The Strangest Animal Mating Rituals You’ll Ever Hear About

The mating rituals of some animals are amazingly peculiar. These seemingly bizarre yet astonishing rituals range from the explosion of genitals to gender alterations while others lead to death. Here is a list of 40 animals and their unusual mating rituals.


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One would not believe that such colorful displays of tail feathers are in fact a desperate attempt by peacocks to win the attention and affection of the females. In enticing their potential mate, peacocks flash their tail feathers, strut back and forth, ultimately advertising their sexual and physical fitness. The rattling noises produced capture the interest of the females who will then naturally select their mate based on the size, color and feather quality. The lucky male who suits her preference earns the pleasure of perching on her back and aligning his tail over hers with the hope that his flashy impressive tails fans create the most offspring.


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Each fall in the North American forests, a bizarre mating ritual occurs by none other than the porcupine. Despite her somewhat 30 000 needle-like daggers and only an 8 to 12 hour window of fertility, the female porcupines laces the air with a pungent perfume, rejecting all who do not meet her preference. When she finds a suitable mate, he stimulates her through urination. Females minimise danger by resting their quills flat against their body allowing their mates to briefly mount them. The couple will mate multiple times before she eventually moves away, leaving him to find more mates while she spends the next few months preparing for and nursing the next prickly generation.

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