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The Gorgeous Twin Sisters that became an Instagram Phenomenon


Can you imagine having half a million Instagram followers at the age of eight? It definitely does not sound very usual. But then again, Leah Rose Clements and Ava Maria are not so typical girls either. The girls’ major modeling career began with simple comments from the teachers and other parents. These friendly and beautiful twins were not forced into anything against their will either. Apparently, the LA sisters have been called the most beautiful set of twins in the whole world and it is quite obvious why. Now, let’s go way back and see how it all started…

 Early Birds

Usually, mothers expect their newborns to arrive around 36 weeks or so, however, Mrs. Clements got pretty worried when her water broke down almost 4 and a half weeks before the usual due date. It can be scary for future moms to go through such thing as early born babies typically carry lots of complications and even diseases. Luckily for this mommy, Ava Maria and Leah Rose Clements came to this world absolutely healthy.

Beautiful from the Beginning

Usually, when you compare photos of newborn children to more recent ones, you realize that the majority of kids do not look like themselves on the day they were born. Although, it was certainly not the case for these twin sisters. Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements were very beautiful from the day they were born. The big blue eyes and beautiful blond hair had captured people’s attention from their very first day in this world.


Bright Future

As the babies were growing up, others started suggesting to the twin’s mother that her beautiful daughters should become models. Jaqi Clements took the advice and when Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements turned 6-months old, she signed them up for a casting with a local LA agency. How did the twins’ first experience turn out? Let’s find out!

Difficult Times

The beginning of the modeling carrier was not easy for anybody. Jaqi could not be present during all of the shoots as there were so many things that needed to be taken care of. After a few months had passed, she decided to mainly focus on raising her children, including an older brother of the twins. Sometimes you just have to wait until the timing is right.

More Time

Being a model is not as easy and fun as everyone thinks. The most important features of a successful model are loving the stage and the attention. Fortunately, these gorgeous twins were not shy at all and were very charming for their age. The girls enjoyed the attention they got from demonstrating dance routines in front of their parents and friends. The model life seemed to be exactly for them and this was only the very beginning…

Nothing to Lose

As the girls were growing up, Jaqi had been frequently thinking about her past attempt at signing up the twins with a modeling agency. She felt a little built guilty due to not being able to make it to her daughters’ shootings. However, the house obligations were preventing her at the time and sometimes you just have to set priorities. Despite everything, she remained patient and wanted to give her daughters the chance to decide themselves whether they wanted to proceed with the modeling career or not.

When Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements turned seven years old, Jaqi asked them if they would like to start a modeling career and the girls happily agreed to her suggestion. With frequent dancing and swimming classes, the girls were about to have a very busy schedule but it certainly did not stop the twins from following their dream.

Perfect Timing

As mentioned above, Jaqi asked her daughters if they wanted to become models when they were seven years old. She happened to ask them right on their seventh birthday too! However, it was more than just a number. The number seven has a deeper meaning for this lucky family. The twins turned 7 years old on the 7th of July in 2017. It seems like it was more than just a coincidence. Did the numbers really make a difference?

First Steps

The girls’ first shooting basically happened in their own backyard and not with some high-profile agency. Some family friends were seeking young models as they had an idea of starting a line of children’s pop up boutiques and needed someone to wear their clothing.

This was a great opportunity for both, the Clements family and their friends. Mrs. Clements found her old camera, resulting in her daughters receiving the very first real modeling experience and the boutique owners having two beautiful girls as models for their clothing business.

Amazing discovery

Having a shooting for a local boutique store might not seem like a big deal, though, other people were stunned by the beauty of these little girls when they saw the promos. Jaqi got encouraged by such reaction and decided to send photos from the shooting to a few modeling agencies.

A few days passed by and every single modeling agency Judi applied to was simply amazed by the two daughters and asked for a permission to come to Clements’ home and meet the girls. Can you imagine that?

 Making the Right Decision

There were a lot of modeling agencies to pick from and Jaqi needed to make the right choice for her daughters. The twins and their mother came to an agreement that the best solution would be working for two modeling agencies. One of the agencies was based in LA, while the other one was located all the way in Orange Country. That way, there would not be a conflict of interest between the two companies, or would it happen anyway?

