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The Fascinating Origins Behind 9 Sodas You Love to Drink


We’ve all heard of the rumors about how one of the soda drinks that we all love used to contain Cocaine. But, have you heard about the one that got made because of the owner’s honeymoon? Or can you guess which soda has the best medicinal benefits that you can enjoy simply by drinking it? If you want to find out about any of the before mentioned questions, make sure that you read the whole article and take a look at these little-known facts about these soda drinks!

The Soda That Was a Cocktail Once – Coca-Cola!

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As we mentioned in the beginning, it’s probable that most of you knew how Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine in its original recipe. But, what’s even more interesting for me is the fact that the original recipe for Coca-Cola contained alcohol too! The fact that up until now, nobody knew what is the exact formula of Coca-Cola, allowed them to use some shady ingredients in the drink. The recipe of this popular drink is a derivation of the original “Pemberton’s French Wine Cocoa”, it is made by a mixture of cocoa leaves, damiana, and a cola nut. The creator of the Pemberton wine was the well-known pharmacist from Atalanta Dr. John Pemberton. He is the man behind the wine, and he is the one who discovered the amazing benefits of the wine for the people who are suffering from extreme mental exertion.

Back in the year 1886, when Atlanta and the Fulton County were affected by the temperance laws, the pharmacist was forced to re-make the original formula of the drink in order to eliminate the alcohol from it and make it a drink with 0% alcohol. Despite the fact that they eliminated the alcohol out of the drink, it still had cocaine in its contents, and it did contain cocaine up until 1905 when they were finally forced to eliminate that ingredient out of the recipe.

The Health Benefits that Pepsi-Cola Can Provide To Us!

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Pepsi, just like their main competition Coca-Cola was also created by a pharmacist, that, as well as the fact that both of them are a carbonated, cola drink, makes the stage even more competitive for them. Caleb Bradham from North Carolina is the pharmacist who created this amazing drink.  The first name of this popular drink was known as “Brad’s Drink”. It, like its competitor, used to possess lots of benefits for the health of the people who were consuming it. The name Pepsi-Cola wouldn’t come up until 1898, and he decided to use this name because one of the main ingredients that Bradham used in his drink – Pepsin, the digestive enzyme! The main fact that we want to talk about is that just like Coca-Cola eliminated their main ingredients, Pepsi did too. They no longer contain Pepsin

Dr Pepper: Why is The DR?

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Waco, Texas is the place where this drink originates from. And despite the fact that there wasn’t a doctor included when this drink was developed, it was also created by a pharmacist, like the other two drinks that we mentioned earlier. This drink was created back in 1885 not by Dr. Peppers, but by Dr. Charles Alderton. And just like Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola, Dr. Peppers also bragged with its medicinal uses because of the phos-ferrates that it originally contained. Back in the days, Dr. Peppers used pepsin in its original formula, the same enzyme by which Pepsi got its name.

There aren’t any verified theories as of why the drink is actually named Dr. Pepper, and despite the fact that people are speculating that the person who owned the drugstore in which he invented the drink is the reason why Dr. Peppers got its name, nobody has ever verified this.

7-Up Stabilizing Moods Since 1929!

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The lime-lemon drink that for our, and I hope your surprise is the only one of the bunch that wasn’t actually developed from a pharmacist. Charles Leiper Grigg is the person who developed this drink and it was back in 1929. It contained Lithium citrate – this ingredient is the one that is used even today for stabilizing people’s mood. The original name of the brand was quite a mouthful before it was transformed into the one we know today – 7-Up. Before this name, the soda was known as “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda.”

Vernor’s: Officially the Oldest Soda!

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Officially the oldest soda drink in the USA that still exists even today. The first ever can of this drink was produced back in the Civil War. This happened when the pharmacist from Detroit called James Vernor found an old ginger-ale syrup that he has forgotten to take from the oak cask. It developed a distinct and strong flavor as a result of the wooden cask that it has been forgotten in. The story that the company goes by is that Vernor forgot the syrup back in 1862 when he was leaving Detroit in order to join the forces for the Civil War. The drink stayed in the oak cask for nearly 5 years when he finally found it and tasted it. The pharmacist started selling his drink in his drug store but once the drink became pretty popular, he started distributing it and close off the drug store.

Pharmacist’s Honeymoon Turns into a Drink – Hires

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How can a honeymoon turn into a drink you ask me? Well, this drink is another one of those drinks that were created by a pharmacist. Namely, when Charles E. Hires was on a honeymoon with his wife back in 1875, he ordered “root tea” and he thought that it tasted so good that he actually decided to learn how it’s made and what are the ingredients in it. He managed to do that so good, that only after one year his packets that contained the ingredients for a root tea were already selling. People could buy these packets and make their own root tea. Once he realized that if people wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of making the tea for themselves than they would buy it even more. And once he took his friend’s advice that the working class would enjoy the drink much more if it was a beer, he started to sell a lot of cans of his drink. A smart advice! And an even smarter investment!

Mix It Up – Mountain Dew

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When the workers at the Orange Crush soda plant lost their jobs as a result of the bankruptcy of the factory the two friends Ally and Barney Harman decided to start their own brewery, They found an amazing lime-lemon soda that went amazingly with the alcohol that both of them liked a lot – the bourbon. At first, they started to can the drink for their personal use in Knoxville, Tennessee and after that, they started selling it to the public.

Canada Dry – Don’t Believe Everything You Hear!

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The Canada Dry company for making drinks didn’t get the name as a result of the non-alcoholic drinks they made during the prohibition, despite what the popular claims are trying to make you believe. Snopes claims that the factory was put to work by a Canadian pharmacist named John J. Mclaughlin. Before they bought the giant from Texas – Dr Pepper Snapple, the “dry” in the company’s name stood for the Dry Martini and Dry wine that the company was producing.

Fanta: Not an Accident

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The company that made this delicious drink wasn’t an accident. Namely, Max Keith was in charge of the Coca-Cola plant in Germany back in the year 1938. He got the job after a man born in the USA met his untimely death as a result of a fatal car accident. Keith was running the company even despite the WWII, and when he ran out of the Coca-Cola syrup that was needed for making Coca-Cola he decided to try and keep the company alive by developing a new recipe, totally different, and he named it Fanta!


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