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Student Nominated For Nobel Prize After ‘Skipping School’ For Environmental Activism


Youngsters are our future, and they sure have the power to get the world on the right path and improve it. A young girl named Greta Thunberg  from Sweden who is not your typical student wanted to show people that climate change and global warming are not a good thing for our world and our planet, so, once she found out that Sweden is not following the Paris Agreement, she decided to speak up and let her voice be heard. So, she gathered up youngsters from all over the world and started protesting. Greta was a great leader, and this time she was leading her fellow followers in the fight for their planet and their environment.

Students Protest for the Climate

The first time that the youngster heard about global warming and the harmful impact that it has on our planet, she was only eight-years-old. And after her initial discovery, not too many were discussing the climate change so, she decided to try and raise people’s awareness of the dire state our planet was. And so, began her first-ever strike. And, because of the inability of Greta, and youngsters her age of voting, they decided to gather up and start a protest, because this was their only viable option.

Image Source: WELT / YouTube

Greta Thunberg was only 15 years old when she decided to stop going to classes to protest and stand in front of her homeland’s parliament holding up a sign. On that sign, she wrote that schools are striking for the climate of the World. And even despite the fact that Greta did not receive any parental support, she stood and fought for her ideas each and every Friday for three weeks. In the beginning, she wanted to miss her classes every Friday for only three weeks, but once she saw that her protests actually increased people’s awareness about the problem she kept on going even after the initial three weeks.

Why Does she do it?!

People found out about Greta through her Friday protests, and she also stated her position about the politicians, what she thinks about the environment, and people’s awareness about global warming. She had one conference where she was speaking about the adults’ point of view on young people. And that’s where she said her best words that… She said that she doesn’t want adults to hope about the youngsters’ future. She wants them to panic!

Image Source: Picture-Alliance / Daniel Reinhardt / DPA

Critics even called Greta out for using climate change and global warming as an excuse to get away from going to school. But, Greta doesn’t care what they think, and she is set to fight for her future, and the future of this world in general. She is now supported by thousands upon thousands of students from cities all over the world, USA, Australia, Europe, etc. that have similar beliefs and want to make sure that they speak up! They do similar walkouts like Greta, supporting her stance.

Take Care of our World! Panic about our Future!

The IPPR published a study this year that shows how people, in general, reached a tipping point in dangerous temperatures for their environments, and how this becomes a dangerous threat for a social collapse!

Image Source: Svante Thunberg / Twitter

Students all over the world have been gathering around Greta’s bravery, so they all started the Fridays for Future movement. And, what’s even better, and what gives me, even more, hope is the fact that even some of the celebrities have taken these events to Twitter and other social media in order to support the kids that are protesting for our World!

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