Some Minor Problems

Everything was going smoothly for these young models until they were asked to participate in a barbie campaign by one of the agencies they worked for. While this did not seem like a problem at first, things got complicated when the other agency asked them to do the exact same thing just two days later…How did the Clements family solve this porblem?

Lying is never a good idea

While the two twins could have simply lied about their relationship with the agencies, they decided to be completely honest about this tricky situation. Mrs. Clements did not want her young daughters to be already having big problems in this corporate world. She knew that the best outcome would be to come clean and explain everything as it is. The girls needed to build a healthy and honest relationship with both companies and lying would definitely make it impossible.

After a few meetings and consultations, the two companies agreed and the twins did not have any problems after that.

New Beginnings

While modeling for the two agencies brought initial success to the girls, in addition, Jaqi decided to make an Instagram profile for the girls and called it The Clements Twins. Mrs. Clements completed a research and realized how Instagram can open new doors for young models like Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements.

A profile on Instagram can attract new casting agents, fashion designers, and agents by sharing the existing work. After only one month of having an Instagram profile, the girls had already gained up to 1,000 followers! During the next couple of months, the amount of Instagram followers increased to 3,000. It is definitely not something that happens to girls when they are only 7 years old.

Experimenting with Social Media

At first, Jaqi only uploaded the photos she took of the twins herself. People started noticing and reacting to the profile almost immediately. After some time, she thought it would be a great idea to upload some of the photoshoot work as well. Those photos looked more professional as they were of higher quality and in general looked even more appealing to the public.

As a result, The Clements Twins received additional followers and attention from other Instagram users. The profile started gaining more and more new followers after Judi uploaded a few other pictures of the girls. After only seven days, the profile had a total of 15,000 followers! Then, Judi uploaded five more posts which resulted in 25,000 more Instagram followers.

Awesome Opportunity

An Instagram profile helped the girls to gain popularity and worked as an amazing promotion tool. People were liking, commenting, and even reposting the girls’ photos to their own profiles. An account with 9 million followers had also reposted a photo of the beautiful girls. How did these girls become so popular in such a short period of time? Let’s find out…

Twin Power

The fact that the girls were twins definitely helped to gain popularity. Judi attempted to upload photos of Ava Marie and Leah Rose separately before, although they did not receive the same amount of attention as the posts that included both of the girls. As a result, the girls started taking photos together. They loved it and so did everyone else.

The Old Tradition

Despite the fact that the twins are now wanted by various photographers and agencies, Mrs. Clements still finds the time to have fun with the girls by doing photoshoots in the park. All they need is clothing from their friends who own a boutique and a camera. Then the fun begins. It is a win-win situation for everyone. The friends receive a free of charge promotion and the girls do not need to find and pay for a photographer.

The Small Details

Jaqi does not want to bore or exhaust her daughters with various photoshoots so she came up with a solution. She changes the girls’ makeup, hairstyle, clothing, and even asks them to stand in different parts of the park. This way the girls receive the same result in a shorter period of time instead of doing many separate photoshoots.

Joyful Times

The social media fans are amazed at the beauty and innocence of these girls. The Clements twins receive tons of supportive positive comments daily. It is absolutely wonderful to be doing what you love and being perfect at it! The positive feedback was definitely not everything. Instagram helped the girls in another way as well. What was it?

New Business Opportunities

Besides gaining lots of positive feedback and followers on Instagram, the girls started receiving new job offers. As soon as Judi started uploading professionally taken photos to the page, children’s fashion magazines started to reach out to the girls and wanted to work with them.

Busy Times

The girls definitely did gain more popularity and job offers, but it was not all as easy as it seems. The Clements twins worked very hard. Last December the girls completed six photoshoots in just one week. It is a lot of work and patience even for an adult supermodel, nevertheless, these girls were only seven years old.

Managing a Busy Life

Despite the hard work, these charming twins did not forget how to live a simple fun life. They remain to be positive, chatty, and always have a smile on their faces. The twins love starting conversations and meeting new people during the photoshoots and auditions. They made a lot of new friends along the way.

