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Student With Autism Gets Diploma And Silent Standing Ovation


A lot of us see it as the pinnacle of our lives when you graduate and get your diploma. But, how would you feel if you get the diploma and nobody is clapping at your name? Well, that’s what happened for this graduate student who was suffering from a disease that is more and more present in youngsters – autism when he got his diploma. He got a silent standing ovation, and the kindness in the whole hall was practically unbelievable!

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

One of the Many Problems for their Son

The student who was suffering from autism was Jack Higgins. He was 21 years old when he was about to collect the diploma, and he got out on stage, covering his ears. He was doing this because of the fact that one of the problems that his parents were very scared about was this – The fact that noise, one of the main triggers for their son’s severe autism, can actually trigger the disorder. But, they were really happy at the same time because of the fact that they were going to finally see their son walk across the stage and get the diploma.

Making the big Announcement

Because this was a big problem for her son, Jack’s mother decided that she needed to meet up with the principle of the school that her son went to. Mr. Lou Riolo was happy to meet with Jack’s mother because they needed to discuss her fears. And, this was when the principle came with one of the best ways for Jack to get his diploma! The students were off celebrating for their final mark of high school when principle Mr. Lou Riolo came to the announcement booth and made an announcement. He said that they were about to give the diploma to Jack, but in order for him to receive it, everybody had to be quiet.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

The Silent Celebration for Jack

None of the people in charge actually knew if this whole thing would work. But, Jack’s teachers and the parents who were present to the ceremony never expected him to come up with such a response. Each and every person present in the room was waving at the student on the stage, or they were silently clapping to express their appreciation. And this meant that the student was able to receive his diploma successfully, and his parents were able to see their son receive his diploma and their dreams come true!

The principle – Mr. Lou Riolo said that he believes that each and every one of us has a kind soul. And, in the whole event with Jack, his class showed just how much they care for their friend and fellow student. They silently congratulated him for his achievement and celebrated his diploma in the most fantastic way possible. Although it wasn’t an easy thing to do, everybody worked together for their fellow student – Jack!

What do you think about their kind gesture that Jack’s classmates and the principal did for the ceremony? Do you believe that they did the right thing? Or maybe you would do it in another way? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


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