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The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry take a picture and talks to kid who lost his mother breaking royal rule


Losing a loved one in soul-shattering and hard, and it doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, famous, or just an ordinary individual. When Princess Diana died in 1997, in an unexpected car accident, her son, now the Duke of Sussex, Harry was only 12 years old, and like any other child was devastated by this mother’s death. Millions of people around the world felt heartbroken about the passing of Princess Diana as if they lost someone close to them.

Harry, in an interview back in 2016, said that he never really dealt with the pain as he should. He kept his emotions to himself and tried really hard for the majority of his life, not thinking about the passing of his mother.

With the presence of his wife Meghan Markle, in 2018, Harry went on a global tour, and when they were in New Zealand he met a little boy who had also lost his mother at almost the same age as him, and he knew what was the feeling of losing someone that close to you. Otia Nante was with his grandmother when they met Prince Harry, and they gave him a letter that Otia Nante wrote himself. The little boy also was dealing with the passing of his mother, so that triggered Harry to have a little conversation with the little boy.

Prince Harry told the little boy that life has its way of turning around and that he was the example of that. He told him that it is pretty challenging and he knows what he’s going through but if he could make it to 34 years old, expecting his first child with the woman he loved then anyone can make it through life.

After their little conversation, the boy asked if he could take a photo with the prince who is against the royal rules. But because Prince Harry really enjoyed the time spend with Otia Nante and his grandmother he went against the rules and posed with the boy for a picture.

For a long time now, Prince Harry has publicly spoken about mental health and has raised immense awareness. Prince Harry, with the help of his wife Meghan Markle, his brother Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton run a mental health initiative named Heads Together. Heads Together with some help from other charities, tried to raise awareness about mental health and constantly starts conversations on topics that are still considered taboo.

Back in 2017 when the Heads Together initiative was founded, Prince Harry said that this is the kind of work his mother was really passionate about and that he just wanted to follow in her footsteps and hoped that with this he would have made her proud.

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Prince Harry’s wife once in an interview has said that his caring character is strongly influenced by the passing of his mother and that he has grown to the person that he is today, helping and wishing good to everyone. She also said that even though she has never met his mother, she can feel and see the influence that she had on him through the thing that Prince Harry does.

Even though he knew that doing such an act, even if it is just taking a photo, he would break royal rules, Prince Harry showed that he is only human and has the same compassion and love as everyone else to stop and talk to some people who might need that little conversation to make life a bit easier.

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