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Stray Kitten Approaches Dog Walker And Won’t Stop Meowing Until She Takes Her Home


Cats or dogs the life old question. Whatever side you’re on, you must care for animals no matter what their breed is. That was the case for one woman that was out for what she thought was an ordinary walk with her dog when all of a sudden something unexpected happened.

Namely, this whole event happened in an Orlando neighborhood when a stray kitten was hurt and in desperate need of some help. So, the cat decided to approach the nearest person that could help her, and that happened to be the woman that was walking her dog.

Kiara, the dog walker, was astonished by how brave the kitten was to approach her while she was walking her huge dog. Kiara didn’t think that there was something wrong with the kitten, and she didn’t do anything at first, but once the kitten followed her across the sidewalk and she started meowing louder and louder, she knew something was wrong, and she picked up the kitty.

Kiara picked up the cat, and she started going from door to door with the filthy kitten whose fur was covered in oil and which was infested with fleas. She tried to find who the owner of the cat was, but as she suspected in the beginning, the kitten didn’t have an owner. In fact, it spent its whole life on the streets.

So, she took the kitten to her home, she and her boyfriend bathed the little thing and fed her. And, once they were finished with the bath, they could notice how much filth came out of the kitten by the color of the bath water, it was dark rusty brown, but it was a big achievement for them, because, for the first time in the kitten’s life, she was finally properly bathed and fed.

They decided to give the name Hope to the cat, and once they were all done with the bath and the feeding, Kiara’s heart started melting when she saw how the kitty’s paws knead the bed, and the fact that she was purring showed that she was finally happy with her life. One thing was for sure, and Hope felt like she was home!

The kitten was lucky to find someone like her new owners, Chris, and Kiara who were going to take care of her tirelessly, but life wasn’t going to be all sun and roses for Hope, in fact, the first visit to the veterinarian showed that the kitty was very dehydrated and underweight. But, she was lucky that Kiara and Chris were here to take care of her.

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Only after a few months did Kiara notice that Hope wasn’t an ordinary cat and that in fact, she is a Maine Coon cat. Namely, she wouldn’t have noticed this if Hope hadn’t started gaining weight.

A couple of months had passed since the whole event when Kiara and Hope met. And, this was when her life started going in an upward line. Hope started gaining weight, and she was finally happy in her new home. Chris and Kiara take her with them on their family trips along with the dog, but for now, she is the center of attention. When they go out on trips, Hope’s favorite place to be in the car is Kiara’s shoulder, but she also loves to play in amazon boxes!

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