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Teachers are not just educators – they’re life coaches


The majority of us felt the same when school was in question. None of us liked it and we didn’t enjoy going through our education. When you take the fact that if we didn’t go to school we could spend the whole day outside and play you would see what our problem with school was. Whatever the problem was, now when we grew older, we could agree that education plays an important role in our life. Yes, there might be a lot of things that we learn there which we will never implement in our lives, but some of the things we learn are pretty important and oftentimes can help us in life.

More than Just a Student

Each and every one of us had their favorite teachers which we loved more than the rest. We actually enjoyed these teachers’ classes the most and enjoyed listening to them explaining the things that they had to explain. Have you ever wondered why you liked their classes more than others? You might have enjoyed their classes because of the fact that they treated you like you weren’t just a student, they treated you like you were something more than a student…

To be a likable teacher you should understand that teaching is not your only job. And breezing through the lessons is not going to be enough to make your students like you. Yes, going through the lessons is important in order for us – the students to get the knowledge, but the fact remains, that school is much more than just learning things and doing math. Take our favorite teachers for example. You’ve probably noticed that they talked about much more than just the lessons that they had to teach you, that’s because they were trying to impart wisdom on us. And this probably shaped up the person that you grew to be today.

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We Learn Throughout our whole Lifes

While yes, a lot of things are thought to us in school, there are still tons of things that we haven’t even touched there.  While yes, some of us might be using Math and Science in their lives, but many of us never have benefited from these subjects. We would benefit more if we just went through some of the more important life building subjects that will implement for sure in our lives when we’re trying to build our life and ourselves in general.

These teachers spend a lot of their time in order to teach us the things that we actually need to know. They don’t spend that much time on the lessons for the subject that they’re teaching. And yes, we might have our parents here to teach us those things when we need some of them, but it’s not very likely that they’d sit down with us and talk through the life building techniques. School is the perfect place where we can learn these things, and our teachers have the authority to make us learn them. This is exactly what the teachers that we loved in our school did, they knew that their job was not only to share their knowledge on the subject’s topic and that they needed to teach us something more and they delivered on both fronts.

Taking their Example

During our school years, we spend as much time with our parents as we do with our teachers. And frankly, all of them influence on our lives and we end up consuming a lot of things from all of them.

Both teachers and parents play a big role in teaching us our life lessons during our vulnerable age because they take up so much of our time.

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Being a teacher comes with great responsibilities, but everyone that decided to take up the challenge of that job probably already knew the burdens that were coming with the job. They should enjoy sharing their experiences and their influence that will end up shaping up our personality. And while there are a lot of teachers that end up doing these things, a lot of them don’t even understand what their job requires from them and that’s why we end up loving some of them more than others.


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