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The Gym Buddy Breakup That Went Viral For Hilarious Reasons


For the weight lifters among you, you know that your gym partner is one of the more important people when you’re visiting, well, the gym. While in the gym each and every one of us needs a bit of strength and the motivation to do that one more rep our gym buddy is always along our side to do just that, motivate us! And today’s we’ll be talking about @Arielle_skyler’s boyfriend and his gym buddy, and why they ended their gym friendship.

He Ended it Through a Text Message

Their exchange of a couple of funny messages almost looks like a relationship break up between a girl and a guy. They were already training together for a while before the message came through and break one of the guys’ heart.

Image Source: Reddit/ @limpbizkitkiddid911

He said that he didn’t feel like he wanted them to work out together, and as he puts it in the text message he decided to do that with another, more experienced gym-goer.  He also added that he wasn’t getting the workout that he wanted to get because of the different body type that the two guys had. The one that broke up their gym relationship stated that he was up to do the legs, abs and arms exercises with his now ex-gym partner, but he wanted to intensify his back and chest workouts.

Did he Just…? Oh No He Didn’t!

The break up already felt bad for the guy, but what came along with the text hit him even more. The betraying guy was not sure that he would like to completely break up with his gym-bro. Although he wanted to exercise the back and chest exercises with another guy, he was totally up to continue doing the arms, legs, and abs workouts with his ex-gym partner.

Image Source: Twitter/ @Youkneau_Juneau

Or, if he wasn’t up to work out with him, he asked him to send him the abs, legs, and arms workouts over so that he could exercise them with his new gym partner.

You’re Never Gonna Get This!

After the messages that he sent to his old gym partner, he shouldn’t be expecting the arm workouts from him. Skyler’s boyfriend was kind of sarcastic when he told the betraying dude that his arm workouts were hidden below his chest and back muscles. And, after a couple of more tries, Skyler’s boyfriend told his ex-gym partner to ask his new gym-buddy for the workouts.

Image Source: Fitmate

We know that the friendship of these two gym buddies didn’t finish here. We are sure that they managed to rebuild it despite the hiccups in their gym relationship. Hope you found this story hilarious, and I hope you liked it! We sure had a laugh


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