First Catwalk

Besides participating in promotions and photoshoots, the Clements twins did their first catwalk on the runway in February 2018. The girls left everyone speechless as they showed extreme positivity and confidence to the public despite the young age. The guests and others participating in the show were stunned by this beauty.

Working Independently

Even though the majority of the gigs the girls have done together, sometimes they still work separately. For example, in September 2017, Leah Rose did a cover of Lakeshore magazine on her own.

Sisters and Best Friends

Ava Marie and Leah Rose are not only sisters, but they are also best friends. The twins get along perfectly and spend all of their free time together. They support each other through thick and thin no matter what. They are a clear example of sister goals. Who wouldn’t want to have such a strong bond with their sibling?

Big Music Fans

The twins spend a lot of time in the car going from one city to another for photoshoots and auditions. They keep themselves occupied by listening to music during their rides. The sisters enjoy creating playlists and singing along all the time. Isn’t it absolutely adorable?

The Rumors

Despite all of the positive comments the girls have been receiving, there are also some negative ones. Some people believe the girls are being pressured to do modeling by their parents. However, it is certainly not true. The girls absolutely love modeling.

Sad Facial Expression

The reason why some people think the girls do not actually want to do modeling is their facial expressions in some of the photos. It is important to understand and realize that not every photoshoot requires a happy smiling face. The photographer is the one who decides on the model’s facial expression. Besides, not every photo needs a smile, there are times when a serious face fits better.


Other individuals had commented on the amount of makeup the girls are wearing in some of the photos. The only makeup they are actually wearing during photoshoots is a lip gloss and a blush. If the twins do not want to apply or wear something, they will never be forced against their will. They look beautiful with and without makeup anyway.

Enjoying the childhood

They may be models, but these sisters did not forget how to live a normal life for their age. The twins still attend school, hang out with their friends and go to swimming classes as per usual. The Clements twins managed to fit various activities in their everyday life without sacrificing anything.

They love their job

The sisters can never stop talking about how much they enjoy their modeling career and all of the benefits it brings to their lives. Who wouldn’t want to travel and spend time with their best friend? Sounds like a dream life to live!

The Clements brother

The twins have an older brother named Chase Robert, who also entered the modeling business and has been working with the same agency as the girls. Aren’t they all so adorable?

Gaining Fans

The older Clements sibling does not have as many fans as his younger sisters, but he is getting there. Currently, his Instagram account has 12,000 followers and he is becoming more and more popular every day.

Gorgeous Mother

It’s all in the genes. The twins have a beautiful mother Jaqi who sometimes participates in the photoshoots with her children. Her beauty resulted in gaining a good amount of fans as well. Now we know where the good looks are coming from…

Personal Blog

Not only Jaqi manages the girl’s Instagram account, but she has also started a blog where she writes about her and the girl’s experience with the modeling career. Jaqi shares her advice and what she learned during the process with other parents. In her posts, she talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the modeling industry.

Healthy Habits

Unlike many kids their age, these twins have a habit of eating healthy. They love to prepare and eat healthy snacks. In addition, they also have a YouTube channel – Healthy You Times To, where they share recipes of different snacks. they encourage other young girls to eat healthy from the very young age as it brings a lot of benefits.

The Whole Family Together

Kevin and Jaqi, the parents of the girls, are always by their side at all times. This whole beautiful family is currently in a modeling business and they never fail to support one another at every photoshoot and audition.

Mr. Clements

The father of these beautiful children is also not too bad himself. He is a renowned US national swimmer and had gigs at Maryland, LSU, and USC. How can be one family so perfect?

An Additional Family Member

The Clements family has an adorable dog-Luci. The girls love it dearly and spend a lot of free time playing with it. Luci is also going to enter the modeling business in the nearest future.

The Future is Unpredictable

It is quite possible the things will change in the future for these two girls. They may or may not decide to continue their modeling career. Their parents said that they will support whatever decision their kids will make. If the girls decide to end their modeling career, then it is totally fine by them.

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