports team, for every team the end goal is to win the league, but before that happens, you have to set a system so the team can be successful. Good coaches, training every day and develop tactics and chemistry in the team, so everyone knows what their job is. See who your opponents will be during the season and compere and see what is it you need to do to be better them every one. Setting systems is more important than goals, and if you are more likely to be successful.

Goals Can Impact the Way you Feel at Certain Times

If you are just setting goals, it can be a little hard. Goals are way into the future, and seeing them from where you are now can look challenging. By setting the goal, you are telling yourself that in the future you will change and maybe have something that you don’t have right now. Seeing how hard it would be to get there, it can way you down, so instead, just focus on what your situation is currently and set systems that can help you get better day-by-day. No matter what lies ahead, just concentrate on your actions, and every step you take can be a little victory. Every goal has its difficulties, for someone, it can take more time then someone else, just move at your pace and everything will fall into place.

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Long-term Progress is not a Given with Goals

Having set the goal, it is not always the case that you will continue at the same pace after you reached it. For example, if you’re your goal is to run a marathon, and you are running every day to train for the marathon, once you finish the marathon you stop and complete your goal, you are back to where you started — but having a system and during the preparations for that marathon, after its finished, you will continue and push on for the next one because that way you prepare will become a habit.

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You Cannot Predict the Future

Once we have set the goal, we like to predict what it will be like when we get to it. But as much as we want to, we can’t see what it will be like during our way there let alone at the end. If we focus too much on what can it be like, we are not ready enough to take the steps towards achieving the goal. By setting systems, you can at least know what will be required to do along the way, and how hard you will have to work towards the end. Also, you will see and try to dodge anything that can be a setback towards reaching the end.

Image Source; The Kiwi Report

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