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Surprising items that would help you on a desert island


Name a couple of items that you would take with you if you were stranded on a deserted island alone, I know I’ve played this game a lot of times, and I am sure that most of you did too. The funny thing is that there are literally millions of answers out there. Each and every person has their own solution. But, every solution includes at least one of these couple of items that all people think that they might be crucial for their survival at a desert island. We’re talking about this simply because of the fact that there are a couple of answers that you’ve never thought about, and they can be decisive.

When we’re playing this game in real life, we’re probably thinking of some hypothetical answers, and that’s why we might answer with something that we would love to have there, and it wouldn’t be of any use to us. But, there’s a problem with this approach, some of those things might not be practical to use, and some of them, you won’t be able to use at all. So, today we’re going to talk about five things that can help you if you’re stranded on a desert island.

Machetes – A Diverse Piece of Survival Kit

The first item on our list, Machete, is a pretty obvious one to start with. There are tons of usage scenarios for the machete if you’re trying to survive on a desert island. You can use it to cut your path in the jungle, and you can use it to cut trees, hunt food, and protect yourself and many more scenarios. You can reap the benefits of something that versatile on a desert island. It is amazingly available, and it’s not that expensive, so everybody can buy one.

Image Source: Kiwi Report

A Hammock – You Need to Sleep Somewhere Right?

One of the things that you learn that it is hard only after you try to do it is building a bed. And, if you’re on a desert island, you know that if you lay down on the ground, you will be completely exposed to all the bugs, some of which might even be deadly. So, the best way to protect yourself during the night would be to elevate yourself as far as possible from the ground. This is why you will need a hammock, and it gives you a place to sleep that is high above the ground, and, when you don’t need it as a bed, it has a dual purpose because you can use it as a thick sheet.

Mobile Phone – It Might Prove to be Crucial for You!

You might think that because you might not get reception there, you wouldn’t be able to use a cell phone even if you took one with you on a deserted island. Well, if you have a mobile phone with you, you can send out an SOS message and keep it on for only a couple of hours a day. This way, the phone might pick up some signal during the day, and send the SOS message out eventually. Even if it might run out of battery, the time that you have your phone on might prove to be most crucial for your survival.

Image Source: Kiwi Report

Signal Mirror – Flash Your Way out!

For all of you survivalists out there, you must have heard of one of the crucial pieces of every survival kits – Signal mirrors are an easily accessible survival kit that you can purchase online. You can use this mirror to send out signals and catch the attention to planes and passing ships with flashes seen a whopping 25 miles away from the mirror.

Staying Sane with a Family Photo

Whatever you take with you on a deserted island, it can be more crucial than something that motivates you to fight to get back home. And what is a better motivation than a picture of your family that you’re essentially trying to get back to? This picture might keep you sane, and staying sane and with a clear mind is one of the most important things in order to think of ways out!

These few things that we’ve listed above are just a couple of the most important survival kit pieces. Having these in your survival kit means that your chances of surviving and getting back are big, there are tons of advantages that you can get from them. So, make sure that you bring a couple of these with you on every trip, you never know what might happen!


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