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The Cheesecake Factory Gave Out Free Food On April Fools’ Day, And It Wasn’t A Prank


For all the fans out there that love the Cheesecake Factory (all of you!) The fantastic offer that they published officially ended. Namely, the Cheesecake Factory decided to give out free food to precisely one thousand people that were feeling hungry. All of this happened on the day known as, The April Fools’ Day, the 1st of April. Does this seem too good to be true to you? Well, it might be just that. Read on and find out!

Who gets Cheesecake and how Much does it Cost?!

You get a cheesecake, You get a cheesecake, You get a cheesecake, and You get a cheesecake, Everybody gets a cheesecake. These would be the words of the Cheesecake Factory if they were Oprah Winfrey. These would be the words that one thousand lucky people would’ve heard if it was Oprah who was giving them the cheesecakes.

Image Source: The Beijinger

The offer that this fantastic restaurant chain had was $25 free food for the first one thousand costumers that order their food with DoorDash. DoorDash is a food delivery service. This great offer started at 4:oo p.m and it was functioning on the first to come is first to be served principle. The first one thousand costumers that got a $25 discount card and the card lasted for the whole week following the offer.

They Were Pretty Serious about the Offer

At first, costumers thought that this was just another April Fools’ Day joke, but, after the first gift card rolled in everybody started believing. Arent’ we all expecting something like this from our favorite brand on this magical day when lying is just a game? Well, the restaurant decided to partner up with the delivery service, DoorDash, and they created one of the biggest brand collabs of recent times.

Image Source: NJ

Who doesn’t love an excellent delivery service? After all, we all love food, and we don’t want to work a lot in order to get it, so a delivery service is an excellent great solution to this problem. I think that even the Golden Girls would order cheesecake if they could’ve got it in front of their door. They would surely take an interest in this online event, wouldn’t they?

Is there Going to be Something Similar for the Next Year?!

Nobody knows. We are not able to confirm if something like this will take place the next year too. But, what we can tell you is to prepare anyway. If you genuinely love this brand, make sure that you keep up with the news from the restaurant. Because, if you’re asking yourself this, the chances are that you missed this event, just like we did, and noticed it only after the offer has ended.

Image Source: The Cheesecake Factory

I believe in the Cheesecake Factory, and I am sure that I will like whatever they think of doing next year. People would love to participate in it just like everybody did this year, and they sure will be rewarding their costumers.


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