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Teen Develops Bra To Help Detect Breast Cancer After His Mother Beats Diagnoses – Twice


Today, we’re going to speak a bit about breast cancer and the negative effects that it can have both on the people suffering from them and their families too. But, don’t worry this article is not going to be as gray as you think it might be, ‘cause we’re also going to talk about what breast cancer inspired one teenage boy to do when his mother was diagnosed with it, and he experienced some of the consequences. Instead of curling up in a corner because “that’s just how life is” he decided to focus his anger and frustration into coming up with something that can help others.

How it All Started

Back in 2013, the young kid Julian Rios Cantu discovered the devastating news that his mother was suffering from breast cancer. The fact that she didn’t manage to notice the symptoms at the cancer’s earlier stages meant that doctors detected the breast cancer in its later stages. She was lucky to so survive, but she had to go under the knife two times. She had two mastectomies. This meant that both of her breasts were removed. But this wasn’t everything, she also suffered tons of physical as well as emotional problems.

Image Source: The Times

This whole experience was pretty traumatic for the young Julian. But, the disease had some good consequences as well. Namely, it brought Julian and his mom really close, closer than they ever were before. But, the best thing to come out of this disease is the will that Julian got to do something about this disease, so that he could stop other kids from suffering the pain that he suffered.

Coming up With an Invention

As he grew older Julian started investing more and more of his time into research about this disease. So he came up with an amazing idea that would turn up to be something really beneficial. He invented a bra that detects signs of breast cancer and notifies the wearer. So, once he was done with the research, he and his business partner, Antonio Torres, decided to patent the idea. The also started a company called “Higia Technologies” that was in charge of the production of the bra.

Image Source: Facebook / Higia Technologies

The named their product EVA, and the bra was the first wearable that wasn’t as intrusive as others and was pretty portable, and yet effective at detecting signs of breast cancer by following the thermal patterns of the breasts of the wearer. The bra had some thermal sensors to sense the heat coming out of the tumor tissues.

Trying Their Invention

The young business partners and their workers started testing the bra, and they even did some clinical research that included 153 women. 33 of those women were already diagnosed with the disease. After they were done with the tests the EVA bra came up with a whopping 81.7 percent accuracy.

Image Source: Facebook / Julián Ríos Cantú

The company that Torres and Julian started is still in function and they decided to conduct even more researches and tests in Mexico. A lot of investors have invested into the idea that Julian and his friend got and they are getting great support. They also did a couple of pre-sales that should get on the market soon, but they don’t want to rush their project before they perfect it.


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