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Stranger helps autistic boy during their flight


Sometimes it is good to read a story where you still can say that the world is filled with good people. Before this mom was about to let her son on a flight, she was worried that he wouldn’t be comfortable and that the flight would be a disaster, but a kind stranger on the plane would change everything.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Landon, a 7-year-old autistic boy was going to take a flight to go see his father, but Landon’s mother, Alexa Bjornson was worried about the trip her son was about to take because she was not going to go with him to help him through the flight. Landon was diagnosed with high functioning autism and it was an issue that the flight could be very difficult and hard for him.

Because Alexa wanted her son to be safe and comfortable as much as possible, she decided that she would write a letter explaining Landon’s condition, and Landon would give the letter to the person sitting next to him on the flight. She said in the letter that he could get nervous and uncomfortable during the flight, so she tapped 10 dollars to the letter which was meant for the person to take and if they could help Landon feel relaxed.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

As the mother was sitting at home worrying how Landon was going to get through the flight, she got a text message and a photo of a stranger and Landon on the flight. Ben who was sitting next to Landon on the flight took care of Landon the whole flight and he and Landon took a photo to send to his mother Alexa. He also said that the money she tapped to the letter wasn’t necessary and that he would donate the money to a charity for kids with autism.

Alexa was worrying all they about how he would go through the flight, and not only did everything go so well but Landon even made a new friend. She also was assured that in this world of ours there are still good and kind people who want to help out and make things better.

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