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Teen is coughing and asks dad to take her to hospital – within hours the truth becomes apparent


A lot of people actually get sick in the months of winter. And, also, you’re not the only one that tries to delay going to do a simple check in the hospital, especially when we’re talking about something as simple as a cough. We tend to pretend that we’re our own doctors, and that’s a bad thing. Tell me, what did you do the last time you felt sick? Let me guess… You felt ill, so you laid down and tried to get some rest in order to feel better when you woke up. But, there are times when the symptoms are not eliminated even after that. And, then should be the time when you call your doctor and ask for some advice around the problem. Yes, you’re not doing anything wrong. Our body has the strength to fight off a simple cough and a cold without any medications. But, you should always keep in mind that what you think is a simple cough it might end up being something way more sinister than just that – a virus.

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This was the case with the 16-year-old Shayla Mitchell. Namely, she felt that something was wrong with her, and she was coughing for an extended period, and the cough just wouldn’t go. So, she thought that she might be suffering from contracted sinusitis. But, a couple of days later, she started feeling really bad, and she felt so sick that she had to tell her father to take her to the doctor. And, her father accepted to take her. The next day, he picked her up from school and took her to the doctor. And, after the doctor, they had made some plans about eating out. After Shayla’s examination, the doctor left his office for quite a long time, and after a long period of time missing, he returned with a message that was about to turn Shayla’s life upside down. As it turned out, the girl was suffering from cancer. Namely, she had a big cancerous tumor that was as big as two-thirds of her breasts. This tumor had even caused one of Shayla’s lungs to stop functioning, which was the main reason why she couldn’t stop coughing. So, despite the bad news that she and her father got, they still decided to go out on that dinner.

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But, they agreed to have it in the hospital instead of a restaurant. What they didn’t expect was the fact that the following 450 meals would be the same as today, they would eat at the pediatric oncology unit of the hospital. The doctors told them that the diagnosis for Shayla was an advanced Hodgkin’s lymphoma and that the situation was looking pretty bad for Shayla. So, Shayla’s father, Tom, decided to make a gesture that would show his daughter that he was supporting her all the way and that he would never let her down. So, Tom got to a store, and he purchased matching bracelets for the two of them, once he gave her the bracelet he promised her that he would wear it each and every day until Shayla beats cancer.

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The next couple of years, Tom and Shayla spent most of the nights together trying to fight off the deadly disease that Shayla was battling. Namely, Tom was there for his daughter supporting her for hundreds of days and nights. While in the hospital, Shayla was constantly undergoing some kind of tests, transfusions, radiation therapies, chemotherapies, and a cardiac arrest. But, she was strong, and she never stopped trying to fight off the disease. And her father was going through the same things he was agonized by the things that his daughter had to go through. He was holding her hair while she was vomiting, he was crying and laughing with her, he was eating what she was eating, and most important of all, he was always there for her motivating her to be strong! But, no matter what he did, the day came when the doctors decided that they couldn’t do anything else for Shayla. The treatment wasn’t doing anything anymore for her, and the bone marrow transplant that she underwent had failed. So there was no way out!

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Tom tried to share his sorrow with the fans of the “Love What Matters” Facebook fan page. And there he wrote about not knowing how to tell his “darling daughter” as he called her what was to follow. He didn’t know how to be brave enough to speak to her, look her in the eyes, and tell her that she is going to die. He also wrote about a quote that he remembered that would sum up the situation that he was in. The quote was, “Can a man still be brave if he is afraid? … That is the only time he CAN be brave.”He also added that he was aware that he needed to be brave for her. He said that he had the conversation, and as he puts it, it was the most amazing and magical moment that the two of them ever had. A couple of days after they had the conversation Shayla sadly passed away and left her father in agony. He was devastated and didn’t know what to do. But, he knew one thing for sure, his daughter fulfilled her promise. She fought hard and long up until the last moment of her life!


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