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The 25 Funniest Tourist Photos Ever


Stingray Photobomb

Credits: Kendall Harlan

These girls were off snorkeling at Stingray Island in the Cayman Islands when this stingray decided to pop up and photobomb their picture.

The Curious Cheetah

Credits: Caters News Agency

We all love to taking pictures on vacation but this one is one super rare picture! This super close up shot of Cheetah peeking into the vehicle during a safari drive through Tanzania’s Seregenti Park.

Elephant ‘Play’

Everybody dreams of riding an elephant. But these people got a first-hand experience of watching elephants mate. They probably wish they were just spectators, not participants in the show itself, but oh, well, you don’t always get what you’ve asked for.


A Dear Friend

It’s an optical illusion, you’d say. But is it? The looks on their faces tell us this story has the potential of going either way, all we can do is wonder. And laugh.

The Weird Selfie

“Wow, look at this door! We don’t have doors like this one where I come from, I better take a selfie with it. Nevermind, the back of this guy’s head would do too.”

Unforgettable Family Vacation

This photo is definitely included in the first family vacation album under the title “the first time we ever saw the ocean and discovered this unbelievable thing they call ‘waves’. It wasn’t pleasant”.


“I’ll just stand here and take a photo of this man falling in the water. If he gets eaten by those scary dragons, at least I’ll have captured the last moments of his life. His family will surely appreciate this, right?”


This is what happens when you unquestionably follow fashion trends and don’t invite your friend along when shopping for your outfits. Did those shorts say unisex? Because we are pretty sure they didn’t.

One of tourists’ most interesting thing to do in foreign countries is, of course, creating a like-worthy picture next to a statue. Our funny guy here decided to look at things from another perspective, and probably got the most likes without even showing his face.

Breaking news: The long-believed myth finally debunked: Contrary to everyone’s belief that all kids love Mickey Mouse, we have this picture to prove you otherwise. Back up Mickey!

Tourists have been known to do things in foreign countries that they would rule out as ‘outrageous’ in their own, and all that for a little luck – or in this case, eloquence. Come on, does anyone truly believe that they would master the art of speaking after kissing that rock?

Dear Statue of Liberty,

It’s been a hell of a long time, but we are coming for you. Don’t worry, we won’t be asking for outrageous things, like having you uprooted in order to be together. Although it pains us, we understand the importance of your job, so we’ll only take a few photos and be on our way. Recognizing us would be easy, just look for bunch of idiots on a boat around midday. Looking forward to the brief, but heartfelt reunion.


Your long-lost family

“They all take dumps in the ocean, so what’s wrong with me doing it on the shore? I think I’ll even take a picture to show how proud I am. This is a normal tourist thing to do, right? Right?!”

Some people can nap literally everywhere. And this picture proves that. But it also raises tons of questions. Like, where are his pants? And did he eat all the suitcases? Guess we’ll never know.

From the looks of it, this picture must have been taken in the, let’s say  70s. But the most disturbing thing about it is not the clothes this family wears, but where it is taken. South Dakota, really?

“Dear family, forth of July is our country’s most important holiday. That means there will be bunch of people for the fireworks looking just like us. But they won’t have our secret weapon that helps us being able to always find each other in the crowds. So no matter what you do, don’t lose our signature bucket hats!”

Some people travel, other people start mastering their Photoshop skills at the age of 10. The one thing both of them have in common is that they do it in order to create the perfect photo. Way to go girl, and welcome back!

Asians are notorious for travelling in groups and never losing sight of their cameras. In fact, they seem to be taking in all sights through their camera lenses, even the most mundane ones.

“So I guess this is what I get when I fall asleep with those crocks on the beach. Oh well, maybe next year I’ll be lucky to avoid the rocks and choose a white soft sand beach instead if I make more money.”

There’s a group of people that do stuff like this woman’s tattoo when they are on drunk on vacation. Just the thought of having to live with it all her life will surely wipe that smile off her face soon enough.

While everyone is busy creating the classic and very ‘unique’ picture supporting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, someone actually took a moment to capture that craziness. On the bright side, the tower has nothing to worry about after all – they are all here to catch it if it falls.

“I think I’ll just pop in to say hello to this little princess. She must like me, all kids do. Wait, what? Why are you crying?!” Believe us dolphin, we are as confused as you.

“Hey babe, take a picture of me with this elephant on my shoulders. I’ve been lifting all year and they still won’t believe me. This picture should do, though.”

If there is a contest for the stupidest picture taken of a tourist next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you probably think a one where people pretend to be holding it would win. Well, you’re wrong because this one is our absolute winner.

Models and young people have been seen posing for a photo like this, but definitely not families. And even if they did, the mom is the last person that should be in a horizontal position in such shot. Fail.

We can definitely see (not approve of) why a guy would want to take a picture like this one. But having his girlfriend there and making her pose in the same picture definitely takes it to a whole new level.

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