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The 10 Most Extreme Travel Adventures in the World


Are you an extremist? Do you want to visit some of the most extreme places ever? Well, today is your lucky day! We’ve gathered a list of some of the most extreme places you can visit, driest, coldest, hottest, and more… So people like you can have their fair share of adrenaline bump!

The steepest peak on Earth: Mount Thor, Nunavut, Canada

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Talking about extremes, have you ever climbed the steepest peak ever found on the earth? Well, Mount Thor might not be one of the largest peaks out there, but it sure is one of, if not the steepest one to ever be found. With its highest point at 5495 feet and its 4101-foot straight drop, with an average steepness angle of about 105 degrees. Mountain climbers have been trying to get to the top of the mountain even despite the fact that it’s in a remote area. If you feel like you couldn’t get away with climbing the peak, then, there’s an amazing site and camp that you can visit instead of climbing.

The coldest inhabited place on Earth: Oymyakon, Russia

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From the steepest place, we move on to the coldest inhabited place found on earth, With its -96.16 degrees F measured back in 1924, Oymyakon, a Russian town with a population of about five hundred people is the official coldest place on earth is there. The average of winter temperatures varies, but it’s somewhere around -58 degrees F. These living conditions (if you can call them that) might have some kind of a serious impact on the health of the human body. You can visit this amazing place, but the problem is that there is only one hotel opened in this town, and the earth is constantly covered with ice, throughout the year! Some of the sports that you can do there include skiing, ice hockey, ice fishing and more!

The driest place on Earth: Atacama Desert, Chile

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You sure will be in need of a great sunscreen to take with you when you’ll be going to this desert. Taking our list as one of the hottest places out there, if you’re planning on visiting the Atacama desert in Chile, then you’re in for a quite hot surprise! Some have even said that the soil of the Atacama desert looks like the surface of Mars. In fact, some of the greatest space shows were recorded here (for the mars shots)… Fun fact: The Atacama desert was without any rain for nearly 15 years between January 1903 and January 1918. This desert is sparsely populated and it has a couple of hotels that will cater towards your needs.

The closest place to outer space: Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador

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Lot of us don’t actually get the chance to visit the outer space. So, for those of us, there are only two options, either take a virtual tour in the Space Station or, you can go to Mount Chimborazo. Here are some facts for you, this mountain is an inactive volcano that last erupted somewhere around 550 AD. This volcano is at over 20000 feet high, and despite the fact that Mount Everest 29000 ft. high, this volcano’s position makes it a better place to be looking at the outer space, simply because it is the closest that some of us will ever get to space.

The hottest place on Earth: Lut Desert, Iran

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Another one of our hottest places on earth! With temperatures climbing over 158 degrees F, you’ll need to have thought of how you’re going to keep yourself cool and calm. You’re also going to have to know the symptoms of a heat stroke if you’re planning on going there. A local legend says that this place got the name “Dasht-e Lut”, this means toasted wheat in Persian. A story that originated from long ago, and it claims that a load of wheat burst into flames once it was forgotten outside on the hot desert sun. Lots and lots of tourist come and visit this place, but it would take a lot of courage and nerves to do an endeavor this risky!

The most isolated place on Earth: Tristan da Cunha, United Kingdom

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Do you want to get away from civilization all together on a couple of days? Well, if you answered yes to this question then this one is for you! This is the most isolated places that you can find on earth. It can be found in Great Britain. This place is so far that it is rarely visited by other boats and there is no Airport. To get to this place you would have to start from the Capital city of South Africa, Cape Town, and you need to plan carefully. Namely, boats visit this place only a couple of times a year and getting there would take 6 days minimum.

The coldest continent on Earth: Antarctica

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You had to be expecting the next one. With a small population of around 1000 to 4000 people, Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent on our entire planet. You can visit this place only by boat and you need the ice-strengthened vessels that can break through the ice easily. Here you will be greeted by the breathtaking scenery and the wilderness and peacefulness that it has to offer!

The wettest place on Earth: Mawsynram, India

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467 inches of rainfall isn’t a small amount of rain when you take into consideration that this town receives those rains in a year. Back in 1985, it was announced the wettest place on earth, when over a 1000 inches of rain fell on this city in a single year. Monsoons and the subtropical climate are the reason that this place is constantly swarmed by tourists.

The tallest waterfall in the world: Angel Falls, Venezuela

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Angel Falls, one of the hardest places to reach, with jungle region and tough terrain to pass through. But even this hasn’t stopped thousands upon thousands of tourists to visit this place. These isolated waterfalls boast about 3212 in height, and a 2648 feet plunge as well as a couple of cascades and rapids.

The most treacherous waters on Earth: Gansbaai, South Africa

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Cage diving, we are sure you’ve heard about this attraction. Great White Sharks are the stars of the shows and Gansbaii in South Africa is one of the top visited places just for this attraction. This is because Gansbaii boasts with one of the densest populations of Great White Sharks, and there are lots of people that can give you the pleasure to cage dive with a Great White Shark along your side!


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