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Teenagers wrote the sweetest apology after leaving a waiter $3 tip


Tips are almost mandatory today, and anywhere you go, it is a good practice to leave a good tip. But, teenagers are not keen on leaving a decent tip, and the fact that they can be annoying and obnoxious at moments makes them even harder to serve. Today, we have a story about a group of teenagers that have left what can be considered even an insulting tip of only three bucks. But, that wasn’t everything that the kids left. In fact, they left a message for the waiter that gets them out of the bad situation.

The Small Tip

The kids were your ordinary teens who entered the restaurant to have something to eat before they went to the homecoming celebration. The waiter who was serving them remembered his homecoming party and got a bit nostalgic. So, he made sure that the kids were in for a special night.

Image Source: Kiwi Report

After the kids left the restaurant, and the waiter got to see what the tip they’d left him was, he was disappointed. And, given all the attention he was giving the teenagers and all the work he did while trying to make their night special, he should have been disappointed. Namely, they had only left him a three dollar tip for a dinner for four. He was quick to put the tip down as a typical teenager behavior, and he went on with his shift.

Disappointed in the Small Tip

He was obviously disappointed with the small tip that he got by the teenagers, but what else was he going to do. But, as it appeared, he wasn’t the only one who felt disappointed with the three dollar tip that he got. Namely, the teenagers also felt terrible about the tip that they had left the waiter and wanted to do something good for him. So, they got together and wrote him an apology letter. In the letter, they were explaining why they had to leave him that lousy tip and ended up thanking him for the excellent service.

The Letter

The teenagers started the letter telling the waiter why they gathered in the restaurant, they continued to elaborate on the subject, and they explained that this was their first time alone in a restaurant, and then they thanked the waiter for the excellent service and for treating them like grown-ups.

In the next part of the letter, they told the waiter how exciting this night was for them, and they explained to him that he was terrific at serving them. And even with a couple of food allergies between them, the waiter was perfect with their order, and he didn’t make a single mistake, and they were thankful for that.

So, Why did they Leave a Lousy Tip?

The letter continued with the teens explaining how they didn’t know that they should leave a tip let along knowing how much to leave. So, after finishing with the dinner, they noticed that the only thing that was left to all of them was $3.28. So, they decided to put the money on the table and go to their party. They were trying to gather as much as they can together so that they could leave at least something for the waiter. And, they didn’t know that this could be considered insulting.

Image Source: Kiwi Report

Rising Above the Stereotypes

The teens continued to apologize to the waiter saying that they knew that the tip was terrible, and they explained how horrible they felt after about leaving that tip. But that’s not all. They also wrote that they knew that they needed to make it right after the attention that the waiter gave them, so in the letter, they also put the right, 18% tip that the waiter deserved. After the waiter read the letter, he decided to share the story on his social media, and it started taking off from there.

With the 18% for the tip, the kids included a bit extra just because he was amazing to them. And with this, they improved the waiter’s opinion about them, and they rose above all of the stereotypes surrounding teenagers.


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