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Sweden’s Parental Leave Laws Are The Best In The World For This Reason


By becoming a parent, you realize that you have gotten the best gift that you can ever get. You start seeing the world in a different light, and it brings smiles on your face. You’re immediately more joyful, and it gives you a purpose for your life and a reason to live. But, as we all probably know (at least everybody should know this), by becoming a parent, you immediately start living a different life filled with responsibilities and chores. And, with laws in most countries, a lot of the parents need to get back to work really quickly after their child was born. The dads in some states are required back at work the second day after their kid was born. But, that’s not the case in all of the countries. In fact, there are some countries that take really good care of the parents. As of lately, Sweden has entered these countries and brought the best parental leave laws in the whole world. So, let’s talk a bit about these laws and life in Sweden as a parent.

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Why is Sweden Great for living there?

All of you have probably already heard about Sweden. This country is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world, and I am not amazed. Once I saw the factors surrounding the resident and government satisfaction, I was shocked. This country and the government there sure know how to take good care of the people that are living there. You can see a lot of European families trying to make their way into Sweden in order to start a better life for their families. Another great benefit that you get with life in Sweden is the fact that they have amazing parental leave laws as of this year, so this makes Sweden a great place to raise a child. Their laws are unique to other countries, instead of making one of the parents (or both of them) to head back to work, they have something much different in store.

Paternity Leave is Shorter than Maternity Leave

A big difference between the leaders of Sweden and the leaders of other countries that brings Sweden miles ahead of every other country in the world is the fact that they care about the citizens that live in their country. In other countries, paternity leave is oftentimes short, and in some countries, it is not existent, but in some cases, the father is needed at home, and the mother can’t be the only one taking care of the kid.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Two can do it Better!

Well, Sweden has decided to differentiate their parental leave laws from other countries. And that’s why parental leave is the same for the two parents. The parents of the newborn child get 16 months for both of them when their kid is born. The parental leave is fully paid for the full 16 months, and they can divide it any way they would want to. They can spend eight months with their baby each, they can split it up into two batches of 8 months, or they can both spend eight months together with their baby.

These laws sure brought Sweden in front of every other country, and more and more people are finding out about these new parental leave laws that Sweden has decided to try.


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