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The best apps for keeping your life organized


Managing your work life, love life, all of the meetings and appointments could get pretty hard sometimes. And sometimes you feel like your smartphone is the greatest tool to help you out in all that mess. You have the ability to connect to the internet and download some apps that will help you out a lot in your productivity! But, there are much better ways to help you out increase your productivity, by fully using the power of your smartphone!

There are tons of apps both for android as well as for iOS that can help you out in your quest to be the most organized person! The hardest part would be to actually find the one that suits you and your lifestyle the most… And on that note, we decided to help you out with a couple of all-rounder apps that could help your productivity and keep you organized!

Want To Take a Note – “Evernote”

Ever had an idea in just a flash and realized that you don’t have anything on you that could help you out write it down and save it? Well, those times are over. With this app, you will never forget an idea that you had, ever! You can even add in pictures to go with the text, and even sound recordings if you don’t feel like typing at the time, or if the text you’re trying to write is too long! You can even search something on the internet once you saved it in Evernote. If you’re a student and need to organize your notebooks you can just scan them and insert them into Evernote, and organize them that way (Or, you can just take your notes in Evernote)!

Keep Your Passwords Safe with “LastPass”

Are you one of those types of people that use the same password for everything? And once someone’s got one of your profile passwords they can access each and every profile you own? Or are you one of those people that constantly forget their passwords? Well, “LastPass” has you covered! It will store your passwords within the app and give you one secure and complex master-password to remember which you can later use to log in to your accounts. It will even fill out the passwords for you with the inclusion of the fingerprint reader on your phone!


Ever felt the need of a Financial Planner on your smartphone? Well, Mint has your back! It is the most secure financial planner that will help you out with your transactions and purchases! It was developed by the popular company that has created “TurboTax” and “QuickBooks” so you get a bit more ease of mind. It works great, once you fill out your information it will organize your transactions and the purchases you make through the credit card you set it up for. It also works great if you’re trying to save some money, because it will help you out by putting your expenses in a table-view that will further organize the money you’ve spent.

The apps we mentioned above will take your productivity to the next level, they all are compatible both with Android and iOS phones and are great for making your life easier and saving you both time and in some cases even money!

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