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Sweet dog ready to leave shelter after four years


The Paris, Maine Animal shelter has been the home of the cute dog named Ginger for nearly five years now. And the life for her there was great, she has won over the hearts of both volunteers and the staff, they called her the “Little Princess” of the shelter. And the long stay of the princess has resulted in her several outings. Ginger is a cute dog, and she won’t run out of you if you take her out for some walks, and if you take her to McDonald’s and buy her favorite snack there – A plain cheeseburger.

Long 4 Years at the Shelter

Responsible Pet Care’s director spoke to HuffPost and he told them that despite the fact that they love their little princess, they need to give her away from the shelter and find her a loving family. A post on Facebook with a photo of ginger and her history and needs started going viral. On the photo you’ll see ginger’s “puppy eyes” and a sign hanged around her neck saying “I have been in the shelter for 1,456 days. Please Adopt me.” The beginning of the story of ginger is way back in 2014 when she was taken as a stray dog.

Image Source: Facebook

Trying to Find the Right Family

The real reason why Ginger has been in the shelter for so long is that the staff there was trying to find her a family with some specific predispositions. The reason of this is because even though the dog is outgoing, wants to snuggle, and knows how to love you, the director says that when it comes to her resources, food and her toys she can get a bit defensive and aggressive. So, this means that she cannot be placed in a home where there might be other animals that are not going to leave her alone or even little kids who might do something that might trigger her.

Image Source: Facebook

As the put it from the RPC, Ginger has never bitten anyone, and the reason that they want to find this specific family is that they want to keep it that way. They want to find her a family that will be able to cater to Ginger’s needs. And, they are pretty strict with the specifications. They want to find her a family that will accept her as a new family member.

They’re Willing to let Even Non-Local Family Adopt her

The RPC organization has done everything in their power to help Ginger get the home that she actually deserves. They are even open to non-local families, but first, they are going to need to do some research on the family. First of all the family will be obligated to come to the shelter and meet Ginger, next they’re going to need to allow the shelter to do a checkup of their home, and if they have the right conditions for Ginger’s thriving.

For anyone that would like to give Ginger the proper care and love she deserves, you’ll be able to find the applications on the website of the organization. And even though they want to keep her in there, they know what’s the best for her, and they’re trying to allow her to live a good life.


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